How to treat diaper rash in the groin in women andmen

Update: October 2018

Diaper rash in the groin is called an inflammatory disease that
develops due to prolonged irritant effects of products
skin secretion (sebum, sweat) on constantly touching
skin surface. If untreated, skin folds are affected.
infectious agents: bacteria, fungi or viruses.

Опрелости у взрослых – нередкое явление, хотя этот диагноз
Most often put little kids. Among adults taken
to be silent about this delicate problem, but this tactic is incorrect:
early medical attention and timely treatment will eliminate the risk
possible complications and will lead a normal life.

Factors contributing to the formation of diaper rash

Why do diaper rash arise? Natural exchange products such
like sweat and sebum, are found on the skin of every person. However their
aggressive influence is leveled by the protective function of the skin.
But under the action of additional provoking factors, the skin
becomes vulnerable to exposure and already acts as an entrance gate
for infection.

  • Increased body temperature. Intense sweat and fat production
    creates a constant moist environment on the skin.
  • Urinary incontinence. Urine also irritates the skin.
  • Excess weight. Obese people sweat more than normal people
    physique, and the friction of the skin in the groin area is stronger and more intense
    due to the considerable size of subcutaneous fat.
  • Poor hygiene or lack of it. Natural
    secretions that remain on the skin become nutrient medium
    for bacteria, if they are not washed off the skin in time.
  • Poor drying of inguinal folds or inadequate
    airing while wearing clothes (tight and hot clothes). Wet
    skin is many times more prone to injury from friction.
  • Allergic reaction to soaps and gels for washing. Irritation
    skin due to the provoking factor of an allergic nature with
    further action of sweat and sebum leads to the development
    severe inflammatory reaction.
  • Wearing linen and clothes made of synthetic materials. Synthetics
    does not allow the skin to breathe, prevents evaporation of moisture and sweat, i.e.
    creates conditions of high moisture on the skin.

Clinical manifestations

Constant symptoms of a local nature, characteristic of
diaper rash in the groin are:

  • soreness of the affected skin area;
  • itchy skin, sometimes unbearable, forcing a person to comb
    skin to blood;
  • burning.

Of the common symptoms, insomnia, nervousness,
constant tension and bad mood. Diaper rash in the groin
men и женщин проходят несколько стадий развития воспалительного

  • When the first severity of the skin is not broken,
    objectively observed local redness.
  • The second degree is characterized by the formation of cracks, erosion, and
    at accession of an infection – and abscesses.
  • The third degree of severity is pronounced and bleeding.
    erosions and cracks. Damaged skin becomes smelly
    grayish-brown patina.

The clinical picture unfolds gradually, but quickly.
Usually the inflammatory process from the first to the third stage takes
about two to four weeks, but some patients have a disease
develops in a few hours.


Typical localization and bright symptoms usually do not cause
doubt in the diagnosis. Diaper rash is differentiated from erythrasma,
chronic limited atopic dermatitis, dermatophytosis, psoriasis.
Seeing a doctor is necessary – only a doctor knows how to cure
diaper in each case, the general treatment for all species
diaper rash does not exist!

Treatment of diaper rash in the first severity

Treatment usually involves proper hygiene.
and elimination of provoking factors: regular washing with
using neutral detergent formulations, thorough but careful
drying of inguinal folds (preferably in a natural way),
lubrication of inguinal folds protective cream, wearing quality
linen. During treatment, it is recommended to wear elongated pants
instead of panty-bottoms, to eliminate rubbing the skin.

Topical drug treatment from
specific group, depending on the prevailing symptoms.
The following preparations can be combined, but do not apply
them at the same time.

Antiseptic solutions

Used for treating skin before applying ointment. Most
Often used 10% solution of boric acid on glycerin, which
possesses antiseptic, antifungal and astringent action.
The solution smears the affected areas and allow the skin to dry, after
what can be applied therapeutic ointment.

Drying ointments

Neutralize inflammatory processes, protect the skin from
irritations: Desitin, Zinc ointment, Lassara Paste. Ointment applied
on dry skin 2-3 times a day in a thin layer.

You can also use powder with drying,
disinfecting, wound-healing effect – Xeroform.


Anti-inflammatory and healing ointments

Level the inflammatory reaction in the skin, reduce
puffiness and redness, regenerates the skin and improves trophism:
Dexpanthenol, D-Panthenol Cream, Bepanten.

An ointment for diaper rash in the perineum is applied to the affected area.
skin 2-4 times a day and slightly rubbed.

Complex drugs

This group contains several active
substances that provides a high therapeutic effect. Most
diaper rash and itching are effectively treated:

Ointment “Zhivitsa”

The natural product, containing vegetable oils,
sap pine and beeswax. It provides painkillers
antiviral, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and
wound healing action.

Apply 3-5 times a day with a thin layer on washed and dry

Vitaon Balsam Karavaeva

Natural herbal preparation containing a mixture of oil
extracts of pine buds, wild rose berries, celandine, herbs
Hypericum, bitter wormwood, thyme and yarrow, fruits of fennel
and cumin, peppermint leaves, calendula flowers and chamomile.
Provides antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing
action, activates the regenerative processes in the skin, facilitates
itchiness Apply 2 times a day on the affected skin, gently rubbing.

La cree cream

Complex combined preparation containing extracts
plants, panthenol and bisabolol. Has an antiallergic,
anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing and regenerating
Effect. Наносить 2 раза в день на сухую skin

2 degree treatment

The progression of the inflammatory process necessarily leads to
the addition of an infection that has to be treated with
etiological factor and more serious drugs:

  • antibiotics
  • antifungal and antiviral agents
  • antihistamines (see allergy tablets and ointments from

Treatment of diaper rash of the second degree with cracks, pustules,
bleeding erosion is carried out taking into account the etiological
causative agent of skin infection, which occurs in 90% of cases.

Topical treatment includes the use of healing ointments, pharmaceutical
chatterboxes. The affected skin has a good effect after
treatment is applied to the skin healing ointment. You can buy a home
irradiation devices – portable ultraviolet irradiator and
carry out treatment strictly according to the instructions and recommendations of the doctor.

Necessarily perfect hygiene, but without detergent
products that further irritate the skin, and using
decoctions of the bark of oak, chamomile and the series in a bath or washing the skin
vegetable decoction after a shower.

Чем лечить опрелости в паху третьей степени?

In this case, the cream, oil and ointment used
for the traditional treatment of diaper rash 1-2 degrees because they
additionally moisturize the skin and create a protective film that
slows down the healing of wounds.

  • General antibacterial and
    antihistamine therapy.
  • Locally running diaper rash is treated with lotions. As
    medical solutions used: 1% tannin solution, 0.25% solution
    silver nitrate, 0.1% solution of rivanol.

These solutions are prepared in a pharmacy. From a sterile bandage make
the basis for lotion, commensurate with the affected skin, is moistened in
solution and gently applied to diaper rash, maintaining up to
drying the fabric. After healing of pustules and wet wounds,
use zinc ointment.

Diaper rash prevention

  • Observance of hygiene and thorough drying of skin
  • Elimination of skin contact and friction in the groin and
  • Wearing quality linen that does not rub and
    раздражает skin
  • Avoid skin contact with allergens.
  • Elimination of provoking factors: weight loss,
    using special pads for incontinence, etc.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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