How to treat cracks in the hands, fingers, causestheir occurrence, prevention

Update: October 2018

Cracks in the hands are linear tears of the skin of the fingers,
interdigital spaces, palms, rear hand and wrist. They имеют
different depths and, as a rule, are located along the lines of occurrence
elastic fibers of the skin (along the lines of Langer).

Interdigital intervals and skin with
external or internal side of fingers in those places where they are more often
all bend, because the skin here is the thinnest and is experiencing
maximum tension during habitual brush movements. But,
although the skin of the palm has an extra layer of cells and
strong enough, it can also be quite deep

Cracking hands is usually quite painful and causes
significant discomfort, limiting manual labor, holding down small
brush motility and interfering in everyday life. If a проблема носит хронический
character, then she forces to give up some professions
(cook, surgeon, masseur, hairdresser). Cracked fingers
increase the risk of bacterial infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and
can even lead to blood poisoning.

Causes of cracking hands

Impact of household chemicals

With daily use of antibacterial soap, scouring and
detergents in everyday life (without gloves), the skin is too dry from frequent
washing with aggressive detergents or antiseptics:

  • Hand wash with powders or even baby soap
  • Washing dishes with Fairy and other high
    surfactant concentration
  • Processing San. nodes by aggressive means (for example,
    Domestos – extremely aggressive agent with high concentration
    chlorine, leading to poisoning, see how household chemicals affect

cause the skin’s elasticity to fall, and it is easy
bursts in places of the greatest tension.

Wrong or insufficient hand care

Contributes to the formation of cracks chills brushes on the cold
air, wind, frequent contact with cold water, ice or
antifreeze. A flexion surface is often affected.
fingers, for example, thumb. Cracks can be
multiple or single, more or less deep (see
treatment of cracks on the heels).

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis на руках провоцируется:

  • contact of the skin of the hands with chemically aggressive substances
    (acids, alkalis)
  • allergens (chlorine-containing agents, laundry detergents,
    soap, fertilizers, adhesives, varnishes, paints, and
    some skin care products).
  • a type of contact dermatitis are radiation or
    radiation damage to the skin.

There are acute and chronic forms of the disease. With
chronic contact dermatitis, the skin thickens, becomes
hilly and dry and also cracks easily.

Allergic contact dermatitis suffers at least once in a lifetime.
every fiftieth inhabitant of the planet. This is also the most frequent.
occupational skin disease.

With развитии контактного дерматита сначала происходит первичный
allergen contact and body preparation for development
allergic response. And when you re-contact develops
proper clinic of skin inflammation with redness, swelling,
itching, blistering, wet surfaces and

Fungal diseases

The most frequent fungal infections of the skin of the hands are candidiasis and
dermatophytosis. Their development contributes not only to infection
fungi, but also weakening of immunity, frequent use of local
antibacterial or systemic antibiotics (see how
drinking antibiotics correctly).

  • Hand candidiasis is a skin lesion caused by Candida fungi.
    The space between the fingers is most often affected (typical
    place – fold between 3 and 4 finger). This pathology often overtakes
    housekeeping women or is the result
    occupational hazards in manual labor. With развитии болезни
    between the fingers appears redness, diaper rash, cracks with white
    bloom, thickened skin that itches.
  • Dermatophytosis of the hands often affects only one arm.
    Called mushrooms trichophytosis and athlete. Often combined with
    damage to the feet or inguinal folds. May reach from several
    weeks to several years. Patients are concerned about:

    • pruritus and painful skin cracks
    • various rashes on hands:
    • blisters, nodules (dysgitrotic variant, see dysgitrotic
    • peeling and keratinization of the palmar folds, cracks and lesions
      ring-shaped and red on the palms, rear and side
      finger surfaces (squamous-hyperkeratotic variant).

Lack of vitamins

Hypovitaminosis A, C, P make the skin dry and peeling with a slight
cracking. More often the skin is cracked with avitaminosis,
i.e. severe vitamin deficiency:

  • PP (pellagra) on the background of fasting, when the skin not only dries out,
    cracks, but also peels and peels off by layers in the form of gloves;
  • B1 (a dry form of beriberi), when thinning is easily cracked
    atrophic skin.

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis – frequent companion of modern man,
especially children. With этом на коже кистей с ладонной или тыльной
sides appear redness, peeling, accompanied by pronounced
itching. As a result of scratching the skin becomes wet, it cracks. With
chronic process there are areas of skin thickening with
underlined skin pattern (lichenification), cracks take
chronic course, quite painful.


Eczema на руках в варианте сухой экземы также может давать
трещины кожи hands In addition, there are foci of skin peeling,
thickening, peel. Typical severe itching and pain from cracks. Most
painful and deep cracks become chronic
the process, with long-term non-healing skin defects on the pads

Palmar and plantar psoriasis

Psoriasis gives hot spots of reddened, dry skin on the palms,
between the fingers or on the back of the hands. Skin in the area of ​​the lesions (plaques)
cracks. Cracks are usually small and multiple.
Corny plaques surrounded by a rim, and in the center contain a lot
small nodules recessed into the skin. Plaques can be located on
separately, and can merge with each other. If a поскоблить такую
plaque, then droplets of blood protrude on its surface, which
allows you to distinguish psoriasis from other skin lesions.

Also, with psoriasis can flake, harden and crack.
кожа fingers. Painful cracks cause discomfort, and hands
look unaesthetic.

Reiter’s syndrome

Reiter’s syndrome (уретрит у мужчин, воспаление глаз, реактивное
joint damage) also gives skin symptoms:

  • red bumps or spots on the palms and soles,
  • areas of thickening and excessive keratinization of the palms and feet
  • dryness and cracking of these areas.

The disease is caused by chlamydia, rarely Reiter’s syndrome –
the result of infection with shigella (dysentery), salmonella,
Yersinia and appears on the background of intestinal inflammation.


Such a hereditary disease, like ichthyosis, occurs in
several options in which increased keratinization.
The skin resembles fish scales and cracks easily on any part.

Thyroid dysfunction

Hypothyroidism or decreased thyroid hormone production –
outcome of thyroiditis, removal or radiation therapy of the thyroid gland.
With этом состоянии угнетаются обменные процессы и нарушается
nutrition of the skin, which is done dry, thickened somewhat edematous
and can crack on the palms and fingers, although more characteristic
changes in knees and elbows.


Diabetes нарушает кровоснабжение, а значит, и питание
hands Skin disorders are not only presented here.
trophic ulcers, but also increased dryness and cracked skin.

Sjogren syndrome

Sjogren syndrome – редкое системное заболевание, при котором
reduced work of the lacrimal, salivary and sweat glands. Last can
lead to dry hands and cracking.

Crack Prevention

Prevent the development of cracked skin is much easier and smarter
than treating these painful lesions. Course chronic
skin diseases are difficult to prevent, but here are the effects
adverse nutritional factors may well be
prudently avoid or reduce.

  • Do not use antibacterial agents – Wash hands
    warm water with a non-aggressive soap or gel. Reasonable to use
    those that have a neutral pH or contain
    skin softening agents (glycerin). But the use
    antibacterial soap or antiseptic affects the skin of hands
    extremely negative, not only drying it, but also breaking
    bacterial balance of the skin, destroying and washing away not only harmful
    bacteria, but also a protective layer. After washing the hands it is necessary to dry
    a soft towel, paying attention to the skin of interdigital folds.
    Electric dryers are undesirable due to dry skin.
  • Перчатки — With работе с водой, моющими средствами или
    washing powder it is advisable to use rubber
    gloves. Construction gloves or mittens protect hands when
    physical work from mechanical damage, burns and some
    chemicals. It makes sense in the cold season before going out
    wear gloves or mittens, protecting hands from chilling or
  • Crema – In winter, it is advisable to use fat
    creams or natural fats that restore the protective
    film on hand. The same tactics are followed when working with your hands.
    in water. In the summer of a brush it is worth protecting from excessive solar radiation.
    Here will help sunscreen with a protective factor of 15.
  • Hand masks – Competent hand care includes besides
    protective creams nourishing masks: for the night cream is applied under
    cotton gloves, creating a compress effect.
  • Do not starve – the amount depends on a normal diet.
    hormones synthesized by the body and entering it
    of vitamins.
  • Регулярный уход — With выборе средств для ухода за руками не так
    important is the choice of professional cosmetics, as regularity

Algorithm of action for the speedy healing of cracks

With глубоких болезненных трещинах, если придерживаться the following
recommendations, after 1-2 weeks you will feel relief:

  • Dermatologists recommend “glue” when a crack occurs
    its superglue BF 6 (sold in a pharmacy, 40-80 rubles). it
    perfectly safe and effective. On clean, dry hands should
    inflict a few drops on the damage and a few minutes
    wait until it freezes.
  • Cracks will heal faster if the edges of the injury are fixed.
    in this way.
  • For 5-7 days, no other treatment will be performed.
  • After a week, you can use moisturizers and nourishing

Treatment of finger cracks

Cream “Dawn” with floralisin or “Strength of the forest”

These creams have in their composition floralizin – extract from
mycelium of fungi, a complex of biologically active substances, fatty
acids, enzymes with collagen activity, vitamins,
phospholipids. These creams are very popular among patients suffering.
psoriasis, dermatitis:

  • Cream “Dawn” (sold in veterinary pharmacies price 60-70
    rub), composition: floralisin, vaseline, pentol, sorbic acid,
    aviation kerosene.
  • Cream “Strength of the forest” (about 500 rubles), composition: floralisin, pentol,
    petrolatum, perfume, sorbic acid.

Despite the fact that Dawn is a veterinary drug,
floralisin is used as a cosmetic for treating
dryness and flaking of the skin, with cracks in the hands, feet, quickly
heals any wounds. Dawn cream awarded Gold and Platinum
quality mark of the 21st century.

Crack healing agents that can be applied
by myself

Among the cosmetic creams that heal hand cracks, you can
select those in which I am present:

  • vitamins A, F and E
  • lanolin, D-panthenol
  • масла:  ромашки, морковное масло, арахисовое масло,
    sea ​​buckthorn oil, tea tree oil, oil of thirst, almond,
    olive tree, calendula
  • extracts: plantain, chamomile, Siberian larch,
    propolis, black pine, common pine, avocado, grape
    seed and mother-and-step-boy
  • essential oils: lemon, white fir, mint leaves, pine needles
    Siberian fir, ofiopogon tuber Japanese, with liposomes
    wheat germ extract.
  • Dexapanthenol Derivatives

spray, emulsion or ointment Panthenol, creams D-panthenol, Bepanten,
spray Pantesol. These drugs contain vitamin B, facilitating
skin regeneration and healing of cracks. Also in D-panthenol
contains chlorhexidine, which disinfects cracks.

  • Levomekol (ointment)

Stimulant metabolism methyluracil + antibiotic
chloramphenicol. With cracks complicated by bacterial infection.
Contraindicated in lactation, limited to use when
pregnancy, with caution in children (chloramphenicol may cause
drop in red blood cell and white blood cell count).

  • Ointment Vulnuzan

it препарат природного происхождения, полученный  из
uterine liquor of Pomorie lake. It has antimicrobial,
противовоспалительным действием,  улучшает регенерацию

  • Propolis derivatives

it продукт жизнедеятельности пчел – спрей, мазь, Апилак, Апилак
Grindeks also help restore the integrity of the skin

  • Solcoseryl

in the form of ointment, gel, solution accelerates the absorption of glucose by the tissues and
improves oxygen penetration into the cell.

  • Sea buckthorn oil

It not only softens the skin, but also stimulates its healing.
You can also use olive oil.

  • Cream Velvet hands with sea buckthorn oil
  •  Cream with plantain
  •  New velor with chamomile extract and vitamin F

Hand masks after healing of cracks

  • Honey and olive (sea buckthorn oil) – 1 tea is required
    spoon of oil and 3 tsp of honey, stirred, applied overnight
    hands, dress cotton gloves.
  • Oatmeal, yolk, honey – 1 teaspoon of cereal, yolk
    shuffled, then some warm honey added
    (warm), also applied to hands at night.
  • Banana, honey, sea buckthorn oil – mix 1 teaspoon oil with
    honey, mash a banana, make a mush. Apply the mixture to your hands on 40
    minutes, then rinse.
  • Potatoes, milk – grate raw potatoes, add
    some milk, apply the mixture, wear gloves, rinse off after 1-2

 Local antiseptics

They are used to reduce the risk of infection of cracks. But,
we must remember that this is a short-term enforced measure. it растворы
Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, hydrogen peroxide. Also apply
Alcohol dyes Brilliant Green or Fukortsin.

Stimulants of tissue metabolism should be prescribed only
a doctor

  • Aktovegin is made from calf blood, improves metabolism
    sugars in the cells, stimulates oxidation in the tissues due to
    adequate intake of oxygen.
  • Methyluracil in the form of ointment, tablets combines the properties of anabolic
    and anti-inflammatory.
  • Radevit – ointment on the basis of a complex of vitamins (A, D, E).

Funds for the treatment of fungal infections of the hands

If the cause of cracks in the fingers is fungal
disease, it should be remembered that with severe fungal
local treatment of infections is not enough and local drugs in the form of
solutions, ointments or creams should be supplemented with systemic
drugs (see antifungal drugs in tablets).

  • Antiseptics (chlorhexidine, domiphen bromide, iodine-containing
    drugs) have antifungal effects by binding to
    proteins of fungi.
  • Clotrimazole (ointment), Candide creams, Candide B breaks normal
    fungal cell wall functioning leading to their
  • Bifonazole either inhibits the growth of fungi or kills them, changing
    cell wall permeability.
  • Fenticonazole (cream Lomeksin) – a synthetic derivative
  • Miconazole (cream) is most often used for candidiasis.
  • Ketoconazole (Nizoral Cream) interferes with the formation of lipids entering
    into the wall of fungal cells.
  • Natamycin (Pimafucin cream, Pimafukort ointment) – antifungal

Treatment of allergic and atopic skin diseases of the hands

  • Antihistamines: all pruritic dermatosis require
    administration of antihistamines in pills, drops (see list
    allergy pills). Today the most rational reception
    drugs of the last two generations of antihistamines that
    slightly inhibit the central nervous system and do not have a inhibitory effect.
    Apply Astemizol, Vkrivastin, Loratadin, Terfenadine, Cetirizine,
  • Local antipruritic agents: Psilobalzam gel, Fenistil,
    La Cree creams, Gistan.
  • Hormonal drugs: for local therapy most often
    use ointments and creams containing glucocorticoids, with
    anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. it очень сильные
    drugs that can be used only by doctor’s prescription,
    only short courses, in severe cases, with gradual cancellation
    drug. The effect of their use is very fast, but with frequent or
    prolonged use may be relapsed and addictive
    in this case nothing will help, better
    avoid the use of hormonal agents (see list
    hormonal ointments and other skin diseases).

Fluorinated glucocorticosteroids are: Lexamethasone,
betamethasone, flumethasone, fluticasone, triamcinolone, clobetasol. They
more powerful and have more pronounced adverse

Non-fluorinated: hydrocortisone butyrate and acetate, furpat
mometasone, methylprednisolone aceponate.

Ointments vary in strength of effect:

  • Weak (Prednisolone and Hydrocortisone), but have
    higher risk of systemic effects on the body,
    therefore, they are contraindicated for use in children.
  • Medium activity: Lorinden, Lokakorten, Latikort, Lokoid,
    Esperson, Ftorokort, Triakort, Afloderm.
  • Strong: Elokom, Advantan, Sinaflan, Flutsinar, Sinalar,
    Celestoderm, Beloderm, Kutiveit.
  • Dermoveit is considered to be the strongest

Psoriasis treatment

For the treatment of psoriasis, it is better to use non-hormonal creams and
ointment, the use of local glucocorticoids should be avoided. If a
use corticoids, it is best in combinations (betamethasone or
mometasone with salicylic acid, betamethasone with chloramphenicol).
In addition, the following types of medicinal
means (see psoriasis ointment).

  • Dithranol inhibits the growth of epithelial cells and inhibits
    plaque formation.
  • Salicylic acid prevents excessive keratinization of the skin.
  • Funds based on large Amia help restore epithelium
    and interfere with keratinization of the skin. Ammifurin contains furocoumarins, which
    reduce keratinization of tissues and prevent skin cracking.
    These substances increase the sensitivity of the skin to light and are effective.
    in conjunction with PUVA therapy (irradiation of the skin with foci of psoriasis
    special lamp). The drug is available in tablets, taken
  • Tar preparations stimulate skin renewal, colloidin,
    Berestin, Alfosil Lotion, Antipsorin, Lesovaya liquid,
    Anthramine ointment, antrasulfonic ointment.
  • Solid oil based ointments – Kartalin, Magnipsor, Cytopsor,
    Acrustal, Antipsor.
  • Листья алоэ улучшают питание и заживление tissues.

Diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism

With dishormonal diseases (hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus)
treatment of the underlying disease and thorough skin care is indicated

Thus, with proper hand care and timely
treatment of skin or metabolic disorders can be safely started
avoid all the unpleasant and painful moments that are associated with
cracked hands.

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