How to treat conjunctivitis in children

Update: October 2018

Conjunctivitis is a very common disease in children,
characterized by inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyes. Any disease
it is always easier to prevent than to experience, to see the suffering of your
baby, torture the child visits to doctors and unpleasant treatment.
Most often, conjunctivitis is associated with hypothermia
cold or allergic reactions. In order to avoid
conjunctivitis is necessary:

  • carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene child
  • monitor the cleanliness of the bed, his toys, the room
  • often wash the pens to the kid and teach the older child to
    self-regular hand washing
  • often air the room and use cleaners and
    air humidifiers
  • follow the correct, complete, vitaminized food
  • control the purity of products that baby consumes
  • child should use only personal towel
  • regularly walk with your baby for at least two hours a day
  • avoid contact with unhealthy children

Lacrimal fluid and eyelids are serious barriers to penetration and
breeding bacteria, infections and viruses in the eyes, but even they
sometimes become powerless when immunity weakens

Conjunctivitis – symptoms in children

Конъюнктивит у взрослого или baby легко определить, так как
signs of conjunctival inflammation are the same. However, the kids
react to such a disease more violently, they become lethargic,
restless, often crying and capricious.

Most often conjunctivitis is associated with bacterial, viral
infection or allergies. The main signs of conjunctivitis: a child
complains of sanding or feeling of sand in the eyes.

Signs of conjunctivitis in children:

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  • Red eyes, swelling
  • Photophobia
  • The appearance of yellow crusts on the eyelids
  • Bonding eyelids after sleep
  • Tearing
  • Purulent discharge from the eyes
  • У baby ухудшается аппетит и сон

Older children have such complaints:

  • Visual impairment, the visible becomes blurred, fuzzy
  • There is a sensation in the eyes of a foreign body.
  • Burning and discomfort in the eyes

How to treat conjunctivitis in children? Need to see a doctor
an ophthalmologist who will determine what causes the inflammation in the eyes
baby и назначит эффективное лечения. Redness and slight
inflammation in the eye may be caused by cilia in the eye
or other small particles, allergic to various
irritants. An even more serious cause of inflammation is possible.
such as increased intraocular or intracranial pressure.

How to determine the type of conjunctivitis?

  • Гнойное отделяемое из eye — значит это
    bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Глаза раздражены, покраснели, но гноя нет
    it is allergic or viral conjunctivitis or other diseases
  • Фарингит и конъюнктивит – это проявления
    adenoviral conjunctivitis
  • No effect from topical antibiotic treatment
    – not a bacterial cause of conjunctivitis or a sustainable flora to
    this antibiotic.

Правила лечения конъюнктивита у baby

  • Before the examination by a doctor, it is better not to do anything, but if
    For some reason, a visit to the doctor is postponed, then first aid
    before doctor’s examination: if viral or bacterial is suspected
    конъюнктивит, то закапать eyeа Альбуцидом независимо от возраста.
    If under suspicion allergic, then you should give the child
    antihistamine (in suspension or tablets).
  • If the doctor diagnoses bacterial or viral
    конъюнктивит, то каждые два часа малышу необходимо промывать eyeки
    chamomile solution or furatsilinom (1 table. 0.5 cups of water).
    The direction of movement only from the temple to the nose. Remove crusts
    стерильными марлевыми салфетками, на каждый eye отдельная,
    пропитанным этим же раствором, а также можно им умывать baby.
    Then reduce washing to 3 times a day. If it is allergic
    реакция, то ничем промывать eyeа не надо.
  • В случае, если воспален только один eye, процедуру надо
    проделывать с обоими eyeами, поскольку инфекция легко переходит с
    одного eyeа на другой. По этой же причине для каждого eyeа
    use a separate cotton pad.
  • Нельзя использовать повязку на eyeа при воспалении, это
    provokes the multiplication of bacteria and can injure inflamed
  • Закапывайте в eyeа только те капли, которые были назначены
    a doctor. If these are disinfectant drops, then they are at the beginning of the disease.
    buried every 3 hours. For infants, this is a 10% solution of Albucid,
    for older children, these are Fuzzitalmic, Levomycetinum,
    Vitabact, Kolbiotsin, Eubital.
  • If a врач рекомендовал eyeную мазь — тетрациклиновую,
    erythromycin, then it gently lay under the lower eyelid.
  • Over time, when there is an improvement in condition, instillation and
    промывания eye уменьшают до 3 раз в день.

Как правильно закапывать eyeа ребенкуКонъюнктивит у детей - чем лечить

  • If conjunctivitis in children under one year old, then instillation follows
    hold only with a pipette rounded end to avoid
    повреждения eyeа
  • Lay the baby on the surface without a pillow, let someone
    help you and hold your head
  • Pull the lower eyelid and drip 1-2 drops. Medicine itself
    распределится по eyeу, а излишки надо промокнуть стерильной
    марлевой салфеткой, на каждый eye — своя салфетка
  • If a ребенок постарше зажмуривает eyeа. This is not a problem, not
    need to worry, shout at him or force him to open
    eyeа. It is not necessary, in this case it is enough to drop
    medicine between upper and lower eyelids. Раствор попадет в eye,
    when the child opens it. Но даже зажмуренный eye можно открыть,
    it is enough to stretch the eyelids in two directions with two fingers.
  • Drops from the refrigerator should be warmed in the hand before use.
    you should not bury cold drops in order to avoid additional
  • Нельзя использовать eyeные капли от конъюнктивита с истекшим
    shelf life, without labeling or if they were stored for a long time in
    open form
  • Older children are best taught to do the procedure yourself,
    you control, sometimes children don’t like being touched
    их eyeа

How to treat different types of conjunctivitis?

It is known that, depending on the cause of inflammation
eye различают следующие виды конъюнктивита, лечение которых

Bacterial conjunctivitis in children

The treatment is carried out by Albucidum, local antibiotics in a drop
(Levomycetinovy), ointments (tetracycline). It occurs when
проникновении в слизистую eyeа бактерий, микробов. Most often this
staphylococcus, pneumococcus, streptococcus, gonococcus, chlamydia. If a
conjunctivitis is one of the manifestations of another serious
disease or is protracted, it is necessary and
oral antibiotics and other treatment of infection (see red
eyeа у baby, чем лечить).

Viral conjunctivitis in children

The treatment is prescribed by the doctor after the examination. Typical pathogens –
herpes, adenoviruses, enteroviruses, coxsackie viruses. If a вирус
herpetic etiology, then appointed ointment Zovirax, Acyclovir.
Capels with antiviral action Aktipol (aminobenzoic
acid), Trifluridin (effective for herpes), Poludan
(polyribaadenylic acid).

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic Conjunctivitis вызван различными раздражителями —
house dust, plant pollen, household chemicals, food,
medicines, strong odors and others. Like bacterial
conjunctivitis it is accompanied by redness, swelling of the eyelids,
слезотечением, зудом (ребенок постоянно чешет eyeа). Required
выяснить какой аллерген раздражает слизистую eye у baby, по
opportunities to limit contact with him.

Antihistamines and anti-allergic drops reduce
manifestation of the disease. It is mandatory to go
comprehensive examination by an allergist, since the propensity to
allergic reactions in children with other provoking factors
may contribute to the development of more severe allergies,
down to asthma. Treatment: Kromoheksal, Allergodil,
Olopatodin, Lecrolin, Dexamethasone.

With timely and proper treatment of conjunctivitis is enough
passes quickly. But do not self-medicate, do not risk
health baby. Since only a doctor on the basis of inspection
determines the type of conjunctivitis and assigns the appropriate

Dr. Komarovsky about conjunctivitis in children

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