How to treat colds in a child?

Update: February 2019

There is no safe medicine, taking antibacterial
means causes allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, inhibits
immunity and forms the antibiotic resistance of bacteria.

Pediatricians certainly know about the dangers of antibiotics for SARS, but
to distinguish a cold from pneumonia, and even at the patient’s home,
using only hands, eyes and a phonendoscope is difficult, especially when
lack of experience.

Most pediatricians find it easier to prescribe an antibiotic to a child in
the very first day and, as they say, “not to bathe”: the harm from them in
the beginning is not very noticeable, pneumonia if it was, it will pass, and if
will not work – there is excuse, I correctly prescribed the treatment, and mom

I summarize: antibiotics for colds for children under 12 years old are the first 5
days do not apply. If you have weak nerves, then every cough or
runny nose should be accompanied by a visit to the clinic and conduct
additional research: blood test, x-ray of the lungs, examination
ENT doctor, urinalysis, etc.

Body temperature rise

Adults and children over 6 years old should fight fever,
если она превышает 390С. This temperature is no longer
It is considered physiological and may harm the body. Have small
children (under 6) antipyretics should be used when
температуре 38,60С, из-за угрозы судорожного синдрома. BUT
also in children with convulsive readiness or earlier
by registered febrile convulsions the temperature gets off

Temperature is an important component of the body’s fight against
infection. When fever is inhibited the vital activity of pathogens
colds, as well as the mobilization of the body’s defenses.
Therefore, excessive struggle with fever only delays
recovery. In addition, absolutely all antipyretic drugs
may cause allergies, stomach ulcers or severe
kidney damage, up to their failure.

In addition to tablets, there are physical methods of cooling.
Of course, in adults they are not very effective, but in a child they can
lower the temperature by a full degree (see how to lower the temperature
without drugs):

  • If the child is red – with red hyperthermia, when the child
    pink, do not wrap the sick baby, but rather
    undress it to the panties and leave to cool in the air. Cruel but
  • If the child is pale – white hyperthermia, it should be wrapped.
    in a light blanket and water with warm liquid.
  • Grind baby vodka (not suitable for younger children
    age, especially up to 1 year), it is better to rub it locally – handles,
    legs. Evaporating alcohol quickly cools the skin. Not worth it
    use alcohol solutions higher than vodka
    concentration. This can affect baby skin, and
    a child may grow drunk, as part of the alcohol must
    sucked in.
  • Cold on the main vessels. In normal language it sounds like this:
    take a plastic bottle, pour cold water into it and
    apply to armpits or groin areas. Water will cool
    large blood vessels passing there.
  • Not worth it надевать на ребенка шапку в помещении, особенно на
    the patient. This is the old school’s grandmothers love to do. Head –
    the main source of heat loss in the body, up to 80% of heat is removed
    through it, so when you have a fever you need your head

With fever, evaporation of fluid from the skin is greatly enhanced.
Therefore, the child should be abundantly watered, in order to avoid dangerous for
life dehydration. Any liquid will do: compotes, fruit drinks, tea,
juices and just pure water.

The story of how domestic pediatrics makes healthy
children sick


  • Mom – the average Russian mommy, who thinks
    That knows about cold ALL.
  • The kid is a normal, healthy five-year-old tot, regularly
    attending kindergarten.
  • Pediatrician – recently graduated and received distribution in
    The average Russian polyclinic is full of knowledge about
    как правильно лечить простуду.

So. The kid comes back from kindergarten sluggish, snotty,
кашляющий и с температурой 38,50С. The next morning
Mom calls the clinic and calls the doctor to the house.

A pediatrician comes, examines the child and makes a diagnosis: ARVI.
He was taught that at this age 90% of respiratory infections are viral,
so they are treated as described at the beginning of this article. is he
prescribes paracetamol, heavy drinking, as well as ascorbic acid, and
leaves with peace of mind.

BUT болезнь не проходит, температура держится в районе
390С, ребенок плачет, отказывается от еды, сопливит и
coughing. Mom knows for sure that ascorbic is not a medicine at all, but
paracetamol only churn the temperature. is heа звонит в поликлинику,
and swears there on everyone and everything, they say, that you are a me-ignoramus doctor

In order not to “tease the geese,” the headmaster leaves for the Kid. pediatric
branch or deputy. chief physician and prescribe an antibiotic.
The motivation is clear. First, so that Mom does not interfere with work
hysterical calls. Secondly, if pneumonia does develop,
and the antibiotic is not appointed, Mom will sue immediately. In general, we treat
�“Not as it should,” but “as calmer. “

In the end, a cold that could go for 7 days, flows 3
of the week. During the fight against the disease, children’s immunity is greatly weakened.
Toddler is taken to kindergarten, where someone is required
sneezes and cold clings again.

After a week of going to kindergarten at the Kid
again fever, runny nose and cough. Mom again makes a call to
house. Pediatrician last time called “on the carpet” and explained
�”How to work with patients.” is he приходит к Малышу и назначает
antibiotic from day one. Everyone is happy: Mom – that the treatment
correct from her point of view, Pediatrician – he will not be deprived of his prize again,
Guide clinics – there will be no fights with the next
a complaint.

And again, the disease that could have passed in a week is flowing
month. What kind of childhood immunity can withstand it? Again children
a garden, again a cold and again a month of treatment. That’s how our heroes
turned healthy toddler in often and long ill
(official term by the way). I hope you understand where they come from
frequent colds in a child?

Some common questions from parents

Is it possible to bathe a child sick with a cold?

This question dates back 200 years, when hot
there was no water in the houses, and the children were washed in a trough in the entrance hall or in the bathhouse, there
one could get sick even more. In the XXI century, bathe a cold
child can and should be, but it is worth remembering that a hot bath at
elevated body temperature is strictly contraindicated.
Enough to restrict a warm shower.

How can you understand that the child recovered?

Positive dynamics can be considered 3 days of normal temperature.
It is also considered a good sign to turn dry cough into
wet (provided that the discharge does not become transparent yellow
or green). But if already the recovering child again
the temperature has risen, then we can assume the accession
bacterial infection.

If a child is sick, should he eat better?

With fever, all the forces of the body are spent on fighting infection
and digesting heavy protein foods requires a lot of energy.
Therefore, at high temperatures, food should be light,
opportunities rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, but good and tight
the convalescent child should be fed to restore him

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