How to treat chickenpox in infants: symptomswindmills

Parents of infants often worry that their baby will catch
chickenpox, and most often they care how it will be in this case
exercise, especially if there is a patient nearby. But is it necessary
an infant should become infected, and in what forms it can leak
this infection?

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  • 1 What is chicken pox?
    • 1.1 Symptoms
  • 2 Легкая форма windmills
    • 2.1 Mild form treatment
  • 3 Тяжелая форма windmills
    • 3.1 Severe treatment
      • 3.1.1 More about infant health

ветрянка у грудных детей - лечение

What is chickenpox?

First you need to decide what is
this disease.

So, chicken pox (or simply “chickenpox”) is
infectious disease, which in children usually occurs in
pretty easy forms. Ветрянка у грудных детей, у
adults and people with weakened immune systems are able to take
much more complex forms.

The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets, and
go from ten days to 21 days after contacting the patient,
until the first symptoms appear. Moreover, a person can
infect others without even knowing what is a carrier

The danger of infection of others begins in about a couple of days
until the appearance on the skin of characteristic rashes and
it remains until new plaques appear on the body,
and old boils will not be covered with crusts.


 Первые симптомы windmills – это покраснения кожи
(in diameter to centimeter), and rather quickly in these places
blisters filled with clear liquid appear. Further
they transform, acquiring the appearance of dried crusts.

ветрянка у грудных детей симптомы

Ветрянка у грудных детей начинается резко. Signs of
her next:

  • The rise in body temperature – up to 38 degrees, sometimes even
  • General weakness in the body;
  • Headaches;
  • Abundant rash rapidly spreading to
    поверхности кожи и, что характерно, на слизистые оболочки
    Это главный симптом windmills;
  • The appearance on the skin of small bubbles filled
    colorless and clear fluid is accompanied by severe itching, and children
    usually very poorly tolerated.

Где может быть сыпь при ветрянке: волосистая
часть головы, лицо, рот, туловище, половые органы.

The course of this disease is usually wave-like, and
for this reason, rash may appear at intervals
up to several times.

Легкая форма windmills

If the chicken pox is lightweight, and usually
happens when a child is 3-6 months old, then first on the baby’s skin
occasional boils appear, and then waves pour in with an increase
temperature And the more rashes on the body, the higher it is
will be. When the elements of the rash are sporadic, the temperature can be

Small red spots quickly become shiny.
bubbles, and surround each of them with red rims. 1-3 after
days bubbles covered with crusts. But at the same time on
the skin of the infant there are new rashes. Often suffer and
mucous membranes – bubbles appear on them too, however they
quickly turning into surface erosion.

The child is suffering from chickenpox due to the fact that the skin is strong
itching that deprives him of peace, sound sleep and good appetite.
The kid becomes very capricious and irritable, refuses
chest and trying to tear a rash.

Mild treatment

Items appearing on the skin should be treated
green paint, so they dries better. In addition, Zelenka peculiar
destroy the bacterial flora, and it warns

In order to reduce itching, the elements of the rash lubricate
«Фенистилом» (этот гель является очень
эффективным средством при лечении windmills, поскольку препарат
существенно снимает аллергические проявления
). But by no means
If you do not smear the entire skin with this gel at once. This drug
separate areas are treated alternately, especially where the rash
most. And it is strictly forbidden to bathe a child in this
period, since water procedures are fraught with rapid
the spread of rashes on the surface of the whole body.

When a fresh rash appears, wear baby clothes
which sleeves or special children’s mittens are sewn up – baby
Should not comb yourself.

Тяжелая форма windmills

ветрянка у грудных детей

Unfortunately, the severe course of this disease is quite common.
often. Chickenpox begins in this case with an increase

The baby becomes too restless, constantly refuses
eat. During this period, he may suffer from headaches. Then
first elements of rash appear. It often happens that pours
at the same time many elements, and at the same time temperature can
rise even up to 40 degrees. Somewhat improved condition
baby after the first wave of rash comes down, but later
day situations repeated. And waiting for a child a few waves.

Severe Treatment

The main danger in chickenpox is the defeat of the mucous membranes.
shells. For example, if there is a rash in the larynx area, then your
The baby may develop signs of choking or false croup. If this
happened immediately call an ambulance, and before the arrival of the brigade give
child a few drops of “phenystyle” (as directed
set out in the instructions for the drug).

In the absence of temperature, you can lower the baby’s feet in a bowl with
hot water – this will contribute to the removal of laryngeal edema
due to the fact that blood will flow to the legs. Of course, at a temperature
hot baths are strictly contraindicated.

If the doctor describes the condition of the baby as severe and will
lean towards hospitalization, do not refuse.

Ветрянку у грудных детей провоцируют вирусы, относящиеся к
group of herpes viruses. Such viruses are quite high
degree of susceptibility. The percentage of cases among people
In contact with the patient and have not had chickenpox before, is 80
percent. Chickenpox is a typical childhood disease.

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