How to treat barley on the eye, drops, ointment,means to quickly get rid of gordomolum

Update: October 2018

Ячмень на веке глаза – распространенное явление,
characteristic features of which are a sharp start and a quick
process development. Most people do not give the disease a special
values, whereas this is one of the sure signs of weakening

How often do you hear “barley on the eye, what to do?”. AND
this is where the “experts” can advise, but these are eyes, organs
view, located next to the brain, which means –
experimenting is not safe.

Barley or hordeolum is an acute purulent inflammation,
eyelashes or a sebaceous gland localized in the hair sac
Zeiss (external barley) or in the lobule of the meibomian gland
(domestic barley). More often it occurs singly, it is less often found
several inflammatory elements and even less often both eyes are affected.
What does barley look like?

  • Onружный ячмень диагностируется гораздо чаще и выглядит как
    boil on the edge of the eyelid outside the eyes.
  • Domestic barley is an abscess located on
    the inner side of the eyelid from the mucous, is less common and
    often complicated by chalazion, chronic edge inflammation

Local barley symptoms (incremental)

  • The itch of a century in the field of the future barley как выглядит ячмень
  • Soreness when blinking and touching the eyelid
  • Swelling
  • Redness of the century
  • Tearing
  • Foreign body sensation in the eye
  • Yellowish vial on top of swelling outside eyelid
    (external) or on the inner surface of the eyelid (internal),
    which appears on the 3-4 day of illness.
  • Spontaneous opening of the bubble, which is accompanied by
    discharge of pus on the 4-5 day.

At the weakened people, at children, at multiple and recurrent
barley may develop common symptoms: hyperthermia, headache,
weakness, swollen lymph nodes.

Causes and provoking factors of hordeolum

Why does barley appear on the eye? Etiological pathogen
barley – Staphylococcus aureus, permanent inhabitant of the skin and hair
human conditionally pathogenic microbe. Less commonly barley is called
streptococci. Pathological activity and reproduction
microorganism occurs in the presence of certain factors:

  • Supercooling at which protective capabilities are reduced
    of the body
  • Decreased immunity (compared to other diseases, stress,
    overwork, physical overload, malnutrition,
    fad diets)
  • Hypovitaminosis (see avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis)
  • Diabetes when disrupted nutrition century
  • Diseases of the digestive tract, in which the absorption of vitamins is impaired,
    trace elements in the intestines and, accordingly, suffers
  • Carriage of Staphylococcus aureus resistant to action
    antimicrobial drugs (see Staphylococcus aureus in the intestine in
  • Chronic infections (caries, adenoiditis, tonsillitis)
  • Onследственная предрасположенность
  • Worm infestation (see the symptoms of worms in humans)
  • Non-compliance with hygiene rules (wiping eyes with dirty
  • Wearing contact lenses (as such is not the cause, but in
    together with other factors aggravates the condition).

Barley on the child’s eye

The mechanism of barley on the child’s eyes
different from that of an adult, but here it can flow
heavier. Due to the imperfection of immunity, as well as the complexity
ensuring rest to the sore eye (the child can touch the eyelid
hands, scratching, aggravating the situation) very often arise
complications such as blephoritis, abscess, phlegmon, and holysion.

Fiber lining the eyelid from the inside, in children more loose than in
adults, so the inflammatory focus is not limited and quickly
extends to surrounding tissue. In the most serious cases
barley can cause meningitis. Therefore, the answer to the question of how
to cure the barley in the child’s eye, such is the most sensible thing to begin
лечение ячменя у doctorа и не пренебрегать его назначениями. With
the development of complications shown hospitalization in the hospital.

First aid for barley

Быстро вылечить ячмень можно в первые часы его появления,
when itching, redness, and soreness
century. How to get rid of barley:

Antiseptic treatment

A piece of cotton with a match head is moistened in vodka or
medical alcohol diluted with water 1: 1, squeeze well and
cauterize the reddened part of the century at the very base of the eyelashes
This method with timely conduct, compliance with measures
precautions (alcohol should not get into the eye) and time
guarantees full regression of barley on that day. Instead of alcohol
You can use iodine or brilliant green (alcohol).

Dry heat

This is an effective remedy for barley. Boiled egg
hot wrapped in a cloth and applied to the eye and hold up
cooling down Can также использовать прогретую на сковороде морскую
salt, flax seed, as a source of heat.

This method is not less effective, but it works only at the beginning.
diseases. If you have pus – you can not warm!

Barley treatment under the eye

The traditional barley treatment regimen includes antibacterial
drops and antibacterial ointment. In complicated cases doctor
prescribes antibiotics for oral administration. If purulent vial
does not open itself, then produce its opening in terms of
medical institution.

Antibiotic eye drops

Designed to combat microorganisms and prevent
spread process. Preparations of choice (drops from barley):
Albucidum (for the treatment of concomitant conjunctivitis), Sofradex, 1%
solution of penicillin, gentamicin, erythromycin, chloramphenicol,
Tsiprolet, Tobreks, Chloramphenicol, Fucitalmic, Tobrom, Tobramycin,
Vigamoks. Application: instillation into the eye 3-6 times a day.

Antibiotic Eye Ointment

Perform a similar task, but are intended for use in
night time, because they impair the quality of vision. Feasibility
their use is high – drops work during the day, and ointment at night that
promotes the fastest recovery. Drugs of choice (ointment from
barley): Tetracycline, Erythromycin eye ointment, Tobrex,
Colbiotsin, Eubetal, Floksal (ofloxacin). Application: Mortgage
for the night. Carefully wash their hands and squeeze 3-4 mm onto their finger.
ointments, with the second hand pull the eyelid and gently lay the ointment.
You can lay the ointment in the afternoon, if the work does not require precise

When purchasing ointment or drops at a pharmacy, do not forget to clarify that
You need a preparation for the eyes! Ointments for application to the skin have
times greater concentration of the active substance and can cause
irreparable harm. Use ointments and drops for outdoor use.
use with the same name instead of the eye categorically

Using ointments with corticosteroids (hormones such as
dexamethasone, hydrocortisone ointment) during the bacterial process is not
acceptable because they are contraindicated in purulent

Antibiotics for oral administration

Shown in multiple and complicated barley, if available
common symptoms, lack of efficacy from topical treatment, with
barley in debilitated patients and often in children. Act on
etiological factor and prevent further spread

Preparations of choice: Doxycycline (Unidox Solutab), Ampicillin,
can be inhibitor-protected (Amoxiclav, Augmentin, Flemoklav
solyutab, etc.), second-line drugs – macrolides (Azithromycin,
Sumamed, Azitroks, Hemomitsin, Zitrolid and so forth), preparations of the third
rows – cephalosporins. Application: according to the instruction of 5-7 days.

Antiseptic solutions

Used for washing the eyes after breaking pus or opening
гнойного пузырька у doctorа. Preparations of choice: 30% solution
sodium sulfacyl, furatsillina solution. Application: necessary
the amount of the drug is instilled into the eye, the excess fluid is rubbed
sterile bandage.

Concomitant medication

In the presence of common symptoms nonsteroid prescribed
anti-inflammatory (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen) means. For
strengthened body recommended fortified food (see
vitamins in tablets), brewer’s yeast.


Appointed at the stage of infiltration in the absence of hyperthermia:
UHF-therapy 8 min daily 4-6 days, microwave therapy.

What to do if the barley did not open itself?

Гной должен быть выпущен, но только doctorом. If on 6-7 day
гнойная головка не вскрывается, следует идти к doctorу, который
will produce the necessary manipulations. No scar after
surgical opening of barley is not formed.

Barley Treatment

Folk remedies are actively used by people. Some of them
really effective, some a lot of doubt,
for example, a cookie or spit in a sore eye, rubbing the eye with salt,
if barley appeared, etc. It should be thought a hundred times before
use grandma’s methods because these are eyes that a person has
only two, in order not to harm health. How to remove barley with

  • Moxibustion of barley alcohol tincture of valerian. Cotton swab
    dipped in tincture and gently cauterize barley 5-10 minutes. Many
    note the high efficiency of the method with an early start.
  • Green tea (see harm to tea bags). Moistened sterile
    bandage in freshly brewed tea and warm applied to the eye. Can
    use 2-3 times a day at the beginning of the disease, in the presence of pus
    soften eye tissue can not be.
  • Silver item. A corner of a clean silver spoon or fork
    several times spend on the patient eyelid at the line of growth of eyelashes.
    Effectively at the beginning of the process.
  • Tincture of calendula. Alcohol tincture diluted with water 1:10.
    A sterile bandage is moistened in solution, drained and applied to
    eye for 5-10 minutes.
  • Aloe. From freshly cut and laid for 12 hours in the refrigerator
    leaf aloe squeeze juice and diluted with water 1:10, use
    liquid for lotions (no need to wet the bandage).
  • Onion. 1 cm thick bulb circle fry on
    vegetable oil over low heat, warm put in cheesecloth and
    applied to the eyelid to cool the onion. Repeat a few
  • Baby shampoo without tears. Apply with the revealed barley,
    to clear the eyes of pus and crusts. Bred with warm boiled
    water 1:20 and drip a few drops in the eye, blink and wipe
    веко снаружи внутрь sterile bandage.
  • Birch the juice. Is ingested 0.5 l daily. Believed
    that it purifies the blood.
  • Свекольный the juice. After spinning, the juice should be set to
    refrigerate for 3 hours, then consume first by 1/5
    glasses, gradually increasing the volume to half a cup per day. Also
    has the property of cleansing the blood and fortifying action.

What not to do with barley

  • Squeeze pus or open pus purulent
    on their own.
  • Use cosmetics during treatment.
  • Make wet lotion on barley with purulent vesicle.
  • To warm up the barley with a purulent focus, to visit baths and saunas.
  • Scrub the sore eye, touch the barley with your hands.
  • Go out with barley, especially during the cold period. On
    dry aseptic dressing should be applied.

Barley Prevention

  • Hand hygiene, habit eradication constantly
    touch your eyes.
  • Eye hygiene – neat morning and evening toilet, scrubbing
    accumulated dirt with a sterile bandage from the outer corner of the eye to
    internal. В течение дня можно использовать капли Onтуральная
    tear for toilet eyes.
  • Use of individual towels, use of personal
  • If barley under the eye often occurs – takes place
    recurrent infection. Shown: autohemotherapy,
    immunocorrection, climatotherapy, UV therapy.
  • Compliance with the rules of wearing lenses, lens care.
  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • Санация хронических очагов infections.

Автор: doctor-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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