How to treat a runny nose in a newborn,baby

Update: October 2018

Before you start treating a baby’s runny nose, an important rule is
seek immediate pediatric care. After
examination, the doctor will diagnose and prescribe treatment.

In newborns up to two months, the presence of a cold is not always
is the onset of respiratory disease. At this age,
babies nasopharyngeal mucosa can not yet fully perform
its functions, its work is not well regulated, so it can
stand out mucus in fairly large quantities this
физиологический насморк у baby.

Causes of rhinitis in infants

Of course, the main reason for which a runny nose appears
baby, it’s a commonplace cold, as well as an acute viral infection
or flu. With infections, runny nose in children under one year old.
accompanied by severe swelling of the mucous, which greatly violates
baby’s breath.

Air in the city or even in a small town, and the whole
modern human life is full of various chemical
irritants to which the weak baby may have
allergic reaction, which is manifested by a runny nose and sneezing,
swelling of the nasopharyngeal mucosa.

In any case, especially if the infant is sick for the first time,
pediatrician examination required. If the baby has a fever,
call the doctor at home, if there is no temperature, you should come to
reception Especially it is not necessary to postpone a call of the doctor if at the child
appeared coughing, watery eyes, he refuses to chest, becomes
lethargic, tearful.

Features of rhinitis in infants

To notice that a child has snot easily, in symptoms
the cold of a newborn and an adult is no different – the baby sneezes,
breathing through the nose becomes difficult, mucous discharge from the
the nose. Ребенок сопит, хлюпает носом,  отказывается нормально
suck, often throws chest or pacifier.  But in this
he cannot blow his nose yet.

Therefore, the spout must be cleaned with a special
mucus suction pump – aspirator sold in pharmacies or
departments for infants. You can use a soft syringe
spout, which should boil, cool, press to
air to pump out, to bring in the nasal course, to release. All the mucus will be
in enema.

Do not use ordinary cotton swabs with a hard
основанием, которым можно повредить нежный носик baby. Also
You can’t use syringes because
aged mucus from the nose can easily get under pressure in
Eustachian tube that can cause otitis in the baby.

Newborn babies are not always able in case of nasal insufficiency
breathing and shortness of breath go on breathing by mouth. Medicine known
cases of prolonged runny nose in the child, blockage with thick mucus
носовых ходов, становились причиной смерти baby, поскольку
strangulation of the child occurred. With a large accumulation of mucus,
untreated nose, it flows into the bronchi and provokes bronchitis, and
when it enters the ear through the Eustachian tube, otitis develops.
Treat this seemingly easy ailment in children under one year old.
like a cold in all seriousness.

Treatment of rhinitis in infants

насморк у грудного babyHow to treat a runny nose
newborn? The first thing to do, as we said –
clean the nasal passages of the baby from mucus using an aspirator. Them
very convenient to use, you just need to adapt. If a
discharge is not very much, as happens in infants after birth,
You can make a cotton flagellum and twist them in the nose of the baby, after
procedures the accumulated mucus will be on the flagellum, and the nose
clean up Just do not push it deeply!

General recommendations for the regime of a cold in the chest

When the rhinitis is accompanied by fever, walking with the child is not
recommended, especially in frosty weather, just can not bathe
baby When the temperature becomes normal, you can walk, but
calm weather, you can bathe 4 days after the obvious
улучшения состояния baby.

Что касается питания, при насморке аппетит у baby снижен,
because it’s hard for him to suck with a stuffy nose. While sucking
he suffocates, and when she is forced to breathe through her mouth, occurs
incomplete closing of the lips and suck, especially the baby’s breasts are not
it turns out. Also на фоне ОРВИ снижение аппетита является
naturally, as the body actively fights against viral
infection and additional stress on the digestive system,
the liver is not needed in this case.

If a ребенок отказывается от еды, приложите все усилия, чтобы у
the baby had free breath, clear your nose, do not be lazy,
bury vasoconstrictor drops. Breast child even in the period
diseases should be eaten at least a third of a serving of milk, and
the interval between feedings should be reduced. If a не сосет грудь —
feed from a spoon, from a cup, from a syringe, it is important that the child receives
food, because very quickly there is dehydration
infants, life-threatening.

If a ребенку более 8 месяцев и он уже пробовал компоты, соки или
herbal teas (see how to properly feed the baby to one year old),
then you can drink it with such drinks. If a ребенок старше года, в
In this case, the main thing is to feed the baby well, as an additional
liquids can use boiled water.

Also стоит регулярно проветривать помещение, в котором
there is a baby, use a humidifier daily
carry out wet cleaning or hanging in the room on the battery
wet diaper. When the air in the room is dry and dusty,
выздоровление baby становится затяжным. In the presence of high
temperatures in infants are recommended to shoot down at a temperature above
38C (see a detailed overview of all antipyretic drugs for children in
suspensions and candles).

Drug treatment of rhinitis

The modern pharmaceutical industry is rich in various
remedies for rhinitis. In the absence of temperature and other
symptoms treatment may be limited to use only
local means for instillation into the spout. Infants more correctly
and it is safe to instill nose drops than
use of various sprays.

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Moisturizing Medicines

Advertised and recommended various sea water sprays
(Aqualor, Aquamaris, Quicks, Otrivin baby, etc.) use
babyм нельзя, они противопоказаны по возрасту. Moreover, they
can provoke a purulent coryza, get into the Eustachian tube,
cause otitis media, provoke spasm of the larynx.


When the swelling of the nasal mucosa becomes very significant,
doctor’s recommendations can be instilled vasoconstrictor. WITH
drugs such action must be very careful, measure
Only droplets with a special pipette, do not allow overdose
and they can not be used for more than three days.

WITHреди сосудосуживающих капель для лечения насморка у малышей
you can use Nazol Baby, Nazivin 0.01% for babies. Drip
not more often than once every six hours, best for the night
or before bedtime. After единовременного закапывания,
some moms are trying to re-instill or
continue to use vasoconstrictor drops for more than 3 days – this
is unacceptable. В случае передозировки у baby могут быть
palpitations, vomiting, convulsions, and other side effects. Also
rebound syndrome is possible when receptors to the drug are blocked,
and runny nose only intensifies.

Vibrocil can be used (a combination of antihistamine and
vasoconstrictor action).

Antiseptic Drops

The drugs with antiseptic action include Protholol – this
silver based product (can be ordered at the prescription department).
Sulfacyl sodium eye drops may also be used.
Albucidum, they can be used for instillation into the nose. Even such
funds should be used only as prescribed by a doctor.

Antiviral and immunomodulatory agents

Any antiviral drugs and immunomodulators possible
Use only by indications, since long-term effects
use of drugs that affect the baby’s immunity
little has been studied (see antiviral drugs for drugs and flu). With
runny nose if the pediatrician deems it necessary can be used 
– Grippferon, candles Viferon, Genferon-light.

In pediatrics, Derinat has proven itself – how
natural immunomodulator approved for children with
of birth. It is a solution that is easily tolerated by children.
activates immunity to fight disease.

It is more convenient to use a bottle without a dropper, since then
It is more convenient to measure the number of drops with a simple pipette. Taking advantage of
droppers, complete with medicine, you can
exceed dosage. Профилактически Деринат капают babyм,
in contact with sick people, 2 drops 2-3 times a day in
within 2-3 days. And if you already have signs of a cold, then 2
drops every 1.5 hours.

Traditional methods of treatment

Many people advise starting a runny nose with instillation.
breast milk. This should not be done. Yes, breast milk
useful, it contains antibodies that increase the immune system of the baby,
but milk is not anti-bacterial or disinfectant
moreover, bacteria in milk multiply with an even greater
speed, and this procedure is more likely to harm the baby than to help.

For infants it is not advisable to use folk
agents based on the irritating action on the mucous membrane, to
for example – Kalanchoe juice. Many grandmothers recommend bitter aloe juice
for instillation into the nose in infants, but before
to use, picked leaves should lie down in a cool place.
2-3 days, otherwise the juice may cause redness, irritation of the mucous
у baby из-за своей высокой биологической активности. If a же вы
are risking use Kalanchoe juice, then dilute fresh juice should
1: 1 with boiled water and bury in 1 cap. 3 p / day.

Complications of rhinitis in newborns

Is it necessary to treat a runny nose in infants? After all, it passes more often
all by yourself. Treat rhinitis in a child under one year should
be sure, first of all, to alleviate his condition, baby
cannot say what unpleasant feelings he has, but we all
know how hard it is to breathe when your nose is stuffed up, how your head aches,
the child is disturbed by sleep, dry mouth appears and becomes inflamed
delicate skin on the wings of the nose and upper lip.

Read our articles on antibiotics for colds in children, and
также чем лечить простуду у baby. One of the complications
which is fraught with runny nose in babies is weight loss and
dehydration, so as to suck the breast or the mixture from the bottle to the child
It seems difficult.

Very often, diligent moms can overly wipe and
�“Blowing out” babies, which can lead to sores on the wings
nose, upper lip and under the nose. It causes pain in the baby, and
the child becomes even more capricious and whiny.

It is necessary to treat a runny nose in time, until complete recovery.
The most serious complication that causes a runny nose in infants.
without treatment:

  • Otitis media mean suppurative
  • Acute bronchitis
  • Etmoiditis
  • Bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Dacryocystitis

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