How to treat a boil on the face

Update: October 2018

The boil on the face is not only aesthetic
problem, but also dangerous for its complications. Face blood supply
very intense, especially in the nasolabial triangle, and
as a result, an infection from a localized site of inflammation may
penetrate the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. Special danger
represents the entry of an infectious agent into the brain.

How to distinguish the furuncle on the face from the usual pimple?

Normally, the diagnosis of facial boils is not a problem,
since this inflammatory element has characteristic

  • dense infiltrated area located deep in
  • a larger, in comparison with acne, inflammation;
  • a gradual increase in the size of the focus of inflammation;
  • purulent head in the central part of the inflammatory element
    (not formed immediately);
  • significant pain of the affected skin area, sharply
    growing stronger when you touch or move facial muscles,
    washing, etc.

The furuncle always has a bacterial etiology. It means that
In the inflammation center, a certain

Causes of boils on the face

If boils are found on the face, the reasons should be clarified in
full, because it depends on the effectiveness of treatment,
and further prognosis in terms of recurrence of furunculosis. Most frequent
The causes of furunculosis are as follows:

– The greatest etiological significance in the development of furunculosis
has Staphylococcus aureus which enters the hair follicle
or a wound on the skin, and causes inflammation. But such a pathological
The mechanism is implemented only on the skin with a poor protective function:

  • thin skin susceptible to microtraumas;
  • inflamed skin affected by acne and acne;
  • skin with insufficient acid-fat mantle, incapable
    prevent inflammation;
  • dermatological macerated skin
    (eczema, atopic dermatitis in children and atopic dermatitis
  • unpeeled skin with clogged dirt and grease pores.

—  Грибковое поражение кожи, делающие кожный покров весьма
vulnerable. —  Нарушения функции печени, играющей большую роль в
cleansing and detoxifying the blood. —  Низкий иммунитет, когда даже
conditionally pathogenic microflora can lead to the formation of
extensive focus of inflammation, due to:

  • chronic diseases (tuberculosis, pyelonephritis, hepatitis,
  • metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity on the background
    endocrine disruption);
  • long-term antibiotic treatment;
  • long-term hormone therapy;
  • treatment with cytostatics and other drugs that suppress
    immunity in cancer pathology.

—  Нарушенный обмен веществ, регулирующий все процессы в
the body and is responsible for the balance of the microflora of the skin as well.
—  Дисбактериоз кишечника (лечение), когда патогенная
microflora spreads through the body and in the skin of the face
optimal conditions for the implementation of their livelihoods.
—  Хронические инфекции, при которых слизисто-гнойные
discharge can get on the skin (rhinitis, adenoids, sinusitis).
—  Гиповитаминоз.

How does furunculosis appear on the face – symptoms

If a furuncle appeared on the face, then it is characteristic
going through several stages of formation for about 10
days: Фурункул на лице: симптомы, лечение

  • Infiltration stage

A microorganism, once in a favorable environment, begins to actively
to multiply, forming swelling and causing itching and soreness around
places of localization. Gradually, the skin becomes denser and red.
Infiltration increases to several centimeters, more and more
compacted and swollen. Soreness is increasing.

  • Stage suppuration

After three or four days, a necrotic rod forms,
protruding above the surface of the skin in the central part of the infiltrate.
It looks like a purulent lid, called a purulent pustule.
Temperature rise is likely. The focus of inflammation becomes even more
painful. Then the thin skin over the pustule is torn and
the release of pus begins. At the same time, the person feels a decrease.
pain symptom. Characterized by the selection of the so-called purulent
core – solid secreted characteristic of pus color.

  • Stage of healing

When purulent contents come out of the tissues, puffiness and
inflammation is reduced. It forms a bright scar, with time he
tarnishes and becomes almost imperceptible.

Treatment for boils on the face

Treatment of furunculosis on the face, due to the characteristics
location and likely complications, requires complex and
competent approach. The corresponding complex of medical
measures developed by a dermatologist, and the task of the patient
– strictly implement them.

If the course of furunculosis is severe and is accompanied by fever and
symptoms of intoxication, hospitalization and treatment is necessary in
hospital In other cases, the doctor will explain in detail how to treat
boil on the face at home, but some procedures may
be held only in a medical institution.

  • Local antiseptic treatment

Before the maturation of the boil is the treatment of the hearth inflammations
70% alcohol, salicylic alcohol or calendula tincture, solution
furatsilina, powder Kseroform. This is done to warn
spread of infection. Область inflammations, без надавливания и
sharp movements, gently rubbed with an appropriate antiseptic
several times a day, frequent bed linen change is needed
(pillow covers).

  • Physiotherapy

At the healing stage, UV therapy gives a good effect.
disinfecting wound and promotes tissue regeneration. With the aim of
the earliest maturation of the abscess shows the use of UHF and
laser therapy, which is possible in a physical room.

The use of dry heat in treating boils on the face
not recommended on their own because uncontrolled and sometimes
wrong actions can aggravate the situation. On the area
a boil is applied ichthyol patch (not ointment), which
reduces pain symptoms, promotes maturation of the boil and
cleansing its cavity.

  • Antibiotics for boils on the face

As a rule, in cases of chronic furunculosis on the face or
a wide range of antibiotics are assigned to abscess formation
action, it avoids complications and contributes
the fastest resolution of the inflammatory element. They are prescribed more
to the stage of opening the abscess, further, having examined the purulent
content, you can adjust the appointment with
pathogen sensitivity.

The main antibacterial drugs of choice

Macrolides Penicillins Cephalosporins Aminoglycosides Tetracyclines
  • Sumamed
  • Klacid
  • Macropene
  • Amoxicillin
  • Amoxiclav
  • Ampicillin
  • Cefotaxime
  • Ceftriaxone
  • Cefazolin
  • Gentamicin
  • Streptomycin
  • Amikacin
  • Doxycycline
  • Methacyclin
  • Minocycline

Until the abscess breaks out, the appointment of a local
antibiotic therapy. Boil Ointment on the basis of
antibiotics or Vishnevsky ointment may have a softening
action on the tissue, and it is dangerous the spread of infection.

  • Surgery

In most cases, the internal furuncle on the face is subject to
вскрытию, что способствует скорейшему очищению очага inflammations и
prevents complications. The surgeon performs an autopsy ripened
boil under aseptic conditions using, in the case of
necessary, local anesthesia.

The opened furuncle is cleared of purulent contents, washed
hydrogen peroxide, and the cavity is drained with sterile overlay
dressings with hypertonic solution for removing pus, which
it is necessary to periodically change in the conditions of the clinic.

При абсцедирующем  фурункулеза после вскрытия и удаления
pus prescribed dressings with ointments – Erythromycin, Sintomycin,
Levomikol. A day later, the dressings are replaced, and then to speed up
healing using ointment with ichthyol or Vishnevsky ointment.

  • Keeping face and facial muscles at rest

This is a prerequisite for the favorable course of inflammatory
process. Corrected diet with the exception of solid food, which
need to chew intensely.

  • Immunomodulators

Immunostimulating and strengthening drugs are shown when
recurrent furunculosis. T-activin, interferon,
rinoleukin. Antistaphylococcal immunoglobulin is administered in case of
frequent, recurrent and long-term furunculosis. In the body
human anti-staphylococcal antibodies are introduced.

  • Autohemotherapy

This technique is aimed at natural cleansing of the blood and
shown for prevention of recurrence of a single furuncle,
и при recurrent furunculosis. Introduce your own blood
intramuscularly conducted courses in a special scheme, but only in
a period when the boil is completely resolved.

  • Absorbable ointment

Treatment of the formed scar in the place of the former boil
is mandatory, but often carried out at the request of the patient,
because after big boils I can stay ugly
connective tissue scars. For these purposes, long applied
special ointments, absorbable scar and regenerating tissue,
for example, Contractubex.

What can not be done with a boil on the face?

  • The first and most important rule – in no case can not
    squeeze the boil! Generally on the face can not squeeze anything, but
    boil the more.
  • Также нельзя прикладывать к месту inflammations влажные компрессы
    since softening of the tissues will lead to the spread of
  • You can not use Vishnevsky ointment while there is purulent

Trying to squeeze out the pus that has formed (and
not easy, and many are making great efforts in trying
extrusion), the person himself promotes the infection even
deeper into the tissue, the rod particles with infection remain, which leads
к генерализации инфекционного process. Even if such attempts
succeed due to inept and traumatic actions
and so inflamed skin will be broken. In the future, this is inevitable.
will turn into an ugly and irreversible scar on the place of the boil.

And, of course, you can not self-medicate – only a doctor
competent to give appointments and conduct medical

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