How to teach boys hygiene

Grafting hygiene to boys can be interesting and
fascinating pastime. If you connect the fantasy, you can
invent fairy tales about evil bacteria that the magic
soap. The main thing to remember: boys can be taught anything if
someone intelligent and knowledgeable will show them everything on their own
an example.

гигиена мальчиков

Hygiene of a child at the age of 1.5 years

  • At 1.5 years old, a son can already be trained in personal hygiene. Buy one
    baby baby toothbrush, soap, napkins that are different from
    adults not only composition, but also a bright design. Take care of
    that the baby has its own towel and a separate place for
    detergents. Every evening, wash your baby, and change the panties
    him twice a day
  • If the crumb resists brushing your teeth and washing your hands,
    try to interest him. Come up with a story about what his
    the body is attacked by evil microbes, and you can defend against them by
    magic soap and warm water.
  • In the mornings and evenings, as well as every time after the walk and
    using the toilet, wash your hands with the child, wiping them with a towel. For
    A clear demonstration of how important hygiene is, compare bacteria with
    dust that settles on furniture. Wipe the shelves with a cloth, then
    show it to the boy and wash it together.
  • Explain to your son that harmful dirt accumulates also under
    nails and hair. Get rid of her help “magic” scissors
    and “fabulous” shampoo that does not cause tears.
  • A 1.5-year-old boy should already wear panties. Underwear
    baby should be made of natural fabric and appropriate time
    of the year.

Even in the winter cold you do not need to give up light materials:
boys are more active than girls, so they can overheat. Choose
panties in size and make sure that they are not rubbed anywhere and

3 to 6 years

A three-year-old child already has basic skills.
self-catering. The baby still does a lot of clumsy and not always
neat, but he tries. However, from time to time a crumb can
forget about hygiene. This is more typical for boys who do not
always remember to wash your hands. Therefore, more often
remind your son about it.

All the hygiene of a three-year-old boy comes down to uncomplicated
daily procedures: persevere – and the baby to them
will get used to it.
Until that happened,
remind, help and tell what and how to do.

  • At the age of 3-4 years, the boy can already use wet
    napkins. Explain to him how to wash, teach him to do
    it is every evening without reminders. The child still can not cope without
    help mom, but he will learn that this is a mandatory ritual for each
  • When the kid starts going to kindergarten, he should
    be able to wash and wipe your hands and wash yourself.
    Teach your baby every time you use the toilet.
    dry wipe (after urination) or wet (after
    defecation). Most boys do it reluctantly, so
    keep everything under control.
  • The child must have a special toothbrush – a child’s
    soft setae. First, brush your son’s teeth with a single brush.
    without the use of pasta. After some time he will be able to
    do without your help.

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After 6 years

6-year-old boys are already quite independent and capable
perform hygiene procedures without any help. Only
they have one feature: they often forget about what is necessary
wash your hands after walking or using the toilet. To educate
Preschool boys do not need hygiene anymore – they all already know
more important to remind them of the need to perform hygienic
процедуры каждый day.

  • A child who is going to grade 1, should already care for
    without reminders. Hygiene at this age is
    self changing underwear, using a handkerchief,
    brushing your teeth, making sure bedding is
  • Difficulties arise when boys are taught to wash twice
    day. In the evening, the guys do it without question, but they often
    it is not clear why morning washing is needed. Explain to your son that even
    at night, all body systems continue to work, and the skin does not
    an exception. Old cells die off, but remain on the face. They
    clog pores and do not allow the skin to breathe. Because of this appear
    pimples. To avoid them, in the morning you need to wash off all that
    appeared on her for the night.
  • Boys are usually more energetic and athletic than girls.
    Therefore, explain to your son that it is very important to take a shower every day.
    for washing off dirt and sweat.

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