How to teach a child to the bottle

как приучить ребенка к бутылочке

Not all babies agree the first time.
receive food from the bottle. But often mom just has no choice.
In order to teach a child to drink from a bottle, you will need
savvy and patience. And if you use some tips, then
the problem will be solved quickly and calmly, both for you and for yourself

Unfortunately, mom can not always attach her baby to
chest Sometimes this is prevented by her illness or forced
excommunication from the child for a long time, there are also cases
when breastfeeding is contraindicated.

Mom can also give her baby a bottle of herbal tea, water,
children’s fees. However, the main reason for teaching babies to
bottle feeding is a transition to another type
feeding – mixed or artificial.

Why does your baby refuse a bottle?

A situation where babies do not like to drink from a bottle,
absolutely normal. After all, nature decreed that the basis
his diet is breast milk, and the best feeding means –
female breast. Therefore, the crumb since birth subconsciously stretches
to the breast, and the nipple is more convenient for him than any of the most expensive nipples. But not
always the cause of failure becomes the bottle itself:

  • baby is not hungry

This is a trivial reason, but sometimes parents do not accept this.
fact into account. It is also worth considering that the children’s need for
fluid increases in proportion to their age. Besides,
more adult child and moves more often. So do not be surprised
when a half year old baby drinks from a bottle with pleasure,
which he stubbornly refused to admit in two months.

  • the child does not like the drink that is given to him from

The fact is that each adapted milk formula has
its taste. She may be sweeter or more
fresh Therefore, let the child try several types

Water, tea or medicine can be all the more
малышу не по нраву. In these cases, to water the baby,
Requires savvy and fantasy.

  • cold or too hot liquid

Remember that baby mouth mucosa is much more sensitive than
in adults. Therefore, always heat the drink to a temperature of 36-37
degrees This is the temperature mother’s milk has.
Therefore, this indicator for young children is the most

  • unsuitable nipple

The nipple you liked may not suit you at all.
вашего baby He may not like the speed of receipt
fluid, which depends on the size of the hole, as well as the form itself
products. It happens that the child refuses to nipples, although before drinking
from her with pleasure. Most likely, you recently changed the nipple,
a form which did not suit him. And maybe from it comes
резкий запах резины, перебивающей аппетит baby

  • wrong posture and incorrectly chosen

The position that is comfortable for the mother when feeding can
be uncomfortable for the newborn. Try giving him a bottle.
in a sitting position on the hands, lying down, in the side and in other poses. Change
the setting. Perhaps very soon you will find a pose and a place where
младенец согласится попить из bottles.

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for feeding


If your child is breastfed and the bottle
you only need to take a medicine or a supplement, then
It is not necessary to teach the child to her. Especially since many
pediatricians and children’s dentists speak about the negative impact
nipple and bottle on the formation of bite. Therefore, in this case
You can use a beaker, spoon or syringe without needles. What if
без bottles не обойтись, то вам предстоит постараться.


What should I do to the baby started drinking from

  • act gradually

To familiarize the crumbs with a new subject, give it a look.
bottle and hold it in handles, when he is not hungry.
Teach to bottle feeding gradually, starting once
per day and gradually increasing the number of feedings. If you go out
на работу, учить ребенка пить с bottles нужно не позже, чем за
two weeks before this event. Sip from nipples while offering
a drop of milk in the kid’s mouth.

  • imitate breastfeeding

поза for feeding из bottles

Mother’s breast is a source of maternal care,
calm and protection. Therefore, if it is convenient for the child himself,
питье с bottles должно ассоциироваться с грудным вскармливанием.
While feeding, hold it as you would when holding it.
breastfeeding. Соска bottles должна находиться на уровне соска
chest It is most convenient to place the baby on your lap and, while holding
his one hand, the other to hold the bottle.

  • experiment

If you face a solid rejection of the newborn from
bottles, имеет смысл предложить ему бутылочку с разными сосками,
which range is great today. Let the baby try
silicone, latex, standard round, flat and
ортодонтическую соску, напоминающую сосок женской chest Sometimes,
surprising parents, children choose the most Cheap ordinary nipple. Also
You can offer a bottle, slightly changing the temperature of the liquid.
After all, some kids love a warm drink, while others are better to

  • choose the optimal time

Естественно, нет смысла предлагать попить из bottles сытому
to kid. But wait until he gets very hungry, too
not worth it. A hungry baby will be nervous and naughty. And How
you understand, he is unlikely to wish to study new
средства for feeding, а будет требовать, чтобы его кормили как

  • ask for help

Присутствие мамы при попытке напоить младенца из bottles
by no means always contributes to success, especially if it still sucks
chest. So ask a grandmother, nanny or other woman to help.
with experience in caring for small children. Fathers of children are far from
always able to withstand children’s moods. Because the initial
it is better not to involve the father in the stage of schooling to the bottle.

  • be unobtrusive and patient

In such an important process as priming a bottle,
the main thing is care and patience. At the very first feeding try
gently hold the nipple on the lips of the crumbs. It is possible that
following instinct, he himself would take her in his mouth, as he would take a nipple
chest Make sure the nipple is taken completely. If
the child does not take the initiative, carefully put the pacifier in his

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the mixture should be eaten by the newborn during the day in the first days of life

When your efforts will bear fruit, and your child will agree
принимать питье и еду из bottles, не забудьте о соблюдении
hygiene and safety. Be present during the whole process.
feeding If your goal is to add infant formula
breastfeeding, buy nipples with a gentle
flow, so that he had to “work”, as during

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feeding (IV)

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