How to teach a child to sleep in his cribseparate from mom (video, real stories)

In the modern world, the mental health of a child
A lot of attention is paid. Therefore many pediatricians as well
breastfeeding specialists advise putting the baby to sleep
near the mother, especially in the first few months of life. So and
Emotional communication grows stronger, and mom doesn’t need to get up with
beds to see if her treasure sleeps, whether
whether it is frozen …

How to teach a child to sleep in his crib

Но время идет и через какое-то время такого совместного сна
it becomes clear that you need to do something with it, because it is fully
sleep now is not easy. И лишь немногие знают, как
correctly begin to teach the child to sleep separately from the mother in her
crib, so as not to cause irreparable harm to the psyche

Where to begin?

General guidelines on which age to complete
joint sleep, no. It all depends on the personal characteristics of the child.
Some children from birth can calmly fall asleep in their
кроватке, отдельно от мамы, другим же и в 4 года
need to sleep with mom.

However, there are general recommendations that will indirectly
talk about the fact that the baby can move to a personal

  • The baby is completely excommunicated from breastfeeding;
  • Night sleep crumbs last at least 5-6 in a row (when a child
    begins to sleep all night);
  • In the afternoon, the baby spends on her mother’s arms less than 1/3 of the total time.
    (wean the child from the hands);
  • If he wakes up alone in bed, it will not cause crying or
  • A proprietary instinct appeared (“mine” or “not mine”);
  • A child can spend one in the room at least ten to fifteen

When shouldn’t you make your baby sleep separately?

Приучить спать отдельно в кроватке

Postpone this difficult psychological moment
need if your baby:

  • Born prematurely, ahead of time;
  • Born due to cesarean section;
  • He suffered a birth trauma;
  • Has signs of increased intracranial pressure;
  • Has signs of developmental delays;
  • Has symptoms of various skin diseases such as eczema,
    diathesis, dermatitis, etc.
  • Has a high excitability, tearful, irritable.

How to teach a child to sleep in his crib

If your baby has at least one of the above
signs, it is worth thinking about how to extend joint sleep with
him, because this need he has more than his peers.

In addition, it is not necessary to “relocate” the child during
active phase of teething, immediately after the disease, if the baby
just getting used to the pot or just starting to attend children


All these events and so are very stressful for
little man Do not overload the child’s psyche yet

To teach the child to sleep in his crib separately
– непростая, но посильная задача. Need to be prepared in advance
morally to the fact that from time to time the baby is still in the middle of the night
will come (if your baby is already walking independently) in
parental bed in search of comfort, affection and warmth. To all
this must be treated with great understanding and patience.

Консультирует доктор Комаровский: с кем спать to kid
to kid

Teaching to sleep separately

No matter how strange it may sound, but the first thing you need
to pay attention is a sincere desire to sleep separately from the child
mom herself.
For a long period of joint sleep mom
could very much get used to it, and now unconsciously does not want
to part. This internal resistance and excitement can
be passed on to the baby, and then it will be taught to sleep separately
very difficult.

Remove the side of the crib and move the nursery
crib to her so that the crib was like
the continuation of your (you can buy a special added bed
for newborn babies). This will create the illusion that the baby
is still with mom. After the baby learns
you can sleep in your new territory gradually
move farther and farther away from the parent bed, down to
relocation to the next children’s room.

Remove the side backrest and slide in. bed

Remove the side backrest and slide in.

Читаем подробную статью по теме: малыш всегда рядом
– additional beds for newborns. How to choose. Popular

Sleeping with a child – together or apart: pros, cons,

Important points

  1. Talk with the baby. Usually, the process of growing up like
    all children. Buy a new cot and tell your daughter or son about
    that only little children sleep with their mothers, while adults sleep in
    own bedding. This method works great on 2-3
    summer karapuzov.
  2. For the first time that the crumbs were not so scary to fall asleep
    One can include a special night light. Now available for sale
    many lamps and projectors that will make the bedtime process
    not only comfortable, calm, but also very interesting.
  3. To make the process of putting the baby easier,
    develop a special ritual: hygiene – a fairy tale –
    sleep. If you stick to a sequence that in a month
    before you more the question will not arise: “How to put the child to sleep in
    his personal crib? ”
  4. If you have planned the birth of a second baby, then relocate
    in a separate crib senior will need to be before birth
    youngest Otherwise, changing the place of lodging may
    cause a storm of protests and bouts of jealousy
  5. It would be better to time the move in your own bed to
    any occasion: birthday, new year, round performance
    dates (for example, 2 years and 6 months).
  6. Let your baby also participate in choosing your own
    cots Take it with you to a furniture store. And if to his
    mom and dad will be considered, then this purchase will be even closer
    and getting used to sleep in it will be much easier.


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Now you know exactly how to teach a child to sleep.
in his crib. Надеемся, наши tips сохранят мир и лад в вашей

Video GUIDE: how to teach a child to sleep in a crib?

Real experience We look at three stories:

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