How to teach a child to ride a bike(three-wheeled and two-wheeled) – tips and tricks

Cycling is one of the favorite
entertainment for both barely learned to walk kids and for
older children. But first you need to teach the child to ride, and here
he cannot do without parental help and support. However, not all
adults know how to properly teach this skill, in which
age should do it and how to choose the perfect one for
your child’s bike. Read all about it in our

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  • 1 How is a bicycle useful?
    • 1.1 When to start learning?
    • 1.2 Driving Safety Rules
  • 2 Learning to ride a tricycle
  • 3 Mastering a two-wheeled bicycle
  • 4 VIDEOS: How to teach a child to ride a bike

Как учить ребенка ездить на велосипеде

What is useful bike?

Riding an iron horse not only gives children a lot of positive
emotions, but also develops strength, dexterity and endurance, as well as
strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs. While riding a bike
Internal organs are saturated with oxygen and their body improves.
blood supply.

Pediatricians are confident that cycling activities strengthen
the immune system and speed up the metabolism, so they recommend
riding a bike often ill kids and children more than

In addition, riding a two- or three-wheeled friend is
good prevention of child myopia, because the child will have
constantly peering into the distance. Also cycling
remarkably uplift the mood of children and charge them with wonderful
mood all day.

When to start learning?

So, the benefits of driving a bike are obvious, so don’t
tighten with the start of training. Only need to do this in stages,
moving from simple technology to more complex.

The first trip, however, on a tricycle can
to make at the age of one and a half. Many parents
for some reason, skeptical of this type of transport, but he
will help your child to master the simplest skills of riding –
turn the steering wheel and pedal.

The most important thing in the learning process is not to require
child of the impossible. Adult discontent can
cause your child to be insecure in their own abilities, fear of
bike and reluctance to train.

Driving Safely

шлем наколенники налокотники детские

The first training is not always easy and confident. Falls
abrasions, bruises and, as a result, tears are common for this process.
This is why parents need to take care of the nursery.
safety, regardless of which bike (two or
tricycle) will be trained.

  1. Baby must wear protective equipment. Purchase
    for him a helmet, special knee pads and elbow pads. Make sure
    that the helmet is not too big or small, but the chinstrap
    adjustable in size. Every time you do a workout,
    Wear protective equipment on your child.
  2. правила безопасности при езде на велосипеде

    Wear comfortable for such an important footwear, which
    should tightly clasp the legs, have a non-slip wide sole
    to provide a “clutch” with the pedals. Do not let go to
    barefoot or barefoot: if the foot suddenly jumps off, then the child
    can hurt fingers.
  3. The bike must meet the basic requirements: comfortable
    steering wheel and seat, ease of travel, maneuverability and high quality
    materials. He should not have protruding angles, which baby
    can be scratched, and plastic parts that it can break off
    and swallow.

Learning to ride a tricycle

учим кататься на трехколесном велосипеде

  1. The first step is the selection of a suitable bike. For this
    you need the baby to sit on it. If the child is released to the ground
    whole foot and can slightly bend your knees, it means that you are a bicycle
    picked up correctly.
  2. Show that if you carry a bicycle like a stroller, then
    he can ride. For greater certainty, sit on the seat
    Teddy bear. Let the child drive the toy himself.
    �”Rider”, turning the steering wheel in the process and learning features
    movement. And only then invite the baby to take his rightful
    place and start learning.
  3. If the area of ​​the apartment allows, open the first highway
    it is in her. Put the hands of the child on the steering wheel, and the small legs
    put on the pedals. Holding his hips, show movement.
    legs while riding. Now let him try himself, and you push him
    from behind. On a tricycle, a child learns a simple skill –
    Movement occurs when pedaling.
  4. At the next stage, you can already go for a walk. For them
    best fit stadium or schoolyard with flat
    surface and lack of other transport. Now baby
    attention is fully focused on the pedals, so the baby will
    go anywhere without picking directions.
  5. Conscious control pussy will take possession only after
    how to bring the ability to pedal to automatism. Although
    some parents first learn to own the wheel, and only then
    carry the baby’s attention to the pedals. There is not much difference, just
    both skills should be taught in stages, as both driving and driving
    at the same time the child is not yet can.
  6. Remember that your classes should not last more than half an hour. BUT
    if the baby is naughty, refuses to continue training, not
    insist. Postpone training until a better time.

Master the two-wheeled bicycle

So, it is time to move on to a more perfect look.
transport – a two-wheeled bicycle. Most often this happens in
four years.

учим кататься на двухколесном велосипеде

  1. Adjust the bicycle seat so that the preschooler sitting on
    he could reach his feet to the ground. When the child learns
    confidently hold in the saddle, it can again be raised to
    required height.
  2. Some adults use side wheels for
    safety net. However, in the opinion of many experienced parents, apply
    they are not worth it, because with them the child does not learn to keep balance.
    They are valid if the children have not previously trained on
  3. In the next step, turn the bike into a scooter by taking off on
    time one pedal with an iron horse. The child accelerates
    pushing off the ground with one foot and the other resting on the pedal. With
    In this he must still hold the steering wheel with both hands. So uncomplicated
    the way the kid improves the ability to maintain balance.
  4. Put the pedals back in place and try to ride the bike with
    your support. Do not keep the vehicle behind the wheel
    or seat. Just follow the kid, holding him
  5. Do not forget to teach the child to properly get off the bike.
    First, teach him to lean on himself, at the same time resting
    foot on the ground. Try the same exercise on the other hand.
    is great.
  6. Another mandatory item – the ability to slow down. Roll
    bike along with the baby and ask him to brake. Right
    let go of the transport and make sure that the child after braking
    lowered his foot to the ground.

Learning to ride a bike should be positive and
rewarding experience for your little one. Therefore, do not delay
buying an iron horse for later. Perhaps genuine interest and
the delight of the child will infect all households, and soon mom and dad
also become avid cyclists.

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tricycle wheelchairs for children

VIDEO: How to teach a child to ride a bike

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