How to teach a child to eat with a spoon – 10 easytips

The skill of using a spoon in the process of eating is the very first skill
self-service, which will meet the baby.
Parents turn to spoon feeding the baby when
Begin to enter the first complementary food porridge or mashed potatoes.
In most cases, this occurs in 4.5-6 months. AT этом возрасте
Children can not eat on their own with a spoon. And if
hold this cutlery correctly then feed yourself to them
does not work. Therefore, parents will have to be patient and
peace of mind until their baby learns to use the spoon. Our
tips and advice will help moms and dads quickly and without problems
to teach your kids to the spoon.

Как научить ребенка есть ложкой

10 tips как научить ребенка кушать ложкой

  1. To feed the baby you need to choose the “right”
    spoon: it should be shallow, rubberized,
    On the shelves of children’s supermarkets can be without
    labor find similar cutlery. And sales assistants
    tell you which model is better to choose according to age
  2. Do not let the kid play with a spoon, but do not miss
    opportunities at every feeding to offer him her
    to hold
    The child must learn clearly
    cause-effect relationship “spoon-food”.
  3. Show by example how to properly
    handle this cutlery.
    Sure to
    проговорите название предмета («Это ложка») и его
    предназначение («Ей кушают кашу, пюре, супчик»).
  4. AT первое время ребёнок должен освоить умение правильно
    and confidently hold a spoon in your hand.
    Peanut will knock
    spoon on the table, push it in the mouth, but do not use
    intended purpose. This is normal. Let the baby get to know each other
    with this cutlery.
  5. Only after that you can offer him a try.
    захватывать ложкой кашу или пюре
    (такое действие удаётся,
    usually in 8-9 months).
  6. The first treatment of children with a spoon is always
    Baby can scatter half the contents
    get dirty, carry it by the mouth. Do not scold him for
  7. The best thing mom can do when learning
    child to use a spoon – be tolerant of his small
    failures and enjoy the first success.
    Help your baby in
    this difficult task for him, gently direct his pen to
    each stage – from scooping up porridge to its departure into the mouth.
    The child should feel your help and support. And this
    interaction with the mother will be for him not only useful, but also
    very enjoyable.
  8. If the baby has learned to grab porridge with a spoon and
    send it to your mouth, no need to rush it.
    Give crumbs
    time. Sometimes an independent meal can be delayed.
    Be patient! And soon the baby’s uncertain movements will become
    neat and accurate.
  9. Remember that for a child using a spoon is a process
    requiring concentration, effort, coordination of movements.

    Therefore, such a thing can quickly bore him. Let’s go babe
    time to rest (at this moment you can offer him a drink or
    wipe the stained cheeks).
  10. Eat with your child more often.
    Put him in a highchair, put a plate in front of him
    porridge, equip the child with cutlery, and arrange yourself nearby.
    The child, seeing your manipulations, will imitate them. Besides he
    will know – mom does the same! Psychologists believe
    that the visibility of action not only contributes to the rapid development
    skill, but also gives the child a sense of trust.

Do not forget that before the baby learns carefully
use a spoon, it will take more than one month. For him, this new and
Complicated skill means much more than simple self-service.
This is a new stage in its development!


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