How to teach a child to drink from a mugyourself: step by step tips and tricks

All young mothers, without exception, face the expected
a problem when trying to wean a child from drinking from a bottle and
go already to the circles. The child does not want to part with it.
ATажно знать, как правильно подойти к обучению и как правильно
научить ребенка пить из кружки самостоятельно, и сделать это
learning the most enjoyable and “painless” for your

учим малыша пить из куржки

Когда можно начинать обучение

Starting to teach a kid to drink from a cup is better right away when you
wean him off his chest. Так, уже в 7—8 месяцев можно
приучить ребенка пить из кружки

It is necessary to choose a beautiful, light and unbreakable
mug, but it is better that the child chooses it himself.

As a transitional tool, you can use a special
drinking cup. It is convenient when it is time for a child to wean off
bottles, but he had not learned to drink from a mug yet. Tighten with
drinking cup is not desirable. As soon as the child learns from
drink it, you need to proceed to learning to drink from a regular mug. Than
the earlier the child begins to learn, the sooner it will start
work out.

Where to start school

специальная кружка поильник для новорожденных


Когда вы уже выбрали подходящую чашку (кружку), которая
I liked the child, you can try to give him some water. Can
pour one or two sips and bring it to his mouth. Tilt and give it
take a sip. Be sure to do this when the child is in
in a great mood so that he doesn’t have it later
negative memories at the sight of a cup.

Do not be angry yourself if the baby does not succeed. At first
it is enough for him to understand what the mug is for. To his wish
consider a new subject for him, touch and play, it is not necessary

Remember that a child at this age understands well when you
praise him, and when you scold him.

  1. It’s okay if he spills water. Try again later
  2. Give him what he likes most to drink (juice, compote,
    jelly …).
  3. Can предлагать ему пить, когда он в ванной. For him this
    comfortable atmosphere and there is no danger that he will spill a drink on
  4. Give him a break while drinking, and if he doesn’t open
    mouth, then never try to pour liquid forcibly.

Say goodbye to the bottle forever

Hide the bottle and he will soon forget about it.

When he is thirsty, bring him a mug and let him know that
he will drink now only in this way. If the desire to drink from
the bottle gets hysterical and you can’t calm him down
go to trick:

Pour into a bottle the drink that he does not like, but in a cup
most favorite juice. In this case, he is likely to prefer
a cup.

If it works, then no longer show the bottle to the baby. is he
должен усвоить, что из чашки пить вкуснее, и альтернативы
no more. Bottle drinking at first can only be given
before bedtime.

Learn consistently

The kid can drink a cup from the cup, start to act up.
Can немного подождать и снова дать ему take a sip. Can дать
he drank from the spoon, but in no way return to
feeding through the nipple. Otherwise, all the studies will have to start over.
The child will not get used to drink immediately, it takes time. But teaching him
consistently, you will very quickly achieve positive


Other ways to teach a child to mugs

приучить пить из чашки

Есть и другие способы, как приучить пить из
кружки малыша.

  • If he does not want to pick up the cup, then take it yourself.
    Show that it is convenient for you to drink from it.
  • Drink his toys – a doll or a teddy bear.
  • When the child reaches for a bright, interesting circle, give him,
    holding and giving him a sip. See that he is not
    choked. You need to start with a small amount of drink
    gradually increasing it.

To cope with the reluctance of your child to refuse
Bottles can try another
Сначала начать поить его из ложки. AT
spoon is just one sip of liquid. When the baby learns
swallow several times in a row, you can go to the cup. If baby
can’t close the lips around the edge of the cup and the drink spills,
help him and slightly squeeze lips with fingers.

Do not worry

The child learns to drink from the mug :)

Remember that each child is individual. One can flatly
abandon the mug, and the other himself, following the example of his parents, begins
reach for the cup. If you are told that the child has long been
пора приучить пить из чашки, а вы все делаете неправильно, не
pay attention.

The fact that your baby is not ready to drink from a mug should not be
something unusual. Each child has its own characteristics in
development. No need to even worry and worry. Very soon he with
your help will learn.

Do not forget to praise him for his success. Patiently train and
show how to drink. Talk to the child and praise even
failures. The process of withdrawing from the bottle should be left in the memory
child only positive emotions.

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