How to teach a child to breast afterbottles

Face the protest of a newborn while trying
breastfeed him? Do not rush to apply alternative methods.
feeding Finding out the reason for the failure and following a number of useful
recommendations, you can teach your child to maternal

как приучить ребенка к грудному вскармливанию после bottles

Practically any future mother is sure that she will feed her
baby breastfeed. And it is not surprising, because breast milk is very
has a beneficial effect on the growing body, as well as significantly
saves the family budget. However, contrary to the expectations of parents,
some newborns do not want to take the breast. They turn away
bend, begin to whimper or cry. But do not be discouraged
раньше времени, ведь грудничка можно приучить к chest

Why the newborn refuses to take the breast

Не стоит торопиться прибегать к иным способам feeding
First you need to figure out what caused this behavior of the baby.
The reason for the failure of the child to breastfeed may
serve a variety of factors:

  • неправильное прикладывание (см как правильно прикладывать
    ребенка к груди
  • poor health of the baby (malaise, increased
    body temperature, stuffy nose, teething, etc.);
  • colic in baby tummy;
  • lack of strength to breastfeed (premature or weak
  • addictive to bottle;
  • features of the chest, for example, too drawn in,
    small or big nipple, because of what little it’s hard to take it in
  • unpleasant taste of milk that has changed due to the onset
    менструации или питания мамы определенными продуктами (см что
    можно и нельзя кушать в период ГAT
  • a baby’s discomfort, which can be stuffy,
    cold, cramped, etc .;
  • strong odor from the mother’s body caused by perfume or
    deodorant, so that the child does not feel native
  • Mom’s subconscious fears, for example, the fear of possible
    pain from feeding;
  • distractions.

As you can see, the reasons for the rejection of the child from the infant
feeding abound. Therefore, your task is as soon as possible.
understand why the baby stubbornly does not want to eat the most ideal for
him food. In this matter can help your loved ones.
Perhaps a side look at your daily communication with him.
will help to understand that he is not satisfied.

How to teach a baby to suck

Do not panic and remember that any baby sooner or later
the sucking reflex should develop. After all, he laid the most
by nature. If you understand the root of the problem, it will be solved
much easier. In any case, to revive the love of your child to
breastfeeding is possible by applying the following techniques:

1. If possible, do not offer a newborn bottle.
and dummy.

Of course, a more convenient means for finishing with a mixture or
expressed milk than a bottle, it is difficult to come up with. But at the cost of
convenience, it may be the child’s rejection of the breast
it is wiser to use a spoon or syringe without needles. If you already
use a dummy, then for a successful process
normalization of breastfeeding is better to do without it.
Gradually accustom the crumb to other methods of sedation. For example,
You can shake it on your hands or on a fitball (large ball). And when
he will calm down, offer a breast. (см статью как отучить ребенка
от пустышки

2. Be soft but persistent

Offer a newborn a breast for any reason – when it
crying, expressing discontent, or behaving restlessly. Do
it is any daytime and night when he tosses and turns in his sleep
(см статью о плюсах ночных кормлений). But in no case
do not be irritated and do not force the baby to take the breast by force! After all
from the mother should come only all the most bright and joyful. AT
this period, your best “helpers” should be soft and

3. Spend all your free time.

Round-the-clock chat with mom is one of the most effective
ways to teach your baby to suck. ATажно, чтобы он привык к
joint sleep, close contact with the most dear to him
man remembered my mother’s voice and smell. ATсе это пробудит в нем
trust, will make it clear that from the mother’s breast, as well as from
mom, comes calm and safety. AT период приучения к груди
It is advisable to limit contact with the rest of the family and
by strangers.

4. Create conditions

Do everything to make your son or daughter comfortable and
convenient to eat my mother’s milk. Try all sorts of poses
feed sitting, lying on your side, standing, try to hold the baby on
knees and hands, it is also possible, having laid it on a pillow, to sit down sideways
(вот тут подробно о различных позах для кормления).
Eliminate all distracting and loud sounds. If the nipples of your breasts
too small, use special overlays for
breastfeeding. And before you offer a breast, squeeze out
her a drop of milk so that the baby could appreciate his taste.

If the listed methods do not help to establish breast
feeding, talk with the pediatrician. The doctor will check for possible
causes of anatomical nature and physiological failure factors
from the chest. You can also contact a chest consultant.
feeding. So you get expert help of this

What if a newborn is used to eating from

We all understand how important it is immediately after the birth of the crumbs.
attach it to your chest. However, there are many reasons why
the baby is temporarily bottle fed. For example, when mom
suffered severe childbirth and cannot feed when she gets sick or
forced to leave the child for several days. In such
situations often children do not want to suck anymore. And all because
�It is much easier to get milk from a bottle.

But the desire of the baby to eat from her mother’s breast can be returned. The most
most importantly, remove the bottle away. Do the same with the nipples and
soothers. Feed him with a syringe without a needle, calyx,
beakers or a small spoon. Do not worry if the child does not
wants to learn a new feeding method right away, because it can
leave a few days.

Offer breasts as often as possible. This is best done when
the newborn is still not fully awake or just falling asleep.
Gently insert the nipple into his mouth. Maybe first baby
will just keep your chest in your mouth. But it is a big step towards
the resumption of breastfeeding after the bottle. When he
will understand that you need to suck the breast, you can slowly reduce the frequency
and the duration of feeding from aids.

Important! How to wean a child from the bottle

Remember that no other food can fully replace
your breast milk. Teaching your baby to the chest
feeding, do not doubt your actions. Act
firmly, confidently and with love. You see, the baby will appreciate your
efforts, and soon you will pull the baby to him, with
appetite sucking milk from the breast.

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