How to teach a child to be attentive

Have you noticed a certain coincidence: when a child needs to be engaged
or do homework, he immediately wants to eat, drink, lie?
The child is just looking for a reason to avoid boring and difficult cases. The reason
this is served by poor concentration of attention, the child is difficult
focus on one important thing. Not even an adult
too easy to gather strength into a fist and patiently finish the work that
Needless to say about a small child! Around so much fun: the street,
friends, TV – what are the lessons? In such cases, the child without
special exercises can not do.


To train attention, you should follow a few simple ones.

1. Save the pose. Kids are very active and
movable, sitting at the table quickly tires them. To help
child to maintain perseverance, play with him in the game:

  • Monument – in this game you need to portray a famous person and
    stand still. Mom will guess the hero. Child’s task is not
    move and not blink, otherwise lose;
  • The sea is worried – a familiar game to many, we say these words:
    �”The sea is worried once, the sea is worried two, the sea is worried three,
    freeze the sea figure! ”After the word“ Freeze, ”the child must accept
    pose of a figure or object. Mom should guess who is portraying

2. Сбрасываем напряжение. For good
child’s attention should learn to relax. AT
this will help him small exercises:

  • Take a deep breath and exhale 6 times;
  • Stretch, stretching arms and legs;
  • Massage the nose, temples, rub your palms.

3. Shut up. There is one more thing that prevents
to concentrate the child is the outside talk. Somewhere ask
not in the case, begins to “oykat”, voice remarks from cartoons,
unwittingly moving away from the essence of their work. Get rid of this habit
You can play games:

  • We are silent – we teach the child to remain silent for a long time, we tell the child such
    words: “chok-chok, teeth on a hook, who utters a word, to that click!”
    and be silent with the child. Who is the first to say the word, that
  • Crocodile – using facial expressions and gestures to portray
    animals. ATторой участник будет отгадывать. The one who guessed more –

4. Fix the view. To be able to
to concentrate children’s attention, you need to learn a long time
keep an object in sight. For this fit the following

  • Darts – throw darts at the target, you can for safety
    use Velcro balls;
  • Shooting at the target in the dash;
  • Serso – throwing rings on sticks;
  • ATышивание – для девочек;
  • ATыжигание – для мальчиков.

5. Switch attention. What would a child be long
not distracted and quickly joined the work, he needs to learn
switch your attention. AT этом ему помогут игры с условными

  • Clapping – hearing one clap, the child must raise his arms, two
    cotton –– sit three;
  • Confusion – you need to show the child body parts and call them not
    correctly, the task of the child to quickly identify the correct name,
    for example: touch your chin and say ear, baby
    should fix you quickly, then touch your mouth and say
    «глаз» и т. д. AT процессе игры ускоряете темп, только сами не
    get confused.

6. Memory training. Teach your child to memorize
place, things. To do this, play the game “Put in place.”
Arrange the objects, let the child remember them and the place where they are
are lying. Then let the child leave the room at this point.
Swap items. The task of the child is to arrange everything in their

If after training the child can hardly concentrate, then
pay attention to his health. Some cases may
indicate hyperactivity or deficiency syndrome
attention. ATсе это не стоит оставлять без внимания, обязательно
consult with a specialist.

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