How to teach a child not to be afraid to passblood

Почему дети боятся сдавать blood и что может влиять на их страхи?
Causes of fear in children of different ages, how can you help
the child to overcome the fear of donating blood – the main
psychological tricks.

From birth, every child must have blood tests.
and many kids react to it with a cry and cry, because of what
begins to worry and mom. But for what reason are children so afraid
this procedure? Let’s try to understand the reasons for the fear of the child and
what can be done in this situation so that the baby is no longer afraid
сдавать blood.

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  • 1 Почему дети боятся сдавать blood
    • 1.1 Causes of fear in children of different ages
  • 2 How to help a child fight its fear
    • 2.1 Tips moms from the forums
  • 3 Union of Pediatricians of Russia. The procedure for blood sampling. How not to be afraid
    medical procedures? Tips for parents


Почему дети боятся сдавать blood

Already at 6 months, children form a definite reaction to
doctors and nurses in white coats, especially if they already did
vaccinations. Growing up, the kid from the conversation of adults understands that he
предстоит поставить прививку или сдать blood на анализ.

Typically, fear is very pronounced in those years when children
begin to realize and understand everything around.

The main reason for fear is the pain that the baby experiences.
moment of injection. In addition, fear can be affected by:

  • Cold hands of a doctor;
  • Metal instruments and their sound;
  • Crying and screaming other kids from the office;
  • Long wait your turn in the stuffy corridors

What else can affect the formation of fear
blood donation?

  1. A child may have a fear of giving blood to
    analysis if an aunt in a white coat once hurt him. Pain,
    which he experienced once, the child remembers for a long time, the negative
    his attitude is also in relation to his aunt in a white robe,
    which did the injection. That is why the baby immediately begins to cry.
    при следующем посещении hospitals.
  2. Sometimes fear is formed through the fault of parents – when a child
    stops obeying, then they start bullying him: “the doctor will come and
    give you a shot. ” In children’s clinics this is often possible
    to hear and this is a common mistake of young moms.
  3. Often parents themselves experience the fear that is passed on to them.
    damn. BUT когда родители или врачи начинают отчитывать малыша за
    hysterical behavior in the office, they only complicate the situation,
    because of what fear can take root in a child for many years.

ребенок боится сдавать blood

Causes of fear in children of different ages

If an infant quickly forgets an unpleasant injection,
then older children, as well as preschoolers for a long time will be
remember him, it is at this age that they are actively developing
imagination and emotions.

Kids of early and preschool age are supersensitive and
vulnerable, so a child may experience fear even after a small
pressure on the hand or raise your voice.

Blood donation from a vein also causes fear in older children. Many
schoolchildren, even if they are already 10 years old, are also panicky
боятся сдавать blood и связано такое состояние может быть с разными

It happens that fear remains from early childhood, or maybe they
afraid of blood. If the problem is not solved, then such fear will remain on
all life.

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in an infant

Девочка боится сдавать blood из пальца :)

How to help the child in the fight against his fear

First, you can play with the child at home in the doctor, for this
use the characters of his favorite cartoon. Explain that his
любимые герои часто сдают blood и не боятся при
by this. Play a play with a child, and, to make an injection,
think of a mosquito that will fly in and not painfully bite for
little finger Or, for example, the baby may be a doctor, and you –
by the patient. Try to convince the child that going to the hospital is
also a kind of game in which he is the main character, and after
Test awaits his reward.

Then tell us why injections are necessary.

Never! Do not bully your baby with a hospital
vaccinations and aunts in white coats.

At the moment of the injection distract the baby. If it’s a baby
infancy, you can distract him with a rattle, and the injection site
anoint with anesthetic. Allow older children
watch a cartoon on the phone (tablet) or distract
interesting toy.


Additional recommendations for parents:

  • Never lie to a child, better tell in advance that now
    he will be given a little stick, tell me how it will be done.
    Explain that the pain will be like being bitten by a mosquito or nettle;
  • Hold a baby by the pen during blood collection and praise
  • Tell your child more often about his friends or relatives,
    who are not afraid of injections, and how it helped their health;
  • Some children are helped by play therapy. Ask baby
    portray your fear in the picture. Also, the child can be offered
    inflate the ball, imagine that it is fear, then blow it off and convince
    that there is no fear now.

Methods of psychological preparation of the child before passing

  1. Be absolutely calm and be sure to distract the child
    waiting period of the procedure.
  2. Try to be as far from procedural as possible.
    cabinet Everything that you and the child can hear from it, more
    will remind scenes from the movie “Saw”. Hysterical children and
    parents who are pale with horror level earlier
    psychological preparation.
  3. Regardless of the age of the child during the procedure, always
    stay near him (always go into the office with
    child), it will be a good emotional support.
  4. Keep babies and young children in your arms, so they
    will feel your support, warmth and protection.
  5. If the child is of school age, explain to him how to take
    blood for analysis and discuss with him this question. It happens that
    children at this age, on the contrary, the presence of parents provokes
    on tears and protest. So rely on the peculiarities of the psyche
    your child.
  6. Going into the office, do not take the child immediately to the procedure, give
    he look around and get used to the situation.
  7. It is advisable not to give the child a look at the procedure of the fence.
    blood distract him.
  8. You can send a dad with a child. Many moms note the fact that
    with dad children are less capricious and afraid.

Do not yell at the baby. Do not try to force
to seat him or use force in some other way (this is very
negatively affect his psyche and the next time any of your
tricks will be in vain).

If the above techniques do not help you, then you can
use blood collection services at home or in private
the clinic. A more humane and attentive attitude always helps
fight with fears.

After passing the analysis, be sure to praise the child and give him
present. Tell me how much you love him and how proud you are of him.
courage. Some parents agree in advance with the baby about
what gift he wants to get after he passes

Letting procedure easier for you

A set of “Mosquito” and automatic scarifiers essential
reduce pain during blood donation. You can buy them at the pharmacy
or order online.

набор комарик

Private clinic. In it you are guaranteed tactful treatment and
care. Often, the very atmosphere of the municipal hospitals sets
negative mood. Even an adult feels there
uncomfortable, what can we say about the child.

Tips moms from the forums

Katty: Ни уговоры, ни угрозы, ни подарки
nothing helps I consulted a child psychologist
gave a definite answer – only a consultation with a psychologist, and what
the sooner the better.

VikkoTorio: BUT вообще попробуйте купить в
pharmacy special superthin needles, which painlessly prick.
Much has been written about them on the Internet. It is possible with your needle straight to
the nurse to come. I have not tried, but many of my friends say
that they didn’t feel anything at all, saying there was a microdot. Can
He will see that he has been naughty and will not be afraid. I
I think the point here is in the puncture soreness. I тоже орала, пока
my finger was pierced, and as soon as the job was done, I fell silent
and push for at least half a day)

alena­84: Моей дочке 3 года было когда я
explained to her – “now we are going to take an analysis. We will come to my aunt,
she will do RAAAZ and that’s it!) it will only hurt a little bit, quickly,
RAAZ and everything, you have a big girl, it was just crying. BUT
you are not, yes? You’re doing great! ”And it helped) My daughter whimpered when
I saw “Needle” and then 1 minute cry and calmed down right there
office, while her blood was collected in the tubes. Now we go with
proud that we did not cry)

Anik: Смотря какой ребёнок.Мой старший
just panicked by doctors, pain, type of blood. It was impossible
to persuade to go on the analysis. He was promised all the most unthinkable
things, but he is not and everything. So we just kept him trite
three of us. There was no other way out. The nurse swore at us that such
child, but what to do … But the younger one is absolutely fearlessly going
all tests and teeth tear.

Shipo­3: Мы вместе blood сдавали с
As a child, of course, it was paid. She herself chooses who first
blood donation. See that I’m not afraid. In the paid office to the same
there are no other children bustling, hustle and bustle. Yes, and take blood
less painful (they had a slightly different needle and they tried and
finger does not press up to bruise). After analysis, give stickers and a diploma “for

mdm3: Мы пользуемся Набором комарик для
painless blood donation. It costs 150R (four times) sold in
pharmacies or via the Internet. And we do not cry and the nurse is pleased.
You can use a pen with diabetic needles, but it’s not very
suitable for general analysis, there is too little blood going and
much more expensive.

Video: Mom prepares baby before surrender

Attention! If before the procedure baby
makes a strong tantrum, and at the same time the skin becomes pale, and
he himself trembles and sluggish, there is nausea, then it is necessary to ask for
advice to a child psychologist.

I hope, by applying these simple tips to practice, your family
will save a lot of nerves and energy, and testing will not be for a child
present execution, turning, albeit not pleasant, but
quite portable procedure.

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Union of Pediatricians of Russia. The procedure for blood sampling. How not to be afraid
medical procedures? Tips for parents

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