How to take blood from a vein for analysis from the chestbaby

After the birth of the baby to assess the state of his health in the first
same day of life blood tests are taken. And this procedure will be
repeat systematically, according to the schedule 1-3-6-9 months and
unscheduled cases. Blood tends to change its composition when
various diseases, it is very informative, so do not
fear or neglect the doctor’s instructions for taking tests.
Blood sampling is performed for different purposes in different parts of the body. AT
данной статье мы поговорим, как у грудничка берут кровь из
veins. как у грудничка берут кровь из вены

Why take blood from a vein in babies

Consider the most frequent problems that are analyzed with
помощью крови, взятой из вены baby.

1. Allergy

If the baby’s skin is prone to rashes, cheeks are constantly
rough, red, if there is a tendency to asthma or
atopic dermatitis, an allergist will likely guide you
for blood tests to identify allergens. Usually check the blood for
high sensitivity of a large number of allergens at once
(up to 100 varieties), the list depends on the individual
case study. It is also necessary that the laboratory has
opportunities to conduct such a procedure, because in some
honey. laboratories test sensitivity for only a few
allergens. ATнимательно отнеситесь к выбору клиники для сдачи

2. Biochemical blood test

If the baby was prescribed this analysis, then there are serious
grounds. Biochemical blood test is done when
there are suspected violations of the body. For example,
the analysis will help to identify existing hepatitis, complicated work
liver, diabetes, or dangerous infections.

3. Serological blood test

The analysis helps to identify diseases such as herpes, mumps,
measles, rubella, toxoplasmosis. At the end of the analysis will be assigned
therapy and treatment, or the removal of pre-established

4. Blood test for sugar

Если врач выразил подозрение, что у baby есть признаки
diabetes, or malfunction of the pancreas,
endocrine system or even signs of epilepsy, then the infant will be
assigned a blood test from a vein to determine the level of
blood glucose.

5. Determination of blood type

This analysis of children is carried out only in emergency cases when
surgery and blood transfusion required.

How is blood taken from a vein in a baby?

как у грудничка берут кровь из вены

First of all, a blood test from a vein is performed on an empty stomach.
Therefore, it is worth recording on it early in the morning, so that after
a child could eat. With newborns and babies observe
This rule is very difficult. But if you require an exact result,
for example, when measuring glucose levels, it is worth seriously discussing
this moment with a pediatrician and find the optimal solution.

As in infants, blood is taken from a vein, namely, from where
(from which veins):

  • Elbow bend

The most common place to take blood from a vein in babies.
The procedure is the same as for adults: the hand is overtightened
with a tourniquet, the injection site is smeared with alcohol, puncture is performed
veins, then blood collection in a test tube, removal of a tourniquet, extraction of a needle and
Applying cotton wool with alcohol.

This blood collection site is not suitable for newborns and infants.
children up to 3-4 months of age, as the child is too small and
grope the veins is not possible.

  • ATены предплечья.
  • Back of the palm.
  • ATены на голове/лбу, икры ног.

These blood collection sites are used if
all other parts of the baby’s body it’s impossible to accurately find a vein for
blood sampling.

Tips for taking blood from a vein

To the process was not so exciting, it is desirable to pass
analysis in a proven clinic with a qualified experienced

If you are asked to leave at the time of blood collection – refer to
this with understanding. Excess nervousness to nothing, and in a couple of minutes
your absence, nothing terrible will happen. If the medical staff
practicing taking blood without the presence of parents, then it
proven and productive method, be sure that everything goes

Для отвлекания/развлечения baby возьмите с собой любимую
rattle. Or let it be new, to interest the baby
and help him quickly forget the unpleasant process.

After the procedure, give the child good positive emotions –
hug and kiss, engage with him what he loves – collect
pyramid, read a book, look favorite cartoon, not to
no negative left.

ATзятие крови из вены — процесс тревожный, как для мамы, так и
for the baby. Soreness will cause some discomfort
baby, but within a few minutes they will disappear without a trace. Not
create panic, be sure of the need for what is happening,
then your child, looking at you, will be calmer.
Be healthy!

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How do we take blood from young children? Notзаметно!!!

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