How to swaddle a newbornbaby

Virtually every new mother, especially if
родился первенец, задается вопросом — как правильно пеленать
новорожденного baby. This simple case should teach
the nurse is still in the maternity hospital. But if that did not happen, or
knowledge is a little forgotten, this article is for you. (At the end of the article
selection of video instructions)

как правильно пеленать новорожденного baby

Прежде чем приступить к пеленанию (см статью ЗА и ПРОТИВ
), вы должны убедиться, что используете чистые,
washed and ironed diapers. Some unscrupulous mothers
continue to use the diaper after the baby is on it
urinated Do not do this! Such
irresponsible attitude to the child threatens to appear with him
dermatitis and diaper rash that cause the baby suffering and
considerable discomfort.

Гладить пеленку нужно с обеих сторон. Ok if you have
there is a steamer – you will save time, and the diaper will be soft,
pleasant to touch the baby. If there is no steamer, then
when ironing with a regular iron, spray the diaper with water so that it does not
become over dried and tough.

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как пеленать новорожденного

Пеленать baby можно там, где вам удобно — на пеленальном
table, on the couch, bed.

Помните — ни в коем случае не оставляйте baby на
the changing table alone, even for a minute – it can turn,
fall from a height and hurt yourself something. Be carefull. If a
You urgently need to move to another room, do not be lazy to put
baby in the crib.

Итак, как пеленать новорожденного baby.


First of all, make sure the baby is clean, if necessary.
подмойте малыша и оденьте на него чистый подгузник. If a вы не
using disposable diapers, you can make diapers out of
марли, и подкладывать их под попку baby. In this case, the diaper
will be more often polluted, so get them in advance
the number of not less than 20 pieces.

If a холодное время года, и в помещении прохладно — готовьте для
swaddling immediately two diapers.

как пеленать новорожденного baby


We start the swaddling itself. Spread the diaper on
surface of the changing table or bed. Baby neat
put in the center of the diaper, baby’s head should be above the edge
diapers. Press the right hand of the baby to the calf, wrap the right
Angle diaper diagonally. The edge of the diaper should go behind the back of the baby.
Then we press the left handle, similarly we turn the left edge
diapers. We have a tail left below. Edges also take turns
tuck under the baby and fix in the resulting side
pocket. Everything!

If a холодно, то малыша, завернутого в одну пеленку, по
the principle described above, wrap the second diaper, the difference will be
только в том, что ручки baby уже спрятаны и их не надо
press down

В жаркое время года baby можно пеленать с открытыми ручками,
free swaddling method. В этом случае ручки baby должны
to be above the edge of the diaper, and the wrapping of the edges occurs along
the same principle as the simple swaddling.

The baby wrapped in a diaper should feel comfortable.
If a он явно недоволен, и даже при ношении на руках вы не можете
to calm him down, check whether the folds on the diaper do not prevent him
too closely you swaddled him.

Приноровиться пеленать baby можно за пару раз тренировок,
then the process will turn out on your “machine”. The main thing is to be
confident in their abilities, and success will not take long!

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