How to survive a divorce with two children: 7 optionsfor Mom

Children suffer the most from divorce. They lose not only
father, but also get the mother in severe psychological condition,
lost support in life. You must be strong.

Children will love their father for the rest of their lives, just like a father will
love your children. Just accept it. After litigation children
will stay with you and bring them to you. Sunday Dad
will not replace the children of full-fledged male education, which is so
necessary for the development of the child and the formation of his personality. BUT
can only cause unnecessary frustration and disturb you
move on.

Divorce – a step very difficult. Harder than it is only a struggle with thoughts, with
which you will stay after the divorce. They will live in your head
for a very long time, holding down the mind and paralyzing the will. Extra self-digging is not
need, just don’t let them win. How to do it? 7 easy


Do not feel guilty, even if you filed for divorce

Divorce – the end of the family. But who is the real culprit in the breakup of the family?
If you file for a divorce – it does not mean that you –
culprit collapse.
Behind the facade of fake well-being
a terrible fact may be hiding – the family is breathing its last. Maybe need
just act on the formula of “push nudge”? Families not
break up suddenly. Someone works a lot, and someone constantly
lying on the couch. Someone loyal, and someone goes to the left.
Someone is raising children, and someone is moving away from their
duties. Who needs such a marriage? Even if everything was fine, but
you fell in love with someone and filed for divorce – what now, before
end of life repent of his sin? Filed for divorce – be patient.
BUT еще лучше просто выброси самоуничижительные мысли из головы и
take care of yourself.

Are you friends? Thank you but no

Many couples after a divorce are trying to maintain a good relationship.
They are trying to get into each other’s position, thinking that everyone is
will be better. But you know what? To hell with it all. If You Didn’t Have
common children – it’s okay, you can be friends, go for a walk, go to the cinema. But
you are first a mother, and only then a friend, comrade and
. Remember this. This is today he plays with children
asks you about their success at school and jokes jokes. BUT завтра
you divorce, the first month or two he will be still kind to the children
and then the period will come “oh, I can’t do it today, come on
in a week “,” oh, and let you bring them to me yourself “and so
Further. You can go to court. You can score. Each method has its own
advantages and disadvantages.

By the way, your ex-husband sooner or will have a new passion. AND
he will start wasting his money and time on her. Although he once all
same acquaint children with her. How to react to you? Don’t think about
by this. Will call you – answer, be friendly, do not be rude. But
no need to try to find contacts with her, doubtful
dating to anything.

That is none of your business

You are now not one. You used to listen to all his long
stories about his plans, concerns and hobbies. But теперь все
has changed. You don’t need this anymore. No, of course, you can a couple of times
a month to call and chat a little. If you have any
common hobbies – you can also keep in touch. But будет каждый
write messages on social networks about any nonsense – boldly bring
into a black list. Ask why? BUT не почему, просто так.
This is not his business. You are no longer on the way, your tracks
broke up.
He now has his own way, and you have his own.
Remind him of this more often.

Children do not need to know about the reasons for divorce



Believe me, your children don’t need to know this. Sure kids early
or later they ask, where is dad? You must answer that dad
More will not live with you. In your answer, focus on
consequences of absent father. �”From school I will now meet you
I “,” Ask me for ice cream “,” For the bike we go to
next weekend. Ну и так Further.

If the father said he would visit me today at 8, and
говори детям — ПBUTПBUT СКBUTЗBUTЛ, что сегодня в 8 к нам
will come. Do you understand, yes? Never say “he will come”, “he
will do “,” he will buy. ” Говорите «ОН СКBUTЗBUTЛ, что
придет», «ОН СКBUTЗBUTЛ, что сделает», «ОН
, что купит». Why is it important? Fathers often give
promises, but not always keep them. BUT кому отдуваться потом?
You, my dear, only you. If he promised something to a child and
not done, dial his number and give the child. Let him
explains why he could not. The main thing is not to overreact.
Do not blow the children with the father, it will only be worse

Do you need help

After a divorce, depression always comes. It is understandable. Earlier
he brought the money home, and you spent it on the needs of the family. Now
it will not happen. If your former decent person – will you
alimony. But деньги могут испортить даже самого хорошего человека.
Earlier у тебя была опора и поддержка. Now ее нет. Extra tantrums
It is not necessary, but to call and ponyt friends is not a weakness.

BUT лучше даже не звонить и плакаться в телефон. It is better to call for
yourself old friends or go where. Why do you need friends? AND не
забывай — сложно только первые несколько месяцев,
then life either gets better or goes completely to the cat under
tail. If you switch to new friends – the likelihood
go through the first track markedly increased.

If you turned onto the second track, run to a psychologist. Afraid of them
not necessary. It would be better to even find a shrinkage of oneself more terrible. Let be
he will rummage in your head, find the source of the problem and throw up his
with root. Do not save money. No need to go to fortunetellers,
psychics and other charlatans. Your exit – a psychologist with a good

Дети нуждаются в you. Set a good example for them


Spend your free time on children. Kids look hearty and
do not complain? Heh, you only think so. Even if they have long been
not children, it’s hard for them anyway. Yesterday they had Dad and Mom – a
now Mom and Somewhere-There-Dad. So change your life,
prove to your children that you are still hoo hoo, you can please and

  • prepare some new dish or cocktails;
  • tidy up the house, open the curtains, don’t turn your house into a cloister
    the vampire;
  • go to the theater with them for a light fun show;
  • parks, museums, exhibitions – the best friends of you and your children;
  • more often turn on fun driving music;
  • do not sleep on weekends before dinner, get up early and take care
  • stray a few extra thousand? make home repairs!

Do not wait for someone to come and change the life of you and your children.
Do it yourself!

Kids are your best friends

To be strict and fair to their children, to decide their fate,
to teach their lives – everyone knows how. BUT ты валяй с ними дурака, гуляй,
give them gifts. Your children are your best friends.
They are not things, not objects, they also want something, think about something,
dreaming. Maybe it’s time to find out what’s in their head?


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