How to strengthen the immune system of an adult, increasesimple ways

Update: March 2019

We all heard that strong immunity is necessary to protect against
infections and diseases. Also, a strong immune response decreases
oncology risks. And how in practice at home to strengthen
immune defense?

Simple steps

Strengthen the immune system of folk remedies can be. For this you need
follow simple rules.

  • Eat fully. Protein deficiency does not give cells immune
    systems form in the proper amounts, disrupts the exchange of hormones,
    regulatory, including immunity. Excess sugar makes us
    vulnerable to infections. Fat imbalance triggers inflammatory
    reaction, playing against the immune system, and reduces vitamin levels
  • Vitamin D deficiency affects the level of
    immunity. Similarly, iron and iodine deficiency work. Watch out for
    their content in their diet.
  • Avoid taking synthetic vitamin complexes,
    try to enrich the diet with natural products rich
    vitamins and minerals (see rice).
  • Treat inflammatory diseases of the nose, throat, and
    ear, teeth, urinary and genital tract. Frequent inflammations change
    cells of the body so that they can begin to produce antibodies
    what provokes systemic diseases. Chronic tonsillitis
    weakens the protective properties of the barrier ring of tonsils that interfere
    penetration of infection in the bronchi and lungs.
  • Keep skin and mucous from injury. They are the first barrier on the way.
    infectious agents seeking to get inside the body. Not
    over dry skin, do not abuse antiseptics in
    hygiene purposes.
  • Not злоупотребляйте средствами для желудка, снижающими его
    secretion (omeprazole). Sour gastric juice prevents ingestion
    germs from food and drink into the intestines.
  • Avoid chlorinated water. Chlorine is a powerful oxidizing agent that
    destroys the lymphocytes necessary for the humoral immune
  • Not забывайте про барьерную контрацепцию. Qualitative
    a condom can protect against human immunodeficiency virus and
    damage to the immune system.

The most effective way to strengthen the immune system:
физический труд на свежем воздухе. Any active
movement on the street (intensive walking, work in the garden, all kinds of
exercises and gymnastics, etc.), only where clean air (outside
city) can improve immunity.

If treated

A number of therapeutic interventions can worsen the immune system.
protection. To reduce risks, you need to pay attention to the following.

  • Monitor the X-ray load. More often done
    X-ray studies, the higher the risks for immunity.
  • Do not take antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription. They kill
    beneficial intestinal microflora, provoke the growth of fungi in the digestive tract,
    genital tract, mucous membranes of the mouth. If the course of antimicrobial drug
    assigned, follow the recommendations for its duration.
    Notполный курс препарата может воспитывать устойчивые формы
    microbes. After antibiotic treatment, courses are advisable.
  • Without an immunogram for an adult, medication immunity
    can not be strengthened. Not зная точно всех параметров защитных клеток и
    immunoglobulins, drugs can only harm. Exists
    Immunologist physician who is able to help understand this
  • Without drugs, protection can be enhanced by vaccines. For example,
    anti-pneumococcal is indicated for people with asthma and COPD
    to reduce the risk of pneumonia. ADS – from tetanus and
    diphtheria. There are vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis, rabies, hepatitis
    B, flu, meningococcus, rubella, measles.
  • Menstruating women and girls are shown preventive
    doses of iron supplements during menstruation.
  • Elderly and northern latitudes require preventive
    дозировки витамина D.
  • Taking hormones and cytostatics on a regular basis requires
    the same regular blood tests.


Serious drugs with an immunomodulatory effect may
prescribe only a doctor. How to strengthen the immune system of an adult without a visit
to an immunologist? In this case, plant adaptogens can help.
They are contraindicated in pathologies of the thyroid gland, increased
arterial pressure, coronary heart disease, allergies to
components of drugs. In general, moderate dosages are good.
tolerated and help survive the winter time or protracted epidemic
SARS and flu. It is an extract of Eleutherococcus, Aralia, Ginseng,
lemongrass, zamanihi, pink radiola.

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