How to store Lego items: 10 simpletips

Lego is very popular all over the world. it
an exciting, entertaining and educational game for children of all
ages. From the color elements you can collect a variety of
items, construct cars, locks, even entire cities. Generally,
all that is enough imagination.


For those who collect Lego, a collection of design models
gradually increasing. As a result, the child becomes difficult
find the desired item among the many blocks. Therefore relevant
there is a question of how to correctly sort and store the details

Возьмите на вооружение наши рекомендации как хранить детали
Lego at home – and you can even build a designer
fascinating, and at the same time teach the child to order.

как хранить детали Lego дома

Lego Design Storage Rules

1. Лучший вариант – научить малыша сортировать
конструктор по исходным наборам, либо по цветам, размерам (по
color and size, or by color and type (in the first case, for example,
чтобы все синие пластины  2×4 были в одном контейнере, а все
2×4 red plates – in another, in the second case, so that all
the red bricks were in one place, and all the red beams were in
friend)), shape, types of parts (bricks, plates, roof details,
wheels, windows, other parts). Choose the most convenient way.
sorting. For the first time, help the child distribute the blocks, and then
he can already do it himself. To be comfortable, you can take
packages or some kind of temporary capacity.

2. Хранить Lego можно в обычных пластиковых
containers. They come in different sizes, with and without lids, so
that it is easy to pick up a container of a suitable form and volume. For savings
places in the room is better to stay on the containers that can
set on each other. Another option is to buy ready-made
bookcase with containers.


3. Выбирая контейнеры, лучше остановиться на
transparent, because their contents are always in sight. Still good
option – pick a few baskets the color of the parts and
sort in them details of different colors.

4. Для хранения мелких элементов конструктора
great bags – ordinary or with a zip-lock. Their worth
put in a separate container.


5. Не заполняйте емкости доверху, иначе будет
difficult to find the right items, it is best to stack Lego in 1-2

6. При желании можно приобрести специальный
Lego table with niches for parts or thumbs containers and gaming
by the surface. it очень удобно для того, чтобы строить,
simulate and store a constructor when not in use.


7. Можно попробовать складывать Лего в пищевые
cylindrical containers. They have transparent walls thanks to
what is perfectly visible the contents of the jars. These tanks are easy
placed in a cupboard, on a windowsill, a bookshelf, and any other
a place.


8. Производитель предлагает еще и Лего-мешок.
It is a round rug made of fabric with a string throughout.
perimeter. After the game, simply tighten it – and the details
will be in the bag.

лего мешок

9. Можно взять большую емкость и установить
inside the partition to sort parts or use
organizers for needlework, tool storage boxes. If a
Lego collection is still small, this way will save

10. Для организации эффективной системы
storage will not be superfluous to sign each container: look for the necessary
details will be easier, because you do not have to look into each
container or box. And not to lose the instructions to Lego and know
What are your models of toys, you can make a special folder with

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Competently and neatly organized space for games
forms the habit of the child to keep order. Sorting and
laying out Lego details in places, he learns attentiveness and

Organization and storage of designer LEGO

How convenient to store Lego

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