How to start hardening a newborn baby:hardening rules and methods

Закаливание новорожденных — эффективный,
effective, time-tested way to improve health and
immunity of a little man. High adaptability of the chest
children allows you to start the process of hardening from the first

The mechanisms of adaptation in newborns are very developed, in other words,
baby born hardened. Creating greenhouse conditions –
constant ambient temperature, sterile food,
lack of air movement – disables innate adaptation for
useless and after a month the baby begins to sneeze from the slightest
drafts. It is only necessary to support the natural data of the baby,
creating a contrast of temperatures and the presence of positive contact with
nature, that is, to carry out procedures for hardening and walk with
a child in any weather.

The essence of hardening and the expected results

The hardening process is in constant metered
changing environmental conditions. Natural factors
best helpers in hardening. The process can be carried out everywhere
during dressing up, swimming, sleeping, gymnastics. Not necessary
set aside special time for hardening. All procedures must
naturally fit into the daily routine.

Hardening along with exercise which
being held regularly leads to amazing results. Job
The body is activated, while improving:

  • disease resistance;
  • adaptive mechanisms;
  • circulation;
  • metabolism;
  • psycho-emotional state;
  • sleep;
  • appetite.

Regular hardening will be an excellent prevention from
catarrhal diseases. Hardened baby develops faster. is he
earlier peers begin to sit down, crawl, walk and

Important hardening rules

правила закаливания детей

Before hardening, you should contact your pediatrician for
consultation. is he должен осмотреть малыша, чтобы убедится в
no contraindications.

Hardening cannot be started if

  • respiratory disease;
  • decompensated heart disease;
  • low hemoglobin (if low hemoglobin);
  • high temperature;
  • increased nervous irritability;
  • severe exhaustion;
  • there is a violation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • disturbed sleep.

To achieve the effectiveness of hardening should
strictly observe the following rules:

  1. Регулярность. Procedures are carried out
    systematically, without interruption for a single day.
  2. Постепенность. Hardening medium temperature
    (air or water) should be changed gradually, small
    small steps. A sharp drop in heat or cold will cause
    psychological stress of the child, and even to the disease.
  3. Индивидуальность. For the baby’s reaction to
    procedures must be carefully observed. With strong signs
    discontent, inadequate hardening reaction must stop. In
    avoiding crying and grudging should distract the child with toys,
    songs, his smile and affection.
  4. Сплоченность. Hardening procedures necessary
    spend the whole family. Douche with baby can not only
    set him a good example, but also strengthen your body. Joint
    actions also lead to the strengthening of family ties.


Hardening methods

Between themselves, hardening methods differ in the type of surrounding
environment, the temperature of which varies.

Air quenching

  1. Прогулки. They start if the temperature is on
    street no less than 10 C. The first walk into the street should last 15
    minutes Then the time spent on the street increases each time.
    twice. In the end result, the child walks about 2 hours in
  2. Inздушные ванны. Baby left naked
    at room temperature (22 C). Start from 30-40 seconds and
    increase gradually by 30 seconds per week. Inздушные ванны
    the child can receive during gymnastics, feeding, massage,
    changing clothes, before and after swimming.
  3. Сон на природе крепче и полезнее. Dress
    the child needs so that he does not feel discomfort. (Article on
    теме: Как одеть новорожденного на прогулку)

Подробнее о закаливание воздухом

Закаливание новорожденных

Water hardening

  1. Begin the process of hardening water with washing.
    For babies up to three months the water temperature is 28 С, with
    three months to six months – 25-26 C, from six to twelve months –
    20-24 C. The temperature of the water is reduced every two to three days by one.
  2. Rubdowns are the next step. Getting started
    them after six months with dry rubdowns soft flannel
    mitten. Wipe in the following order: arms, legs, back, chest
    and a stomach to weak reddening. After 7–10 days wet
    wiping with water with a temperature of 35 C. Bring the temperature to 30 C,
    reducing it gradually.
  3. Первые обливания малыша проводят с самого
    after bathing, while cool water should be poured
    warm skin. Inду берут температурой 26 С. Вынув из ванночки,
    keep the baby on the hand back up. Pouring begins with heels,
    moving along the spine to the back of the head. Water temperature is reduced
    каждые пять дней на один degree. The lower limit is 18 C, although for
    some may be lower.
  4. Плавание для новорожденного «привычный способ
    movement ”- for nine months he was constantly in water
    environment. Up to three months the child’s swimming reflexes are not yet
    faded away, and to teach him to swim is quite simple. When bathing just
    supporting the child under the head to allow him to move freely.
    After six months, you can continue learning to swim in the pool.

Hardening by the sun

Sunbathing is necessary for newborns. After all, only on
The light in the body is the production of vitamin D, necessary for growth
bones. The duration of the sunbathing and their temperature
air. One “BUT” – it is not necessary to carry the baby on the direct sun
the rays.

Подробнее о закаливание солнцем

Contrasting and intense hardening techniques

Intensive hardening techniques should be applied with care and
only when the child’s adaptation reflexes are already fixed.
These methods are based on a short-term drastic change.
temperature: dousing with ice water, dipping into a hole, walking on
the snow. You should not engage in intense tempering, if your baby
There are chronic diseases.

закаливание грудных детей

Contrast hardening techniques are based on fast and sharp
temperature changes. These include contrast:

  • rubdown;
  • shower;
  • foot baths;
  • bath and sauna.

The temperature difference at the first contrast procedure should be
4 С (40 and 36 С respectively). Five days later the lower limit
lower by one unit and bring the amplitude to 23-26 C. Alternate
water should be 5-6 times per procedure with an interval of 20 seconds. The last
there must be hot water.

Закаливание грудных детей — это не просто воздушные ванны и
pouring water. This is a natural lifestyle that should be
the norm. Physical activity, proper and healthy nutrition,
daily routine, sports and walks, tempering procedures. All in order
for a newborn to grow up healthy and happy.

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Hardening Komarovsky

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