How to start doing yoga yourself

Update: February 2019

Yoga is a popular destination accessible to anyone with any
level of physical training at home. How to start
do yoga at home? Which asanas are suitable for the unprepared
man? How much time to practice? These and other questions
they ask themselves people who dream of understanding all the secrets of ancient art.
To правильно заниматься йогой, лучше всего пройти курс под
the guidance of an experienced coach, but you can try to learn
practice independently.

It would seem that there is plenty of information, but this is exactly what confuses
sense: remember everything at once is impossible, but to put together – even
more difficult. In this article we tried to collect all the tips for
newbies and answer the most popular questions.

Where to begin

  • Start with the theory – get acquainted with the direction, its history and
    features. Start right now and not with the next one.
    monday Pay special attention to the results that you can
    to achieve, recommended nutrition, contraindications (see
    useful yoga for health).
  • After теоритической подготовки приступите к выбору места для
    classes – this is probably one of the most important preparatory
    moments for homework. It should be quiet, cozy and
    necessarily a clean corner or a warm room without drafts,
    bright light, with a minimum of things and distracting objects. Coziness and
    heat is extremely important: in a cold room, muscles and ligaments are slowly
    keep warm, which increases the risk of injury and sprains.
    If you can not create a perfect silence – buy earplugs.
  • Prepare a clean natural fiber mat – bamboo,
    flax or special for yoga. Also stock up on an eco-friendly blanket,
    which you can throw on your shoulders during meditations. And the last –
    Prepare comfortable clothes, not constraining movements.
  • Immediately make time for classes in which no one and nothing
    will distract you from practice, including pets,
    phones, clock ticking, etc.

Make a schedule and stick to it: it’s not just a moment
discipline, but also a guarantee that classes will be held in one and
the same time. The first time should be spent on yoga 15-30 minutes and
bring up to 1-1.5 hours considering that you practice daily.
The second option – two-hour classes in 2-3 days.

Important! Information about yoga, which allows you to start to engage in at home
alone, more than enough. But мы советуем начать
engage with a professional, attend at least a couple of classes.
A specialist will help you choose suitable asanas or adjust those
exercises that you like, under the level, health,
age and sex of a person.


The whole direction is devoted to breathing – pranayama. Lovers
it is enough to master the basic principles of breathing, without which classes are not
will be so effective.

  • Learning to “breathe belly.” That is the name of the diaphragmatic
    breathing: breathing in, inflating the abdomen, and the chest remains
    motionless, with expiration, the stomach is drawn in. To accustom yourself to this type
    breathing is difficult (we all mostly “breathe” the chest), but
    this is how you can increase the working capacity of the lungs, reduce
    respiratory diseases and get the most out of
  • We breathe slowly and deeply. It is the basis of body relaxation and
    subsequent “set” of energy.
  • We adhere to the rhythm. Basic rules for dynamic
    упражнений таковы: движения, при которых надо вытянуться up
    hands, body, head), are made on the inhale, and the position
    directed down – on the exhale. But и в статических позах дыхание
    plays a significant role – each breath will help you relax more and
    enter the position correctly.
  • It is very important not to hold your breath. This also comes with
    by time.

Warm up: proper body preparation

Before classes it is very important to warm up the muscles and ligaments – this
reduce the risk of injury and make performing poses effective and
painless. If the muscles and ligaments are not prepared, they will
relax for a longer time, and under high load
possible tearing of muscle and connective tissue.

Warming up is of three types:

  • Passive Warming up the muscles in the bath, hot tub, shower.
  • Overall Active body movements, such as walking, running,
    bike ride.
  • Special. Упражнения из yoga

To warm up at home, you can use the run on
place Special warm-up includes performing dynamic asanas,
for example, poses from the cycle greeting the sun. This is a complex of 12 poses,
which perfectly warms the muscles and ligaments and prepares them for
stretching It is performed slowly, smoothly, calmly, i.e. not having
load. Based on both movement and respiratory
technique: the slopes are performed on the exhale, and the backbends – on inspiration.
Need to breathe through the nose.

Starting position: stand on a hard floor, feet together, back
straight, eyes looking straight. Distribute your body weight
evenly on both feet.

  • 1 position – welcome. Connect your palms at chest level
    back side, as if you are praying. Look ahead and keep
    back is straight.
  • 2 position – sunny. Inhale, raise your hands up
    palms forward (shoulder width apart). Smoothly, slowly, cave in.
    backwards Control your lower back – it’s better to have it lowered like
    can be lower, but only to a comfortable feeling.
  • 3 position – tilt. Bend as low as possible, clasp
    hands smooth legs, it is desirable to touch his forehead to his knees. Can
    slightly bend your knees.
  • 4 position – rider. Step back with your right foot,
    sink in lunge. Keep your palms on the floor so your elbows are
    straight. Breathe in and throw your head back at the same time.
    performing a downward movement and forward hull.
  • 5 position – stick. Without leaving the previous position exhale and
    put your left foot near your right at a distance of 30 centimeters each
    from friend. Straighten the body so that the loin is level.
  • 6 position – push-up. Rest in the palm of your hand and stand
    slats: hold your hips, pelvis and stomach so that your legs are
    straight. Can, чтобы колени были слегка согнуты и касались
  • 7 position – Cobra. From the plank position lower the lower part
    body so that the legs lay on a flat surface. Lift the case to
    straight position and bend back in the lower back.
  • 8 position – the letter V. Bend and touch the floor with your hands, legs
    чуть отведите назад и оставьте их straight.

After this position, you must return to the previous postures:
rider, lean forward, sunny, salute. Can выполнять
all 12 asanas, but you can choose 2-3 and perform them as much as
will require the body to prepare.

Which yoga is better to start: asanas, from which you can make
universal complex

The universal direction is Hatha Yoga: modern
teaching that is common in many countries and adapted to
student of the 21st century. But many people just choose for themselves.
certain asanas, bring them to perfection and find in them
harmony and health.

We present to your attention a few simple asanas, which
suitable for starting exploring yoga and do not require special stretching
and physical fitness.

Vrikshasana or tree pose

Встаньте прямо, вдохните и медленно поднимите руки up через
стороны и соедините ладони вместе, чтобы пальцы рук смотрели up.
Try to gently pull your hands back, as if straightening and
revealing the chest. Bend your right knee, grab
foot in the inner part of the left thigh with your fingers down
the possibilities are higher. Hold as long as you can, but to
posture did not cause discomfort. Slowly accept the original
position. Repeat the same pose for the other leg.

Utthita Trikonasana or extended triangle pose

Stand up straight, take a deep breath, spread your legs in a jump
1 meter so that the feet are parallel to each other. Arms
Spread to the sides at shoulder height so that the palms are facing down.
Turn the right foot 90 degrees so that the sock looks in
side, leave your left foot in the starting position so that the sock
looked ahead. At the exit tilt the torso to the right to the right
palm touched the floor behind the right foot. At the first stages it will be
difficult, you can put your palm on the ankle. Pull your left hand
up, чтобы она была перпендикулярна полу. Stay in such
pose 30-60 seconds, breathe freely. On the inhale, return the body to
reverse position, turn foot forward. Repeat asana on
the other side.

Balasana or posture child

Get on your knees, lower your pelvis on your heels, take a deep breath.
and tilt your body forward, pressing your chest and head against the front
thighs. Лоб должен касаться floor. Important to keep your back
flat. Arms вытяните назад, чтобы ладони смотрели up. Breathe
calmly, at one pace, feeling the movements of the chest. To exit
from the asana, gently lift your head off the floor and only then lift

Adho Mukha Shvanasana or a pose of a hill

Stand on all fours, turn your palms forward with your fingers,
leave your knees, feet and hands shoulder-width apart. Focus on
ладони и вытолкните таз назад и up, чтобы образовалась
improvised slide. The back should continue the line of hands, the head
should also make a straight line with your back. Heels should fit tightly
touching the floor, knees bend undesirable. Breast reach for
knees, tailbone should look at the ceiling. Belly try not to
retract, abdominals should be relaxed.

Utkatasana or posture chair

Become straight and spread your feet shoulder-width apart
вытяните up через стороны, чтобы ладони смотрели друг на друга.
Slowly bend your knees, move the pelvis back to the body
leaned slightly forward. The pose should be like sitting down.
on the chair. Knees should not protrude beyond the level of socks, hands
остаются вытянутыми up и формируют ровную линию со спиной и
head. Hold in a pose as you can, slowly exit

Sarvangasana or posture candles

Lie on your back, stretch your arms along your body, lift straight
ноги up, тяните таз за ногами, помогая себе ладонями. After
того, как таз и ноги будут подняты up и тянутся к потолку,
place your palm as close as possible to the shoulder blades. Stay in
position of 10 seconds increasing time with every lesson. Go out
from position smoothly and slowly.

Arlha Matsienrasrana or the pose of the king of fish

Sit on the floor, stretch your legs forward, straighten your back and
shoulders. Bend the right leg at the knee and twist it in
left. The left leg should also be bent at the knee, and the heel
brought as close as possible to the body (buttock), try to knee
lower down. Initially, you can leave your left leg stretched out
bend only the right. The next action is with the palm of your left hand.
grab the right knee and twist the body to the right. Exhale
slowly make a turn. Then bend your left arm at the elbow and
get behind the right knee, lingering in a twisted state.
Try to twist even more during each subsequent
inhale, stay in extreme position for some time, go back to
starting position and repeat the same from the other side.

Eka pada rajkapotasana or dove pose

Get on all fours, pull up your right leg, bent in
knee, to the chest, turn the foot to the left and lower the foot to the floor:
heel should be under the left thigh. Pull the left foot back and
Lower the pelvis as much as possible down. Resting on the forearm as much as possible
tilt the body down, trying to stretch the left leg even more
backwards Repeat the same for the other leg. Good posture for
stretching, allowing later to sit on the splits.

Shavsana or dead pose (corpse pose)

Lie on the floor, close your eyes, stretch your arms along your body.
Tighten all your muscles for a few seconds, then
relax as much as possible, focusing on your breathing.
Hold this state for 4-5 minutes. Pose is good for
relaxation between other postures and as a final asana.

Can использовать все асаны или выбрать те, которые легче всего
to master.

Which asanas are best for men, women,
pregnant, elderly, children

Yoga is a unique direction, taking into account the features of the female,
the male body as well as the condition of people in a certain
age period. Which poses are most suitable for different
categories and people? Can ли начать заниматься йогой в 50 лет?
Answers below.

  • Беременным женщинам при отсутствии
    contraindications and after consultation with the gynecologist, leading
    pregnancy, you can perform the following poses: warrior, pigeon,
    triangle, crescent, cat-cow, knot connected. The most
    safe is considered a modern direction – aqua yoga.
    Inverted postures are contraindicated, as well as exercises in which
    required to strain the muscles of the back and abdomen in the lower part.
  • Мужчинам рекомендованы позы лотоса, лука,
    Cobra, Locust, Mountain, Tree, Bridge. The most effective asanas for
    Potency: posture of the plow, bow, cobra.
  • Пожилым людям лучше начинать практику с
    a coach. For regular classes are suitable poses: lotus, cats,
    собака мордой вниз и up, царя рыб, трупа.

Yoga for children

Yoga for children не так популярна: чаще малыши становятся
followers of their “advanced” parents, not representing
life without practice. Meanwhile, this is a great option for development.
flexibility and coordination, the formation of a healthy and beautiful posture,
immunity enhancement. Children like more introverts, but
for parents of restless, hyperactive children, practice can
to become a real salvation – will teach children perseverance,
emotional balance and calm.

The optimal age for teaching yoga is 7-8 years.
Classes are necessarily conducted under the guidance of an experienced teacher.
There are groups for kids from 4 years old, but they are rather
They resemble a fun game and do not require an exact repetition of asanas.

Exercises are based on poses for adults, but easier –
difficult and traumatic positions are excluded.

Useful tips

  • You can take a shower before classes, but after that it is not recommended
    – long-term changes in blood circulation after exercise should
    gradually come to normal work.
  • The room must be ventilated before class, but during practice
    windows must be closed;
  • Begin to practice vigorous, but in a relaxed state.
    If you are tired or something is eating, it is better to rest for a while
    or move lesson.
  • You can not engage on a full stomach – can be on an empty stomach or through
    2-4 hours after meals. Can выпить немного воды, натурального сока,
    green tea or warm milk. Between exercises too
    drink some water.
  • Do not forget about continuous and even breathing.
  • Performing asanas, at first you do not need to try to achieve
    perfect position through pain, it is better to perform them with incomplete
    amplitude, stubbornly and patiently seeking the right
  • Between the asanas, relax as much as possible the muscles that
    reduced during exercise. Enough minute rest.
  • Perform asanas in three stages: entry, stay in a pose and exit to
    исходное position.
  • In the main position of the exercise, linger as long as possible.
    without movement. In the extreme embodiment of the asana is present
    permissible discomfort.
  • It is necessary to enter and leave the situation very smoothly and
  • Each asana should be repeated 4-6 times. If you are already easy
    enter poses and hold the right position,
    The number of repetitions can be reduced.
  • If anxiety or
    inconvenience, should immediately complete the exercise.
  • Keep your movements smooth. Learn smoothly
    to balance rather than sway in different directions.
  • Complicate the classes gradually. Start with the asanas that you
    действительно способны to master. With each lesson perform
    Exercise more deeply and stay in a longer position.
    The performance of inverted asanas is the prerogative of experienced yogis. Such
    exercises novice can not be used.
  • If possible, the lesson should last from one hour.
    and more. Usually a set of exercises lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • If it happened that the workout needs to be completed earlier,
    reduce it not by increasing the speed of performing asanas, but by
    just reduce the number of poses.
  • If you don’t feel very well on the day of training,
    you have fever or malaise, there were active physical
    stress, heavy stress, drinking alcohol – set aside
  • Concentrate on what you are doing, rather than fly in
    the clouds. Concentration is the basis of yoga.

If you did everything right, after class you should feel
maximum relaxation, both in thought and in body, lightness and
wellbeing. Immediately after class you can not start
vigorous activity or manual labor.

Can ли сбросить вес, занимаясь йогой?

This practice is not the best method for losing weight, especially
for those who crave quick and significant results.
Gradual improvement of metabolic processes, coupled with the correct
nutrition allow you to lose those extra pounds, but for this you must
go through months of practice.

Why do you feel bad after practicing?

It also happens that instead of the promised total relaxation,
the tide of vitality a person feels bad. There are a few
reasons why so. The most frequent:

  • classes are held in a stuffy room without airing;
  • asanas are performed incorrectly;
  • man does not follow the breath;
  • asanas are performed in a hurry, without warming up the muscles;
  • the coach is not a professional;
  • classes are conducted irregularly;
  • contraindications are not considered, etc.

Instead of epilogue

Yoga can and should be seen as an effective direction.
for healing, achieving inner and outer harmony. To
see if this suits you, you need to try. It is much
more efficient and easier than watching pictures and videos for a long time. But
Trying to do yoga from scratch is necessary with an experienced trainer, better –
in personal training: general classes are effective for

Greetings to the sun, warm-up complex

Complex for beginners

Complex for beginners

Hatha for beginners

Yoga for the elderly

Yoga for beginners

Yoga for children

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