How to spread the child ontummy

Every mother’s sincere desire for her baby to grow
healthy and active. But how to promote this in the first months
of life? Why lay the newborn on the belly? how
define what is “already possible” and not let the baby get bored while he
lying on the tum?

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  • 1 Why lay the baby on the stomach?
    • 1.1 When to start uploading?
    • 1.2 Tips
    • 1.3 how правильно выкладывать?
    • 1.4 Video: how often to lay the baby on the belly?
  • 2 how малыша ложить на tummy
  • 3 Laying a newborn on the belly

новорожденный ребенок на животе

Why lay the baby on the stomach?

  1. It develops motor activity and motor skills.
    Lying on his stomach, pussy strains the muscles of the neck, shoulders,
    pens, backs, legs, belly to see the world around us.
    Именно лежа на tummyе, ребенок научится опираться на ручки,
    raise and hold the head, and then crawl;
  2. Babies have a very soft skull. First
    the months of life children sleep most of the time on their backs and this
    right, but if you do not lay the baby on the belly regularly, his
    the head behind can be deformed, become flat,
    irregular shape, and it is harmful to health;
  3. Putting the newborn on the belly, you prevent
    появление у ребенка пупочной грыжи 
    (О пупочной
    hernia). Also this exercise can reduce the pain arising
    из-за коликов в tummyе малыша, оно же способствует выходу газов.
    That is why it is recommended to lay the baby on the tum.
    just before feeding;
  4. Лежа на tummyе, малыш изучает окружающий мир с нового
    angle, and this is a good effect on intellectual development
    Using special techniques (changing the surface,
    on which the baby lies, showing him a mirror, etc.), you can
    turn the exercise into a game, and the crumb will quickly get used to the new
    position and love it.

When to start uploading?

Newly mummies are often worried about the question: at what age
ребенка можно начинать выкладывать на tummy чтобы не

This age for each child is individual, as
a rule must pass at least one week after you
return from the hospital. Чем раньше вы начнете выкладывать на tummy,
the better! To the baby and you were not so scared, put
put it on your belly like a baby was put on you in the maternity hospital at the first
time. But before it is better to make sure that the umbilical cord healed
newborn so you make this process painless and
as efficient as possible.


  • Приучать малыша лежать на tummyе нужно постепенно,
    Start at one minute.
    You will understand when it will be possible
    increase the time, just watch the kid and his emotions.
    The optimal time you should come to is 10 minutes;
  • Не нужно выкладывать кроху на tummy, если ребенок
    tired, hungry, or vice versa, just ate.
    Especially not
    it is recommended to do it on a full stomach, the baby can burp,
    choke, get scared myself and scare you. After that he can
    act up when you later try to put it on
  • Лучше всего, если совместите выкладывание с чем-то
    more, and bind this procedure to a specific time.

    For example, you can do this every time after swaddling, after
    taking them air baths, you can combine this process with

how правильно выкладывать?

Room preparation:

  1. 10-20 minutes before the exercise, ventilate the room.
  2. Make sure that the room has a normal temperature, baby
    Should not be cold or hot.
  3. Put all large soft objects on meter or further:
    pillows, blanket or toys. The little one can get into them by face and
    get scared.

Where to do it?


The most important rule is to turn this process into a game for you.
both. Лежа на tummyе, ребенок тренирует свои мышцы, но вы можете
simultaneously develop other skills.

  • · The baby is definitely more interesting to lie on the sofa or
    changing table than on the floor: so wider overview. But worth
    consider that on a hard surface it is easier for children to learn
    lift the head, so the load on the muscles decreases.
    Never leave your baby unattended, especially if
    he lies high!
  • · It is very useful to change the surface on which the baby lies:
    hard, soft, warm and slightly cool, fluffy and rough.
    Use different fabrics: silk, velor, velvet, chintz, burlap,
    try to pick different colors, try to vary it
    tactile sensations!
  • · Babies really like fabrics with small patterns, with variegated
    colors you can create your own striping system
    drawings, watch the kid like it more.

Distract the baby, sit across from him, talk to
him, make him laugh You can put beads in a plastic bottle
ribbons, winter “rain”, tinsel and shake her in front of the baby,
show how parts are shuffled. And kids often like it
look in the mirror, so during the exercise move
a mirror in front of him, or put him close.

Video: how often to lay the child on the stomach?

Do not let your baby get bored when he is lying on his stomach.
If the newborn is naughty, does not want now lie on your stomach
Do not try to force him. Better play with him, shake on
hands or sing a song, and when he calms down, try

Putting the newborn on the belly is definitely necessary
and try to do it yourself with the right mood, because baby
how nobody feels it! Make these moments fun, bright and
memorable for the baby, try to make him lying on his stomach,
Did not feel discomfort, distract and delight him! The more
крохе будет нравиться лежать на tummyе, тем быстрее он сможет
control your body, and very soon begin to delight you with new

We read about all the achievements of the child from birth to one year.

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how малыша ложить на tummy

Laying a newborn on the belly

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