How to spend the weekend with your child is interesting andbenefit

Life is transient. The lion’s share of our time we work and
have a rest. Only people who already have a child can spend
a whole day to care and communicate with him. This is human nature –
we are born, have children and die when our
time. As parents, we must not only take care of decent
future for the baby, but also educate him. It is impossible to do without
constant communication. Unfortunately, working parents can pay
enough time for your children only on weekends.

Some work on the standard 5-day schedule, others –
in shifts. In any case, it is important to plan your time so
way to give maximum time to your favorite children.

Any child always suffers from a lack of mom and
dads, from the lack of their attention and care.
He may not
show what feels like. Only parents
must remember that every kid wants to be the center of attention. If a
relatives are long absent, and the child remains granted
imagine it leaves a bad impression in the soul of the little
person Nobody wants, when they matured, to remember their children
years, as about lonely and uninteresting.

Only the love and attention of parents can fill life.
child happiness and joy. No toys in the world can
replace it. Only one conclusion: since you have given birth to a baby, spend
he has enough time. Then, as an adult, the child will remember
about your childhood and about you only good.

Weekend spent with your children – a good family
a tradition that will benefit both kids and adults. it
the opportunity to get close to the child, talk heart to heart, discuss
exciting topics and solve problems. Of course, this does not mean that
the remaining days for children can be ignored.

What to do with the child on the weekend

Today we want to offer you some interesting ideas for
family leisure weekend. Occupations are always chosen according to
from weather, season, health and opportunities. But,
despite the circumstances, you can always find a way to spend
время с детьми весело, интересно и с benefit. Joint leisure
will remain in your memory as the happiest time, so that you do not
regret it.

How to spend the weekend with the kids at home

On weekends it’s not always possible to leave home or somewhere.
to go Sometimes there are good reasons for this, in other cases everything
due to the usual laziness.

Even if you stay at home, it does not matter. In any situation you can
find a decent occupation that will entertain you and your little ones, and
still give a lot of positive emotions.

The easiest, but fun way to spend
time with children – watch a movie, TV series or cartoons.

To this lesson did not seem mundane, it is better to arrange
movie shows less often, but it’s interesting to hold them. For example, you can
buy popcorn, bake homemade pizza, close the curtains and muffle
light, wear 3D glasses, turn up the volume – and start watching.
It will turn out no worse than in a real cinema! The main thing is for children
it was a pleasure to watch a movie, so choose it in
accordance with the interests and age of their children.

Non-standard idea – to organize home workshops.
Girls can be taught to cook homemade pizza or beautiful and
fragrant soap. Now in the shops you can find a lot of sets for
children’s creativity, designed for a certain age. it
a great chance to tell a child in an interesting and exciting way
about physical laws, about the world, and just to teach

The simplest drawing or modeling of clay can be
unusual occupations. You can create a family tree or
make jewelry from polymer clay for kindergarten or

One of the most interesting activities that delivers
Great fun for children and adults – pampering.
at any age do not mind fooling around. Kids just love it.
So you can throw out your emotions, get relaxed and filled
new, fresh energy.

Эмоциональная разрядка крайне важна для каждого person With
This is the concept of self-indulgence. Fun fooling around with
kids to the music, make funny faces, scatter
toys, roll on the floor, jump on the bed. All this is not only
funny, but also useful from a psychological point of view. After
self-indulgence, of course, is also necessary for everyone together. Also good
the idea is to come up with a prize for the one who cleans faster and better

Competitions are a great idea for spending time together.
with children on weekends. Place a bet on who will collect faster
toys, make the bed, draw his family, find the hidden
treasure or blind man of plasticine. Competition Topics may
to be very different – connect the fantasy. Withдумайте приз для
the winner. The main thing is that the loser baby does not remain offended.
Family competitions are not only exciting, they are also
develop different skills that will later be useful to the child
for, to achieve the goal.

Children love when they come to visit. Therefore good
the idea is to organize a theme party or even arrange
home presentation. Do not forget to prepare a tasty treat.
for kids and take photos. Then you will be happy
review them with the whole family.

Even staying at home can have fun with the kids,
interesting and unusual. Invite children to come up with
entertainment. All this does not require large expenditures. Quite possible
spend a weekend in a narrow family circle budget and at the same time
get a sea of ​​vivid impressions.

How to spend the weekend with the kids away from home

If a вы решили выбраться из дома на выходные, у вас будет
unlimited number of leisure options with
children. You can think of both free and paid ways to spend
time. Here are some interesting ideas:

  1. To arrange for the kids a tour of the park or through the streets, telling
    about the world, about the history of the city. Show children different
    Plants, suggest to consider them close. Meet the kids with
    local fauna, tell about interesting phenomena of nature. Children
    will be happy to run through the puddles or walk under the warm rain.
    In winter, they will gladly catch your offer to fashion
    snowman or a whole castle of snow.
  2. Activities – one of the best leisure options: except
    the fact that it is fun, it is also good for health and general
    If a на улице лето, сводите детей на речку, в
    which you can swim. In winter, the whole family can go to the pool.
    Most kids will love the idea of ​​having a picnic.
    Park and play active games in the fresh air. You can
    ride horses or skate play
    Cossack-robbers, visit the water park or come up with your own option.
    All this will benefit you and your children.
  3. Activities like hiking are very popular.
    to the zoo, cinema, circus, to rides or shows. From
    no child will be able to refuse this.
  4. A trip to visit is also a great option. Go to relatives
    or friends who also have children. In this case, you can
    rest, and your children will not be bored.
  5. Depending on the time of year and the weather can be done and
    launch a kite, collect a herbarium, build a sandy
    castle or viewed snowflakes. Such activities bring great
    pleasure. The main thing is to choose the one that corresponds to the interests.
    baby, do everything together and interesting to tell the child a new

Be sure to shoot a home video, take more photos.
You and your children will be interested to remember the day that brought
so much joy and positive emotions. Withятные воспоминания
more than any money!

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