How to spend New Year holidays with benefits forall family

The holiday is over, the guests are gone, and there is still a lot
days off. New Year’s holidays are simply created to
the whole family could spend time together, get closer to each other.
Eternally loaded with problems and work, parents can finally
plenty of chat with children. Try to make the weekend
interesting and memorable for your whole family.

It is best to prepare a vacation script in advance. Combine
noisy outdoor activities with quiet activities.

So, we offer several options for entertainment, in which
You can enthusiastically engage the whole family.


Theme Days

Let some days become thematic, eventful, possible
dedicate them to an interesting game or trip. For example, “day of the hill”,
�”Hello to fairy tales” or “evening skates.” Create a script with
children, show imagination. Choose the fun that will be
interesting and you, because parents also want to spend interesting
weekends and get away from the routine.

Let each family member come up with an activity for everyone in their own way.
to taste.  Папа может предложить сходить на хоккей, мама  —
camping in the cafe, children – fun skating on the rink. Give children
feel like the organizers and managers


Spend a day to children and their friends. Arrange entertaining
matinee. This is not necessarily New Year’s performances, collect
best friends of your kids, be yourself animator, spend
funny contests, quizzes. Children will be happy to spend time with


If you traditionally go to the grandmother or go to the circus, then not
give up traditions on holidays. Instead, come up with new ones.
family traditions and rituals and observe them further. AT
joint rituals let all family members participate. This is just
unite you.

Trade fairs


AT новогодние праздники часто устраиваются всевозможные ярмарки.
Go there with the kids. ATы сможете не только купить
some interesting things and original gifts, but also
participate in games, workshops, sweepstakes, which
organized at fairs.

City walks

If in the pre-New Year rush you have not had time to enjoy
the beauty of city streets, go on a tour of the festive city.
Bright windows, decorated trees, the area with the Christmas tree will not leave
indifferent neither you nor your children.

Plan your route in advance if the objects are not too far away.
away from a friend, walk. Arrange a family photo session.
Complete the walk in the warm cozy cafe.

Snow joy

ATспомните детство, стройте с детьми снеговиков, башни и крепости
out of the snow. Arrange a real fight with snowballs. Arrange a contest for
лучшую фигуру out of the snow. And at the end of the event, give prizes and
diplomas. Children will remember such games for a long time, and you can have plenty
to laugh and heartily laugh.

Submission begins

As a rule, in the New Year holidays large shopping centers,
theaters, open spaces offer to attend performances for
all family. Do not deny yourself and children such pleasure.
ATыберете что-либо наиболее интересное: театрализованное
representation, quests, productions, etc.

Master Classes

If your children are passionate about something, go to a master class.
Learn new things together. Look in the poster of the city, where
training is conducted and for what types of creativity. ATозможно, для вас
or your children it will be an interesting discovery.



Go to the theater with the whole family. Do not think that an adult will not
interesting in the children’s play. ATы сами увидите любимых артистов в
unusual role. In addition, the New Year holidays often
There are premieres of visiting artists, so you have the opportunity
attend an unusual presentation.


Go on a skating rink with children or just sledding.
Such simple winter fun is very popular with children. Ride
where there is a good steep slide and unforgettable impressions
guaranteed. And if you will be the first to put your child on
skates, then the gratitude of the child will know no bounds.


If the financial situation allows you to go to the mountains, then about
the question of how to entertain the whole family, you can not worry.

The guests

Do not refuse to go on a visit. A change of scenery is helpful and
children and you. Especially, if in the family where you go, there is
children.  New friends with their own arsenal of toys will fall
by the way.

Entertainment centers

You can go with the child in the entertainment center. There baby
play out, naprygatsya.  Often in the New Year holidays in
like centers work animators, so parents can
quietly chat with friends and relax.

Family Theater

If on one of the holidays you had a whole crowd
relatives, organize a theatrical performance. Let be
all the relatives will sort out the roles, and you will be a screenwriter, reading the funny
a work that everyone else must portray. Can
prepare toys and dolls in advance, then the theater will be


Каникулы захватывают такой светлый праздник как Christmas.
ATспомните традиции предков, bring them to life with your

Taking children on vacation is not difficult: listen to
their wishes, learn posters, show imagination. Forget about
quarrels, mutual claims, let the time spent together,
will be for you unique.

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Today I will tell you how to take a child in the New Year holidays
and holidays. Тут будет ATСЕ, что делает новогоднее настроение и
brings the feeling of a fabulous holiday in the soul, and does not get bored
long winter evenings.

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