How to sleep a pregnant woman? Is it possiblesleep on your stomach, back and which side is better

What only pregnant women do not learn is to choose
clothes, exercise and even sleep! Waiting for the baby passes in
caring for yourself and the baby. Future mothers at this time often notice
sleep disturbances, it occurs due to hormonal
rearrangements accompanying an interesting position. Already early
terms of a woman’s body changes, as well as sleep patterns, and in later
the timing of a large belly does not allow to find a comfortable position. Also in pregnant women
женщин возникает множество вопросов — можно ли спать на
stomach, can you sleep on your back, and which side is better to sleep
— правом или левом.

беременная женщина спит

Sound sleep in the first trimester

This time is often characterized by depression of the nervous system. Have
expectant mother appears sleepy. You don’t have to fight her, just
let yourself sleep well. Think about the unborn baby,
which is still so defenseless. Your sleep is important to him.

In the early stages, you can sleep at any time.
On the stomach may not be very comfortable, as the chest
becomes painful and very sensitive due to hormonal
changes. At this time, you should train yourself to the poses that you
will be used in a few months, on the back and on

Second Term Features

The health of the woman after 12 weeks of pregnancy is improving.
Mood swings and nausea disappear in the morning. By this time
hormonal troubles have already ended
restructuring. A new inconvenience, such as back pain, extra
weight, clumsiness, not yet started. They appear, as a rule, on
last months. But the question of how to sleep is becoming increasingly
sharp What is the pose to choose?

For this time, sleep on the stomach is no longer suitable. After all he
increases so much that in this position you can pin down the baby
its weight. It is worth considering other options and in order to
ensure yourself a continuous and sound sleep. After all, you probably and
Himself will be uncomfortable in this position because of the round belly.

The best in the second trimester is to pose
Since the weight of the child is still small, the expectant mother
will feel comfortable – the diaphragm and the spine will not
crushed. However, after the baby begins to move, it is desirable
change posture. The most convenient and useful at this time will be
спать на side. Best on the left, but in the middle
pregnancy fit and right.

How to sleep in the third trimester

The stomach at this time increases significantly, which creates new
problems and questions. Sleeping in the third trimester is no longer the case.
just as before. Поэтому стоит учитывать важные
, которые помогут вам это сделать.

  • It is necessary to prepare for sleep not only yourself, but also the room.
    Be sure to air it. Just open the window at 10-15
    minutes In summer, it is recommended to sleep with open
    window view.
  • Your nightdress and underwear should be made of natural
    tissue. This will make sleep more comfortable.
  • A big role is played by the choice of pillows. It is important that she be
    elastic and also high enough to bend
    spine and neck was correct. During sleep you can put it and
    under the back, not just under the head. This will reduce the load on
    the spine, and the back muscles can relax as much as possible. For
    pregnant women there are special pillows from which you can make
    �”Nest” for the abdomen. It really helps to sleep properly.
    third trimester. Experiment with ordinary pillows
    size. You can put them under your leg, under your belly, under your lower back,
    between the legs – as you prefer.

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: Подушки для беременных —
types of pillows and how to choose the right model

подушки для беременных


Which side?

На поздних сроках рекомендуется сон на левом
Why exactly on the left? This is due
features of the anatomy of women, more precisely, the position of the lower
vena cava, which passes exactly on the right side of the uterus. Sleep on
right side can lead to the fact that she poddermsya child weight
которого уже достаточно большой в third trimester. Should
try to avoid it. The fact is that the inferior vena cava
participates in the outflow of blood from the pelvic organs and legs. If a
a pregnant woman often sleeps on her side, she is squeezed. AT
As a result, varicose veins may appear on the legs.
veins. In addition, the baby’s blood supply may be disrupted. Through
the placenta will no longer receive enough baby
oxygen. ATы почувствуете, что его движения становятся более

In late pregnancy it is uncomfortable to sleep even on
side. How to be in this case, the future mother? If a вы ложитесь на
левый бок, рекомендуется подкладывать подушку под
согнутую в колене правую ногу. AT такой позе:

  • the blood flow to the placenta increases, therefore, baby
    get enough oxygen for development;
  • kidney function improves, which is especially important in the last
  • you will be less worried about swelling of the legs and arms;
  • there is no pressure on the liver;
  • no pain in the pelvis and in back;
  • ensures your heart works optimally.

However, it is not always better to sleep on the left side in the late
Sometimes you should choose the right one. It’s about the case
when exactly from this side is your baby’s head. ATрачи
call this fetal position transverse previa and
рекомендуют сон на правом боку. It will help
child in the future to take the right position.

From the forums

zamarusia Как удобно — так и лежи ТЕ)))!!!
 Just do not put your foot on it))) Try not on your back, but your side –
irrelevant. Надо слушать свои чувства  — женщина самое
sensitive creature! Close to nature, one must act
as intuition tells ;) :)

[email protected] А я сплю то на правом ,то на
левом.Но засыпаю всегда на back.Да и при первой беременности спала
without thinking, the only thing was putting small ones under my back
pillows, without them could not sleep. And did not hear at all what
I don’t recommend that I sleep on my side.
поспать(во сне переворачиваюсь) :D Как удобно так и спите,слушайте свое тело и бебика

Iрина Я вот сплю только на левом боку,
although after 15-20 minutes the stomach starts to ache terribly. Have моего масика
just the ass on the left side and with it he squeezes the stomach under the ribs
to unbearable pain. Have нас было ягодичное предлежание и только
Recently, my son turned his head down, but still very
active and spinning to the sides. So I have to sleep on that
side, where his back to hold in the correct position. So
the same as Olga wrote, she simply stopped sleeping because
terribly uncomfortable. On the left side – it hurts, on the right the baby turns and
may again be misplaced, and on the back the doctor does not advise,
because even on CTG, it was obvious that his heart was suffering when I
I lay on my back. We are only 35 weeks old, walk a month and a half, and
I can’t sleep at all. I fit to nap half-sitting,
putting 2 pillows, but the neck is so numb and hurts in the morning

Наталья Девченки, милые, да не парьтесь вы
who on which side to sleep. Спите, как ATам удобно. If a малышу это не
понравится — он даст ATам знать. ATсю беременность спала, как мне
it was comfortable, and on the back, and on the left side, and on the right. Draw veins
stomachs, hearts did not suffer. The only problem already shortly
before the birth was at night roll over from side to side, each had to
just wake up. ATот когда ребенок не будет по ночам давать спать,
ATы будете спать в любых положениях.

General recommendations for sound sleep

  • You should not resort to sleeping pills if you cannot
    fall asleep. They can be used only on the recommendation of a doctor and in very
    rare cases. Any medication, including sleeping pills, affects
    not only on your body, but also on the fragile body
  • Do not drink caffeine-containing beverages overnight. To them
    It concerns not only coffee, but also tea. By the way, green tea caffeine
    more than black.
  • Soda water is recommended to use as little as possible.
    Do not take large amounts of food or water 2-3 hours before
    sleep. A glass of kefir and a small
    snack in the form of several crackers.
  • Breathe in fresh air before bed. A walk will be helpful as well
    here is a great exercise for the night is not recommended.
  • Try to get up and go to bed at about the same time.
    Constant sleep patterns are very important for the body.
  • If a вы внезапно проснулись, почувствовав судороги в ногах,
    stand and stand for a while. After that do
    pinch-relaxing massage. Seizures indicate that
    the body lacks calcium. Haveвеличьте потребление продуктов,
    which contain it in large quantities. Its especially a lot in
    Poppy seeds, sesame, almonds, herbs, beans and dairy products.
  • Do not be afraid of childbirth. Fear of them is enough
    распространенная причина бессонницы, особенно на последних deadlines.
    Prepare for this important event will help special courses for
    pregnant women or stories already giving birth to girlfriends. Contrast this
    fear desire to see the baby, and you feel how he retreats.
    Читаем также: как бороться с бессонницей во
    gestation time

Используйте gestation time для того, чтобы набраться
forces that you need after childbirth. When the baby appears on
свет, вам будет уже не до крепкого sleep. Child may require
care even at night. But after giving birth you will be able to sleep again in any


Can’t sleep? Is baby pushing? Not find suitable
posture to sleep? The cause of insomnia is not always in the growing tummy.
How to deal with hormonal changes and what can afford
pregnant in the fight against lack of sleep, except milk with honey? Catherine
Ishchenko, in an attempt to fall asleep, was looking for the correct posture for sleeping under
supervision of the head of the Women’s consultation No. 25 Elena

Olga Leonidovna Maslennikova, doctor-obstetrician-gynecologist
categories. Work experience in practical medicine is 31 years.
Describes the position in which you can sleep during

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