How to share toys without quarrels or 6 conflictsituations on the playground

The playground is a place where the child can
frolic, throw out his overflowing energy. Here too
there is its socialization: the kid learns to communicate with peers,
faced with problems and conflicts that need

конфликты на детской площадке

1. Outsiders criticize you as a mother

You probably know this situation: the child jumps carelessly
through the puddles, laughing, and around going to a circle of other moms and
grandmothers. They are discussing how badly you are raising your

A logical reaction to this behavior of strangers – to give
they are repulsed: “Who gave the right to outsiders to make comments to me, those
more in the presence of a child? “. It is difficult to restrain this rush, because
people are really unfair – they have no idea
what are you mom However, to argue in this case is useless. only you
squander your nerves, but everyone will remain in their own opinion.

The best solution is to ignore other people’s statements. Not
Pay attention to what they say unfamiliar people, especially
if their cavils are not grounded.

2. Someone made a remark to your child.

This situation is also possible: you and your baby are returning home from
walks are contented and fun, but soiled. If suddenly you
will meet any Anna Ivanovna from the next entrance, she
Hurry up to make a remark to the child: “Why are you so filthy?
See how you got dirty! And your clothes will have to be washed.

You need to remember that babies react painfully to criticism from
mouth of strangers. In such situations, the mother must always intercede.
for your toddler. Otherwise, without feeling support from your side, he
closes and becomes insecure.

The kid should not blame himself for the fact that mom will have to wash
things he soiled during the walk. If someone makes him
similar comments, your task is to protect him, give him
feel that you are on his side. Turn to the child and
tell him in a calm tone: “Well, we walked with you, right?
Now you need to wash and wash clothes, but we’re with you
happy and rested, so cope with this work! “.

3. Your baby has taken the toy from another child.

If on the playground you notice that your baby is trying
pick up someone’s toy, do not rush to scold him. Conflict can
solve peacefully:

  • Tactics of waiting. Calmly explain to the child
    that he takes someone else’s toy, which still wants to play her master.
    Ask your baby to wait a bit. Perhaps a bit later master
    toys will share it or want to play together;
  • Exchange of toys. If your child agrees
    on this option, let him offer the owner of the toy you like
    several of your choice.

4. Your baby is crying and can not return their toys

Someone from the kids on the playground can take away the toy from
your child. Even if he cried and came running to you with complaints,
do not rush to interfere. Better use these

  • Talk to the baby. Tell him that
    understand how he wanted to play with the toy and offer
    Together to ask to return it. Another option: explain to the child
    that another child took his toy for a while, soon he would give it away.
    To distract the baby, ask him to swing on the swing or
    ride down the hill;
  • If your child does not agree to wait, hold hands and
    Go to the abuser together. Politely ask the child to give
    a toy for your son or daughter;
  • If the request did not work, have the children exchange
    toys for a while. If they disagree, gently take the toy out of
    hands of the baby.

By following these recommendations, you will teach your child to solve
conflicts by peaceful means.

5. Your baby is angry because his toy was taken away.

If another child has taken the toy from your baby, he can
try to bring her back by force. Awareness of what is
property, comes only at the age of three. Before this kid
it seems that the toy is taken away from him forever.

Your actions in this situation should be as follows:

  • Not позволяйте детям применять силу по отношению друг к
    to a friend;
  • Tell your child that you understand how unpleasant it is, but
    offend another baby too;
  • Have the children exchange toys. Tell that so
    It will be more interesting to play together;
  • Not принуждайте малыша отдавать игрушки и не давите на
  • If your child does not agree to share, talk to another.
    baby Извинитесь перед ним и скажите, что ваш ребенок пока
    can not give him his typewriter, because he did not play enough.

6. Your child took someone else’s toy, which nobody played

Children take different toys for a walk. Then they forget about them,
distracted by other activities. Если ваш кроха подошел к куче
abandoned toys and tried to take one of them, you should lead
yourself so:

  • If the baby takes a toy of your friends, ask them
    permission to take it. Warn your child that later a toy
    will need to be put in place or handed over to the owner;
  • If you don’t know whose toy it is, loudly ask about it.
    If you have not found master, tell the child what to take
    it is impossible without permission, and ask to return the toy to its place;
  • If your baby can’t give up the toy and is ready
    cry, but the owner never showed up, suggest to look for him
    together. Walk around the playground, ask around. Even if not
    you will find the owner of the toy, the child will play at least a little with it, and
    then put in place.

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Dmitry Karpachev: conflicts in the playground. How to teach
child respond to conflicts

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