How to say no to a child – 5 basicrules

�“Mommy, mommy, buy, buy, buy ..! Please! ”- such
words every time heard every mother. If it is, for example, about
a candy or a bun, it’s nothing, but when a child insistently asks
expensive toy, the situation is very different. How to refuse a son or
daughter, how to say no to them? It is necessary to exercise firmness to
refuse your child. If the children feel your slack, they
immediately take advantage of this to achieve their own.


What just do not come up with the kids to achieve their goal –
tears start at the beginning. Many parents are inferior to kids already on
this stage. If this does not help, children use other methods –
make a real tantrum, stomp their feet, fall to the floor and

Is it possible to avoid similar behavior of rejected children?
Как научиться rulesьно говорить for children «нет»? Need to take on
вооружение несколько rules, они обязательно помогут в воспитании
your children. If you begin to put them into practice, the child
gradually learn to calmly accept your failures. Will consider
эти простые rulesа.

5 rules, благодаря которым вы научитесь говорить «нет» своим
for children

When you need to deny a child’s request, it is important that
your “no” was reasoned. If the son or daughter is not clear
cause of failure, there is a chance that you will have to give up.

1. Think over the arguments and be firm.

To reject children seriously, you should bring
several reasons why you say no. You yourself must be
convinced of their decision to refuse, otherwise, feeling
indecision in your voice, the child will increase the pressure. Remember
you cannot change your position to the opposite. If said
�”No”, stand on your own – to say “yes” you no longer have the right. If a
вы нарушите это rulesо однажды, ребёнок в следующий раз не
take the failure seriously.

2. “No” – a word with a special meaning

The word “no” should acquire a special meaning in your family and
value. Having heard it from parents, the child must understand – this
not discussed, further attempts to prove something, ask or
arguing is useless. To parent “no” purchased for the child
such a value, you need to constantly make efforts. To start
stop saying it too often, say it in
exceptional cases.

Приняв решение отказать for children в чём-то, подумайте, нельзя ли
do without a ban? If a вы постоянно запрещаете, говорите «нет»
in almost all situations, this word will soon cease
act. Children simply will not accept your failures.
Try to do without them as often as possible. After all, instead of a ban
sometimes it is enough to warn the child. For example, if the baby took
hands scissors to cut something out of paper, you can
say, “You can cut the figures, but be careful, scissors
sharp, easy to get hurt. ” Try to analyze yourself.
yourself – count how many times a day you could do without


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tell the child “NO”

3. In the family, everyone has a common opinion.

Your refusal to the child should not be canceled by anyone. If a вы не
allowed a son or daughter to take some thing or refused
покупке, будет rulesьно, если и другие члены семьи поступят так
same Will consider такую ситуацию – ребёнок попросил папу купить новую
typewriter, but his father refused. After that, the baby goes to the grandmother or to
mom hoping to get what she wants from them.

In this case, the relatives should support the father, even if they are not
consider the refusal justified. The main thing here is to keep one
position that “no” means “no.” If a же мама и бабушка пойдут на
about the child, then begin to problems in education. Dad in
in the eyes of a son or daughter will be bad, and my mother good.

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4. Do not argue the refusal to purchase high cost

Refusing to buy a new baby toys, which is not currently
money, do not explain to him that she is very expensive.
Маленькие дети этого не поймут, у них таких понятий, как
expensive and cheap does not exist. Better just say no or
try to find another explanation why you don’t buy
a toy

5. Negotiate with children and avoid provocations.

Even with kids, you can almost always find a way to negotiate,
and sometimes it is much easier to do this than to refuse. If a кроха
asked to buy him an expensive toy, and you need the right amount of money
нет, попробуйте договориться с ним о том, чтобы купить её позsame
Why not say this: “Son, I have already spent almost all the money
which we took with us. Let’s ask Grandfather Frost to
Gave you this designer for the New Year. In the meantime, we can buy
you here this machine. The child will respond in most cases.
Agree, and you don’t have to figure out what gift to make
for the New Year.

Parents often create situations that provoke
child, and in fact many failures could have been avoided. If a вы
что-то не разрешаете for children, к примеру, кушать A lot of sweets,
just hide them away where the child won’t see them. Try hard
do not go to the toy store with the children, so as not to provoke
their. In doing so, you will not often have to deny your child his

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