How to return a flat stomach after childbirth for 1month? 3 tricks

A flat stomach is an important element of a beautiful figure. After
weight gain, childbirth and just with age this part of the woman’s body
changes, but to regain its former attractiveness never


Tightening the stomach is not easy, but if you want, you can do it
in just one month. No need to fatigue yourself tough
diets and hunger. The main thing is to approach the problem in a complex way:
eat right and do exercises.

1. Diet for a flat stomach

If you dream of a beautiful belly, you will have to adjust
your eating behavior. Starve yourself and abide
низкоуглеводные диеты нельзя
. They allow you to quickly reduce
weight, but you have to pay for it with folds of excess skin,
bruises under the eyes, earthy complexion and bad

The main principles of a flat stomach diet are healthy and
good nutrition plus a feeling of fullness. When selecting a diet
It is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  1. Fractional power. There are need small
    portions at intervals of 3-4 hours.
  2. Refusal of harmful drinks. Sweet
    carbonated water and alcohol – under the ban.
  3. Refusal from sweets. Sugar products
    can be replaced by dried fruit.
  4. Light dinner. In the evening, be limited to natural
    yogurt or fresh apple.
  5. Drinking mode. Daily dose of water – from 1.5

With this diet, the body will not be stressed,
but will receive the necessary food. Your metabolism will accelerate,
and fats will break down faster. As a result, you will achieve
lasting effect: after returning to the usual diet pounds
will not return.

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after childbirth without harm to the child

2. Exercises for a beautiful press

Due to proper nutrition, body fat will split. but
the stomach will not look tight if the muscles remain weak.
Therefore, it is important to combine diet with exercise. They
will contribute to strengthening the press and speeding up the metabolism.
As a result, where there used to be fat, muscle mass will appear.


You need to train about three times a week, performing each
Exercise 3 sets of 15-30 times. During training, watch out for
breathing: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

ploskii` zhivot

The following exercises are effective:

  1. Twisting. Performed from a prone position.
    The legs are bent at the knees, the hands are widened behind the head, the elbows are separated
    parties. Taking a breath, tear off the body from the floor and reach for your knees.
    Exhale, again lie on your back.
  2. Diagonal twisting. Initial position –
    also. Lay your right foot on your left knee. Take a breath
    head and shoulder blades from the floor, trying to reach the left elbow to
    right leg. On the exhale, lie back on your back. Change leg and
    Repeat the exercise.

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3. “Invisible” gymnastics for every day.

The following set of exercises can be performed at work, on
walk, in a cafe and any other public place. Surrounding even
will not notice that you are training.

Do “invisible” gymnastics every day at a convenient time, and
you will soon notice how your belly has changed:

  1. Relax the press while inhaling and strain – as you exhale.
  2. Massage the abdomen in a circle in a clockwise direction.
  3. Draw in your belly, trying to keep it in such a long time
  4. Keep your back straight. When you are hunched, your stomach seems

Adhering to nutritional guidelines and performing exercises for
press, you tighten the stomach in just 1 month. Simultaneously disappear
digestive problems, complexion improves, blue circles disappear
under the eyes. Your confidence in yourself and yours will return

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How to restore the stomach after childbirth

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