How to restore lactation – 10 mainrecommendations

Why lactation fades away

Как восстановить лактацию

Thanks to active advocacy and information,
most modern mothers themselves want to breastfeed their baby,
because they realize that this is important and beneficial for the child. Sometimes
circumstances are such that, despite the great desire
feed, lactation is extinguished and it needs to be restored. Usually this
happens in the following cases:

  • Lactation crisis. Temporary volume reduction
    Milk is normal. It is connected with hormonal
    restructuring, irregular growth in the baby, recovery
    menstrual cycle at mom and even the phases of the moon. If not
    �“Miss the moment of the crisis (and it lasts 2-3 days), then you can avoid
    effects, further stimulating the breast and more often offering it
    baby After 2-3 days the volume of milk will be restored, and feeding can
    quietly continue. If milk is gone and mom immediately translated
    baby on the mix – lactation will decline;
  • Medical feeding stopping
    For example, if a mother is sick and takes
    drugs prohibited in HB. Also feeding is on time
    stop if mom underwent breast surgery. After illness
    breastfeeding will have to re-establish;
  • Separation of mother and baby. It happens that mom or
    the baby goes to the hospital and feeding becomes impossible.
    Sometimes из-за занятости мамы (учебная сессия, личные дела или
    the need to temporarily go to work) the child can not get
    chest on demand. In such cases, the relatives usually feed the baby.
    expressed milk, but due to weak breast stimulation lactation
    going down. To keep the GW, it is very important after the break to close
    do lactation recovery;
  • Wrong organization of GW. Long ago
    It is known that the rules of feeding the times of our mothers and grandmothers are only
    harm breastfeeding. If young mommy starts
    feed by the hour, water up, give a pacifier and wean
    baby from nocturnal feeding – the baby will not suckle a little and
    milk will start to disappear. (Читаем большую статью памятку
    – Fundamental tips for breastfeeding moms
  • Stress and fatigue. If mom is literally
    pushes himself into the corner, trying to “pull” the whole house on his shoulders and
    to keep the bar high of an exemplary wife and mother, she begins to live in
    constant voltage. If the milk is burned out, it means that
    Mother’s body “rage” stress hormones that inhibit
    lactation. (Читаем по теме: как не сойти с ума после

How to restore breastfeeding

Reducing and even completely stopping lactation is
problem, but solvable. Even a woman who does not give birth can make a difference.
lactation, and even if mom was breastfeeding and temporarily stopped –
The chances of success are very high. In addition to specific actions
aimed at restoring lactation, it is very important to create around
moms have a favorable environment and observe some

  • Actually take a look at the situation and if necessary
    gain patience.
    The less age of the child, the
    легче снова «приучить» его к груди: для toddlers до 3 месяцев это
    question 1-2 weeks, for children closer to half a year it takes much
    more time. On average, breastfeeding can be restored for
    the same time that was “spent” on the extinction of lactation;
  • Arrange with your family for help. Adjustment
    lactation requires a lot of time from mom. With the baby at the breast
    you need to spend literally all the days and nights, so housework
    will have to charge someone else. Can attract dad and
    agree with your grandmother to have a few days for you
    houses. (Читаем: Помощь мужа во
    время ГВ
  • Just in case, find a consultant’s contact list.
    In general, all actions on
    lactation recovery is fairly simple, but if there are doubts
    Do you do everything right – the advice of a specialist will be
    by the way. (Консультант по ГВ отвечает на вопросы на этой

Now that all the conditions for the restoration of lactation
created, you can go to specific actions.

  1. Constantly offer the baby a breast. Sucking
    Breasts with a baby is the most important “tool” to restore
    lactation. In response to sucking, the hormone prolactin is produced,
    который отвечает за lactation. It is even necessary to offer a breast to the child
    when he does not express desire. At the same time necessarily
    you need to give up the dummy because it is in the case
    lactation recovery – a serious chest rival
    (Читаем: как отучить ребенка от пустышки). Let be
    the child sucks the breast, not only from hunger, but also to meet
    sucking reflex. If the baby does not take the breast – not
    stop offering but take advantage of the extra
    stimulation. For this you need a breast pump. You can express
    manually, but this is not always effective, therefore it is better to purchase
    �”Assistant”. At the same time, you need to express milk at least 8 per day.
    time. (По теме: как выбрать молокоотсос и как им
    strain the chest)
  2. Gradually reduce the number of supplements. In
    time break in the feeding will have to feed the baby with the mixture. When
    you will begin to restore lactation – do not remove the mixture sharp,
    this should be done gradually, using the “breast – supplementation –
    chest”. This means that start and end feeding
    should breast milk. By the way, during the period of relaxation
    embarrass the child confusion nipple and bottle, you can give the mixture with
    помощью специальной системы докорма у груди (Эта система
    is a container for milk, from which thin
    tubule. The container has a cord, which is put on the mother’s neck, and
    the tube can be attached to the skin of the breast with a plaster so that it
    the end was at the top of the nipple. Thus, when feeding in
    the child’s mouth turns out to be both a tube and mother’s breast: from a tube
    the child sucks the mixture and in parallel with it sucks the breast. Video
    ролик ниже…
  3. Watch out for food. Nothing
    supernatural do not need. Nursing mom in period
    lactation recovery you need to drink enough water and
    eat a balanced diet (there must be protein in the menu).
    It is not so much affecting the production of milk, as simply
    provides the body with the necessary resources to build
  4. Refer to the popular and traditional medical
    Traditional medicine recommends for
    lactation recovery special lactogonic teas and decoctions.
    Plants that can help return milk – is cumin, anise, fennel
    and nettle. You can buy dried pharmaceutical preparations and do it yourself
    decoctions, and you can use the already prepared lactogonic teas in
    small bags. There are also hormonal drugs to establish
    lactation, but they can be taken only on prescription. (См
    блок с ссылками ниже…
  5. 24-hour body contact. During
    better lactation mother and child better literally “stick”
    to each other. Body contact, especially on the “skin to skin” principle,
    stimulates the mother’s lactation hormone production, and the child
    awakens instincts. Even if the baby himself refuses to breast,
    constantly being in close proximity with my mother’s body, he will
    feel her smell, smell the milk and must instinctively
    will begin to be interested in the breast again. Desirable not only during the day
    always be close to the baby, but at night. For example, organize
    joint sleep.
  6. Warm shower. Light chest massage with trickles
    warm water several times a day improves the flow of milk. Volume
    milk from this will not increase, but milk will be easier to flow out of
    Breasts, which means that the baby will be easier to suck. This is especially important.
    after the bottle, because many children choose the bottle because of
    the fact that with it you can not particularly strain: everything flows into the mouth itself,
    While the milk from the breast has to be “extracted” by sweat.
  7. Massage of the thoracic back. Massage zone
    between the shoulder blades and the neck area is able to intensify the process
    milk production. It is better if the massage will be done by a specialist, but
    it must be warned that you are breastfeeding.
  8. Full rest and lack of stress. Mom
    Be sure to get enough sleep, walk in the fresh air and avoid
    stresses. Stress hormones “block” lactation.
  9. Массаж груди — читаем как правильно делать
    breast massage.
  10. Пейте пажитник.

You can breastfeed your baby, even if your milk
few or none at all:

During lactation recovery is very important.
Mom’s psychological attitude: she needs to act calmly and
surely. There are almost no irreversible breastfeeding situations.
It happens, so you just need to follow all the rules and wait
result. It is not always quick, but if you do everything
consistently and patiently – he will definitely be.

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What else you need to know about the restoration of lactation

  • Stagnation of milk in the breast is not a contraindication for
    feeding, so lactostasis has virtually no effect on
    opportunity to feed. On the contrary, frequent attachment of the baby to the breast
    – The best way to treat lactostasis;
  • Sometimes to suppress an already established lactation or
    prevent its occurrence immediately after childbirth women
    назначают препараты «Достинекс» или
    «Бромокриптин». Both of these drugs
    reduce the level of prolactin and thereby stop lactation.
    The need for such a rough cessation of lactation is
    medical indications. When problems are behind, moms are asked
    вопросом: можно ли восстановить лактацию после
    Dostinex or Bromocriptine? —
    Да, это действительно
    Perhaps, and recovery methods are no different from
    listed above. Lactation is a physiological process, no
    There are no special secrets in its development after the preparations, you just need
    run this one again mechanism. The main assistant here is the kid himself, but
    All related recommendations should be followed.

And finally: the most important thing is the mother’s desire to feed
breastfeeding Women restore lactation after severe illness
operations, long separations with the baby. Examples of those with
it turned out, it is very inspiring, because if others did it, then
you will surely succeed!

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