How to remove the second chin: exercises, masks,procedures, correction, prevention

Update: October 2018

The face plays an important role for a person, being the main feature
individuality. The face reflects not only emotions, but also
age and health. Seeing the first time a person, we
instinctively note and notice three parts of the face — the nose, the eyes, and

It is about the chin will be discussed in this article, or rather –
second chin, which distorts the external features of the face, adds
age and generally looks unaesthetic.

Double chin is formed by fat and skin folds and
localized under the edge of the lower jaw and may sag to the neck. Him
appearance is not always related to age-related changes, but correction
requires time, effort and considerable expense. A number of corrective
methods are available for self-use, therefore
You can try to remove the second chin without the cost of
costly procedures.

Causes of the second chin

  • Hereditary predisposition. Individual characteristics
    metabolism and skin structure, delayed protein biosynthesis,
    leading to inhibition of collagen formation processes lead to
    that the skin in the chin area begins to sag back in
    young age. And if genetic features are enhanced
    by external factors, the problem becomes apparent very early.
  • Features of the structure of the lower jaw, hyoid bone and neck.
    Smoothed chin, low located hyoid bone and
    short neck are also factors predisposing to
    sagging tissue.Как убрать второй подбородок
  • Violation of posture on the background of weakness of the muscular system of the back or
    due to the habit of slouching, low head down, sedentary work and
    etc. This creates an increased load on elastin and collagen.
    fibers and those, in turn, hold less subcutaneous fat
  • Age-related reduction of skin elasticity as a result
    slowing down the natural regeneration and nutrition in the skin and tissues.
    Dryer and flabby sags more easily under the forces of gravity, and
    lower muscle tone in the lower face is even more
    contributes to this. Especially the sad picture occurs when
    weakness of the subcutaneous cervical muscle, along with obesity – is formed
    �”Turkey neck”, which is not easy to remove.
  • Obesity, lack of exercise almost always
    accompanied by the formation of fat deposits in the neck and
    lower jaw. Moreover, the chin-neck area is
    the so-called “fat trap”, i.e. a place where fat is very easy
    delayed and very difficult to leave.
  • Dramatic weight loss. Formation of excess skin not capable
    decrease following the loss of body fat
    sagging tissue under the forces of gravity.
  • Violations of the hormonal background. Against the background of an imbalance of hormones
    there is a redistribution of adipose tissue with the deposition of fat in
    chin area. For women, critical periods are
    pregnancy and menopause.
  • Endocrine diseases, in particular, hypo- and
    hyperthyroidism. A lack of thyroid hormones leads to
    obesity and fat deposition in traps. Excess hormones
    characterized by an increase in thyroid, which visually appears
    through the skin with the formation of goiter. Second chin is typical for
    diabetes patients, especially with experience, when there is
    significant excess body weight and severe deficiency

How to get rid of it

The approach to correcting this aesthetic problem is always
is individual and depends on the reasons that led to the cosmetic
defect. Most often, the correction is an integrated approach and includes
several ways, some of which will have to be used in
throughout life.

  • Lifestyle change, which includes weight control and its
    decrease in case of obesity, sufficient physical activity and
    posture control. It should be remembered that you can not dramatically lose weight,
    because the problem will only get worse. Need to give up high
    pillows, giving preference to orthopedic models.
  • Regular care of the neck and chin area. One of
    common mistakes of many women paying attention to the skin
    persons, century, but forgetting about the lower areas. Leather
    the chin and neck also need hydration, nutrition and
    toning. When making various masks, remember
    submental zone.

Effective exercises

Facial gymnastics includes a number of special exercises developed
to strengthen the muscular structures of the lower face and neck, improve
blood circulation, skin tightening and improving its elastic properties.
They should be performed every day for a month, repeating in
further course 2-3 times a year to maintain progress

Walking with weight on the head

As a weight, you can use a book that should be worn.
on the head for 10 minutes every day, strictly watching the posture and
so that the nose was also strung up.


You should imagine that there is a load on the chin.
Mentally, this load should be slowly lifted, head thrown back,
and also slowly return to the starting position. Make 5-6

Language exercises

Sticking out your tongue, you should try to reach the tip of the nose, and
then to the lowest possible point on the chin.
Repeat 10 times. Another effective exercise is drawing in
air “eight” language. Repeat 10 times.

Lip exercise

In the position with the head thrown back should try
pull the lower lip onto the upper lip, after which the lower lip is maximally
pull down to your chin. Repeat 10 times.

Fist exercises

Fists of both hands should support the chin from below and
try to put your head down while obstructing yourself
fists. Repeat 10 times.

Voice exercises

To get rid of the second chin you need to maximize
facial muscles and pronouncing sounds with effort U, I.

Turns and tilts of the head

Make bends and turns of the head in different directions, repeating

Exercises from a prone position

Lie down on a flat surface and throw your hands behind your head.
Tear off the head from the surface with tension and effort, look
on the toes. There should be a feeling that the body is heavy.
After 60 seconds, return to its original position. Repeat 10 times.



Self-massage – a light, painless tapping back
palm on the neck in the lower jaw 5-10 times daily.
Pinch tricks are also allowed. More suitable for
prevention, but in complex use is also quite good.

Hydromassage and contrasting water procedures – Water jet from the shower
direct to the problem area and produce movements from the center
mental zone to the side.

After such a massage it is good to make contrasting lotions from
salt water, alternately laying napkins on the chin,
moistened first in warm, then cold solution (the final
lotion should be cold).

Also as a basis for lotions can be used infusion
medicinal herbs (chamomile, mint, lime blossom, sage, parsley).
From the infusion, you can make ice and wipe the skin with herbal
diced morning and evening.

Homemade masks

All masks require regular use, at least 2 times a
a week It is better to carry out the procedure at night and complete its processing.
skin ice cubes from herbal infusion.

  • Yeast mask. 1 tbsp. dry yeast is diluted warm
    milk before the formation of gruel, which is left warm for 10-15
    minutes, and then put on the neck and lower part of the face for half an hour.
  • Lemon mask. Сок одного лимона и 1 tbsp. salts are added to 1
    a glass of warm water, stirred, soaked in gauze solution and
    laid on the problem area for 15 minutes. In the same solution can
    wet the elastic bandage and tie their chin, but not
    squeezing tissue.
  • Potato mask. Boiled potatoes make mashed potatoes and
    разбавить его теплым молоком, добавить к составу 1 tbsp. honey and in
    heat form applied to the skin of the neck and face for 10-20 minutes.
  • Mask from yeast dough. The easiest way is to buy ready-made dough in
    store, wrap their neck and chin on the principle of a scarf and
    stand until it begins to harden (15-20 minutes).

Cosmetic procedures

They should be used in conjunction with other measures to
achieve a good result in a short time. Selection of procedures
always individual and depends on the initial state of human skin
taking into account possible contraindications.

Effective procedures:

  • Miostimulyation – with the help of a special device and electrodes
    impact on the nerve endings, which leads to
    active contraction of muscle fibers, improved blood flow and
    metabolic processes, reducing the amount of adipose tissue and improving
    skin tone. Иначе процедуру именуют как массаж для ленивых, because
    The effect is similar to an ordinary manual massage.
  • Lifting – non-surgical lifting with special
    Compound-Biocomplexes helps tighten the skin and improve it
    condition, reduce the amount of adipose tissue.
  • Mesotherapy – injecting in the area of ​​the second
    chin preparations leading to tissue tightening. Will apply
    vitamin shakes, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin,
    carbon dioxide and fat burners.
  • Photorejuvenation – impact on the chin area
    high-intensity light flux (wavelength is from 400-500 to 1200
    nm). Neocollagen and elastin production is activated, decreases
    gravitational ptosis and the amount of adipose tissue, toned muscles.
  • Ozone therapy – an introduction under the skin of the chin area
    ozone-oxygen mixture, which activates metabolic processes in
    cages. Leather заметно подтягивается и становится более
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation – Fat Dissolution
    mental region with the subsequent removal of decay products
    fat through lymph and venous blood.
  • Radio Frequency Lifting – Chin Skin Lift, Lipolysis
    subcutaneous fat, and stimulation of collagen and elastin production during
    exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the range
    300 MHz-4kHz.
  • Fractional laser – thermal effect, having an effect
    lifting (activation of the synthesis of collagen, elastin, the formation of new
    cells), i.e. working with muscle tissue and skin but not
    influencing fatty deposits
  • Vacuum massage – an active effect on the skin with a special
    the device leads to muscle contraction, improved skin tone and
    destruction of subcutaneous fat.
  • Manual massage – effective as a prophylaxis and for
    initial sagging of tissue. Manual impact has
    lymphatic drainage, tonic and activating effects.
  • Salon masks – the most effective masks are alginate,
    algal, salt, and also masks from cosmetic clay. Data
    Compounds are characterized in that they create compression, causing muscles and
    the skin shrinks and blood circulates faster, resulting in
    the metabolism is accelerated, which means the growth of new ones is activated

Surgical correction

Surgery methods are radical.
measures, however, and some of the most effective in advanced stages
problems that allow you to remove the second chin literally
a week The choice of correction method depends on the individual
features, the severity of the aesthetic problem and contraindications.
After the intervention, a certain amount of time (from several
days to several weeks) the patient must wear a special
compression bandage.

It should be understood that the neck and double chin area is not
The best area for surgery. In her
there are many nerve fibers and vessels, the damage of which
dangerously. If you can do with conservative methods, you should not
go under the surgeon’s knife and put your life in danger.

Mini liposuction

Minimally invasive corrective technique to remove
excess subcutaneous fat from the problem area. On the skin are made
mini cuts up to 0.5 cm in diameter, so the scars after
no intervention remains. Excess fat is destroyed and excreted.
The operation solves the obesity problem of the chin zone, however after
its implementation requires the correction of weakened muscles and sagging

Ligature lifting

Implantation in the neck muscles of special threads made of
biodegradable material that strengthen weakened muscular
fabric and correct the drooping fabric. The operation is indicated for weakness.
muscular floor of the mouth.


Methods for surgical chin correction that lead to
a decrease or increase in its volume is shown in the case
anatomical features of the structure of the face and neck. Improved profile
and facial proportions, a beautiful contour is formed and corrected
submental area due to the redistribution of tissues.

When bone grafting, the bone itself is affected.
tissue, but cuts are made in the mouth so that there is no
postoperative scars. The procedure can be combined with the removal
excess skin and fat.

A less traumatic technique is silicone implantation.
facial implants from biocompatible materials to the area
chin, the size and shape of which is selected individually. Such
the operation also reduces or completely eliminates the second
chin through tissue redistribution.

General contraindications for surgical correction of the second

  • Blood disorders;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Diabetes;
  • Severe hypertension;
  • Thyroid disease;
  • Acute infectious diseases and exacerbation of chronic
  • Age (mostly, not earlier than 18-25 years);
  • Pregnancy, lactation.


Prevention эстетической проблемы вытекает из причин ее
occurrence. Those. maximum elimination of factors and causes
which can lead to changes in the shape of the face, a healthy lifestyle
and maintaining normal weight will avoid the formation of a second
chin. Do not forget about regular care for the chin
self-massage, water procedures and homemade masks.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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