How to remove a wart at home – onhands, finger, foot

Update: October 2018

Today, modern progressive technologies in
dermatology offer several physiotherapeutic methods
excision of warts is laser removal of warts and removal
warts liquid nitrogen, and radio wave therapy. But centuries-old
use of various effective folk methods of getting rid of
growths on the human body leads to the conclusion that with their help
remove the wart at home.

It is known that the occurrence of warts has a viral cause, and
it is the progression of human papillomavirus. When infected
very common types of papillomaviruses occur
uncontrolled reproduction of HPV in human skin cells, but only in
If there is a failure in immunity in the body. it
manifested by the appearance of warts, papillomas and warts on the hands,
fingers, toes. There are cases when normal warts disappear.
independently when an increase in the immune response occurs, but this
does not always happen. And if a person has formed incomprehensible
growths, before starting any treatment, be sure to
should consult a dermatologist, because under the guise of
benign formations can occur and other not
safe pathological processes.

Among the 100 types of papilommaviruses, a sufficient number
oncogenic species that can lead to malignancy
neoplasms. How is it better to remove a wart in
medical institutions can learn from our article.

Removal of warts at home may not be safe

Any home treatment may be either not effective or
not safe unless you are very careful and know how to
to produce certain procedures and treatments. Therefore, the question –
how to get a wart at home, the best answer is
consult a specialist, the doctor may recommend the best
options for treating or removing warts in each
clinical case, especially if it concerns the removal of warts
in children. The risk of home getting rid of warts is as follows:

  • Very often inept actions lead to burns.
    surrounding tissue, as well as scarring.
  • The risk of spreading the virus to other sites increases.
    skin, as well as infection in the wound.
  • Even with a not high risk of rebirth of an ordinary wart in
    malignant, such a risk does exist, and the absence
    control procedures and histological examination of tissue can
    lead to negative consequences.

Folk remedies for removing warts at home

If for any reason you decide to remove a wart in
home conditions and do not know how to remove it – among the people
Ways to remove warts can be distinguished most convenient in
application and safest:

  • Infusion of garlic on apple cider vinegar – grated 4 slices
    garlic and pour them 0.5 cups apple cider vinegar, let it brew
    2 weeks. If this infusion wipe the affected area every day,
    You can remove the wart with vinegar and garlic.
  • You can also remove the wart with garlic, making a special
    garlic vinegar ointment, for this 1 teaspoon of crushed
    garlic mixed with 1 teaspoon of melted lard,
    Add 4 teaspoons of vinegar to the mixture. Apply this ointment on
    a night on the wart.
  • Very effective celandine from warts. it известное
    medicinal plant that our great-grandmothers have treated many
    skin diseases. Details on how to remove a wart
    celandine, its juice or essence in our article.
  • You can also use the vinegar essence 70% mixed with
    flour, forming a kind of mush. This mass can also be applied
    on the wart at night, spending several courses.

If you decide to remove a wart at home by yourself, in
avoiding burns, injury to nearby tissues,
use this method: cut a hole in the adhesive tape,
with a diameter of a wart and close up the surrounding tissue, leaving
the tumor is open to various chemical treatments.
means or popular recipes. After the procedure,
The patch should be peeled off and rinsed.

  • How to remove a wart baby? Not recommended for children under 5 years
    remove warts with a laser or liquid nitrogen because these
    procedures are not always painless. But you can try
    use this method – soak a wart every evening
    bath with soda, then gently rub it with pumice, after that
    using the above method, seal the affected area with a plaster with
    a hole, and the growth can be treated with Allomedin, Oxolinic ointment or
    other folk remedies.
  • There is also a way to remove a wart with potatoes, but
    It should be attributed from a series of auto-suggestion or mysticism. Takes one
    potato, cut into 2 equal parts, one spread
    the wart is thrown away and the other is buried in the ground. how
    only the potatoes in the ground will rot, the wart will disappear. Who is this
    Believes, that, apparently, helps.

how вывести wart on finger, on hands, on foot
Ready pharmacies?

In pharmacies today, you can find quite a few chemicals,
which are also capable of removing warts on the hands, fingers,
palms, legs, from any part of the body. it различные кислоты, щелочи,
as well as antiviral ointments and creams.

Before the procedure for softening the plantar or other
warts with the cornified layer, you can use salicylic ointment,
causing such ointment, it should be covered with a film and apply gauze
bandage or patch. After some time, remove the bandage and
steam skin 15 minutes in hot water with soda and soap, if there is
cut off horny – cut it off with nail scissors. Then
can be applied chemicals or folk remedies

Any active chemicals should be applied clearly.
instructions are not recommended when using gloves
Acids and alkalis to use for removing warts in small
children. Among these funds are the following:

Verrukatsid how удалить бородавку

it фенол и метакрезол. Used to remove plantar,
filiform, common warts, dry corns.

Method of application: Apply with an applicator exactly on the wart, not
allowing entry to the nearest tissue, small tumors
just lump enough, 2-3 mm – 3-4 times with a break
for drying the drug, with plantar warts or large
formations 7-10 times with an interval of 4-5 minutes.

In order to avoid burns, the surrounding skin is smeared with a fat cream or
zinc ointment, after the procedure, it is removed with a gauze pad.
Reprocessing after crust falling off can be performed through
a week, only 4-5 procedures are allowed. Price in pharmacies:
180-200 rubles

SuperChistotel – today it is the most efficient
tool for 20 rubles.Суперчистотел

it щелочной раствор — натрия и калия гидроокись (прозрачный

Application: Before use it is necessary to determine whether
growth of a wart or other pathology of the skin. Can be used
only prescribed by a doctor. Pre-skin around wart
should be smeared with cream, then apply a small applicator
the amount of solution exactly on the growth and allow to absorb. For breeding
Warts should be applied 3 days on 1 drop. The price is about 20 rubles.

Mountain celandine Чистотел

Natural remedy, which includes the juice of celandine,
gentian, cocoa, rhododendron (unlike the Super Clean
средство темного цвета) itт препарат помогает не только удалить
wart, but also has antiviral effect.

Use: Apply with a stick or applicator.
the solution is directly on the growth, then you should wait 7-12 minutes
and so for 3 days. Of course, before the procedure
it is necessary to steam out the wart and remove the cornified layer. Price
50-100 rubles

Cryopharma Cryopharma

Cryopharma — это один из вариантов криотерапии. it спрей с
refrigerant, temperature -57C.

Processing is performed using an applicator that
it is applied to the wart, after which the whitening of the skin is formed and
burning sensation. Then в области применения кожа краснеет, а через
blister forms for several hours, which should be processed
antiseptic for a week. Price: около 600

Solkoderm Solkoderm

it смесь различных кислот — азотной, уксусной, щавелевой и
молочной, щавелевой и азотной, поэтому Solkoderm используется
only as an external means and the procedure should produce
or the doctor himself, or under the supervision of a doctor. Application: Pre
it is necessary to steam the skin and dry it, then treat with alcohol, and
Apply the solution with a special applicator precisely on the wart.
Do not apply too much solution after treatment.
It should be slightly pressed on the affected area for better
penetration of the solution. Then в течении 5 минут необходимо следить
for changes in the skin, if not
discoloration of the skin and the appearance of yellowish or pale gray
shade, the procedure should be repeated. how только изменение цвета
happened, the application of the fluid stops. Then в течение
a few days the skin will darken and dry. If this
does not happen, you can repeat the procedure in a week. To
mummify the affected tissue after taking a bath or getting wet
This area of ​​skin should be treated with alcohol. It is impossible
remove the crust by itself, it should fall off
on their own. Price: порядка 400 rub.

Allomedin Allomedin

Antiviral agent that can be used for
remove warts to a child or adult.

Application: The gel can be used for vulgar, ordinary
warts, inflicting it on lesions 2 p / day for 21
of the day Price: более 300 rub. for 4 gr. 500-550 for 10 gr.

Salicylic acid – as well as Mozolin, Urgokr Ургокор

Salicylic acid in the form of an alcohol solution, as well as patches
to remove corns and plantar warts – they can
use for removing warts at home.

Application: Steam and dry your feet or hands as indicated.
above, then can be treated with salicylic alcohol or stick
the patch so that it covers the wart and the sticky tape firmly
fixed the bandage. After 2 days, remove the patch, repeat
procedure to complete removal of the wart. Price: 100-120 rubles.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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