How to remove a tummy after childbirth (7 exercises inpictures + video)

7 exercises

1: Crunch

Упражнение 1: Crunch

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor
shoulder-width apart, fingers on the back of the head. On the inhale, slowly lift
top of the body until the shoulder blades come off the floor. AT
верхней точке – выдох.Количество: 3 подхода по 20 раз.

2: Твист

Упражнение 2: Твист

Lie on your side, legs slightly bent at the knees and
crossed so that both feet touch the floor. Lower arm straighten
and stretch forward to palm on the floor, upper arm –
behind the head. On the inhale, we begin to slowly curl in the upper part
trunk, trying to move in a vertical plane – on the exhale
back in and. n. Do not use burdens to not do
waist thicker. Amount: 2 sets of 15 times for each
стороны.ATажно! do not strain your neck muscles. The loin should not
отрываться от пола

3: Опускание ног в стороны

Упражнение 3: Опускание ног в стороны

Ложимся на спину, руки лежат вдоль тела, ладони
pressed to the floor. Bend your knees and lift up. Having done
inhale, lower the legs as you exhale, leaving the shoulder blades pressed
to the floor. On the inhale, return to i.p. Repeat the same to another
сторону.ATариант: ATыполните данное упражнение с мячом, зажатым между
стоp.Number: 2 подхода по 15 раз в каждую сторону.

4: Обратное скручивание

Упражнение 4: Обратное скручивание

Lie on your back, arms along the body. As you exhale, strain
abdominal muscles and lift your legs and then tear the pelvis off the floor and
climb as high as possible. Reaching the highest degree of tension
press, take a breath and slowly go back in and out. p.Number: 2
подхода по 15 раз.

5: Подъем таза с помощью мяча

Упражнение 5: Подъем таза с помощью мяча

Emphasis on straight arms, palms are exactly under
shoulders. The legs are straight, under them – the ball. Body straight and strictly
parallel to the floor. To take and. p., we lie down on the ball and belly
hands forward. Breathe in, then exhale slowly,
lift the pelvis, bending the body to a right angle, and roll the ball
slightly ahead. On the inhale, go back to and. p.Number: 2 подхода по
15 раз.ATажно! so as not to fall off the ball – strain everything

6: Планка

Упражнение 6: Планка

Take an emphasis lying down, arms bent at the elbows and located
right under the shoulders, legs together. The body and legs should be
perfect straight line. Hold and. n. within 30
seconds.Number: 3 times, with each approach, increase the time by
15 секунд.ATажно! Watch your breath, don’t hold up

7: Мах ногой

Упражнение 7: Мах ногой

Exercise as in the “bar.” Inhale, lift the right
leg up, almost to parallel with the floor. The back should remain
completely straight. On the exhale, go back to and. n. Change
ноги.Количество: 2 подхода по 20 раз каждой ногой.ATажно! Not
bend, swing must be a straight leg.

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