How to remove a baby tooth in a child withoutTears at home and at the dentist: tips, ways and videoinstructions

Teeth in children begin to change at the age of 5-6 years. The roots
milk teeth dissolve, they gradually fall out, and on their
the place formed permanent molars. First reeling
A baby tooth is always a big event for both a child and his child.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why are milk teeth important and is it worth hurrying to remove them?
    • 1.1 Possible complications after the removal of the baby tooth before
      of time
    • 1.2 When it is necessary and when it is impossible to take the child to the dentist for
      baby tooth extraction?
  • 2 Removal of milk teeth in the dental office –
    baby preparation and procedure

    • 2.1 How does a dentist remove milk teeth?
    • 2.2 If you have removed several teeth
    • 2.3 Memo for parents who are going to lead the child to
    • 2.4 Recovery after tooth extraction – important points
  • 3 How to independently pull out a baby tooth at home
    conditions if it is almost dropped

    • 3.1 What to do with a tooth dropped out?
  • 4 The most unusual ways to pull out a baby tooth
  • 5 Milk tooth removal at home

удаление молочных зубов

Only adults have new questions. Do I have to hurry with
removing a baby tooth? If so, how to do it right –
Can I go to the dentist or can I do it myself? In this
article you will find the answers.

What is the importance of baby teeth and is it worth hurry to remove them?

Tooth replacement is a long process that takes more than one month.
and not even one year. Он может продолжаться даже вплоть до 15
years old. Permanent molars usually grow in the order in which
which fall dairy.

In most cases, the natural process of changing teeth proceeds
Normally, there are no complications, therefore the intervention of doctors
not required. It happens, the process is slightly delayed. The specialists
They say that there is no need to worry, there is no pathology in it.

If a year after the loss of the baby tooth in its place
I didn’t start growing
to the doctor.

When baby teeth start to loose, experts recommend
Do not rush to remove them. They perform important functions:

  1. Provide the correct eruption and further placement in
    the mouth of molars.
  2. Helps to develop the chewing muscles.
  3. Keep the places in which the future will erupt
    permanent teeth.
  4. Stimulate the normal growth and development of the jaw bones.

That is why you can not hurry to pull out the milk teeth and look for
for this non-standard ways. On the contrary, you should try
keep them longer. At the same time provide the child with a full
food and take care that he regularly brushed his teeth.

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teach your child to brush their teeth

Possible complications after the removal of the baby tooth before
of time

The loss of a baby tooth is premature if
eruption of the root need to wait more than a year. This can lead to
to negative consequences for the child:

  1. Surviving baby teeth will quickly take the place of the dropped out.
    There will be nowhere for the indigenous radical to erupt, while other permanent
    зубы станут появляться хаотично. So the child will break
    bite, he will need a difficult and expensive treatment
  2. Often in such cases the speed of jaw development changes. it
    leads to the deformation of the entire dentition: the teeth are simply not enough
    places, so they “climb” on each other and bend.
  3. In the vacated hole in the gum may form bone
    scar, is not excluded, and atrophy of the alveolar region. it создает
    difficulty teething molars.
  4. There is a serious danger that the growth zone is injured and
    normal jaw development will be disturbed.
  5. Chewing load will increase, so the incisors can
    be damaged. Because of this, the chewing muscles will not be enough.
    stimulated, and molars grow wrong.

What else can premature pulling out of milk

  • root fracture or aspiration;
  • damage to the nerve and gums;
  • forcing a tooth into soft tissue;
  • breaking off the alveolar process;
  • injury to adjacent teeth;
  • dislocation of the jaw.

For these reasons, dentists resort to removing primary teeth.
only if there is special evidence. Even if there is such evidence,
anyway at first the specialist is looking for a way to save the tooth before
the moment when the root begins to erupt.

If you can not do without a dentist, choose it with a special
care – the child can only be trusted experienced
a professional

VIDEO: Consequences of early removal of milk

Early removal is called premature removal of milk.
tooth задолго до того момента, когда должен прорезаться зуб
permanent bite. After deletion, the neighboring
teeth. A teething tooth may take a wrong position in
jaw, damage the adjacent tooth, or not cut through at all. Early
removing multiple milk teeth is often the cause
bite deformities. Therefore, if the need arises to remove
молочногоtooth задолго до прорезывания постоянного, necessarily
следует проконсультироваться у врача orthodontist. Currently
there are devices, both removable and non-removable, preventing
the displacement of the teeth and the deformation of the bite as a whole.

When it is necessary and when it is impossible to take the child to the dentist for
baby tooth extraction?

Sometimes there are situations when a baby tooth has to
delete without waiting for it to fall out by itself.

Удаление молочных зубов

Нужно necessarily вести ребенка к the dentist,
if a:

  • задерживается рассасывание корня молочного tooth, хотя
    the constant has already begun to grow;
  • inflammation occurs in the gums;
  • a tooth is destroyed by caries so that it cannot be
  • a fistula appeared on the gum;
  • a cyst formed on the root;
  • the tooth is injured;
  • X-rays showed that the root had already resolved, but the tooth, which
    the deadline should already fall out, still reeling;
  • ребенок испытывает сильный дискомфорт от шатающегося tooth.

The procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • acute inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;
  • infectious diseases (tonsillitis, whooping cough);
  • vascular or malignant tumor at the location

The dentist must be very careful when removing
молочного tooth пациенту, который страдает:

  • nervous disorders (problems with the central nervous system);
  • kidney disease;
  • cardiovascular pathologies;
  • blood diseases.

Removing milk teeth in the dental office –
baby preparation and procedure

Доверить удаление молочного tooth можно только детскому
to the dentist. This job requires specialist special skills. A business
that milk teeth have thin alveolar walls, and also roots
they are thinner and longer than the permanent ones.

It is also important for the physician to consider the presence of the rudiments of the molar teeth,
peculiarities of the structure of children’s jaws, mixed bite. Enough
one wrong move – and you can damage the rudiments of permanent

Therefore, a pediatric dentist must be a true professional.
and observe increased caution. And the child is difficult,
капризный пациент и нужно изловчиться, чтобы найти к нему
an approach.

Most importantly, what should be done before the visit to
the dentist

  1. Morally prepare the child for going to dentistry. itго
    do not have to, if you drive it for routine inspections
    once in 3-4 months.
  2. Check the response to anesthesia, namely on those drugs
    which anesthetize in your clinic. If a child is allergic,
    you will find out about this and be able to warn the doctor to choose
    other medicines.

How does a dentist remove baby teeth?

If the root resolves spontaneously, anesthesia is usually not
applied. On the gum just put a special gel. In more
severe cases use painkillers. They are introduced into
gums with a syringe with a thin needle.

In the most difficult situations, general anesthesia is sometimes administered. Such
need arises if the child is intolerant to local
anesthesia, purulent inflammation, mental disorders.

Remove the milk tooth according to the standard scheme:

  1. A dentist with forceps grabs a tooth by the crown.
  2. Двигает инструментом по экватору tooth и фиксируют на нем без
  3. Conducts luxury and removes the tooth from the hole.
  4. Inspects the well to ensure that all roots are removed, and
    introduces a sterile swab into it.

ВИДЕО: Удаление у стоматолога молочного tooth за 3

If you have removed several teeth

For a number of reasons, some babies do not remove one at a time and
не два, а одновременно несколько teeth. In such cases, parents
need to take care of acquiring dentures. They represent
собой пластины с искусственными toothми. If a
потери совсем серьезные, доктор может порекомендовать
metal or plastic crowns.

Using dentures or crowns will prevent dislocation.
child’s dentition: molar teeth will erupt wherever
provided by nature.

Memo for parents who are going to lead the child to

  1. Do not tell horror stories and do not frighten the child with dental
    by doctors. The child will be frightened, and you will not force him to go to
    the dentist даже за его любимую шоколадку.
  2. Start driving your baby to the dental office right from
    diaper “. Do it regularly, then he will get used to the doctors and not
    will be very afraid of them.
  3. Going to treat your teeth, take the child with you to
    cabinet Let the baby know that mother is not afraid, and the doctor is not
  4. Do not show the chad that you are worried about him. Otherwise he
    your excitement will be transmitted.
  5. Stay close to the baby when a tooth is removed. In this moment
    he will need your support, and what else can happen in
    your absence.

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Восстановление после удаления tooth – важные моменты

Each case is individual, so you should always listen
to expert advice (Details on each case
Recommendations are given, of course, by the specialist himself). Still have common
Recommendations that fit most situations:

  1. It is only necessary to spit a tampon with which the doctor covers the hole.
    in 20 minutes, not before.
  2. Remind the baby not to bite his cheek wherever
    put anesthesia. Else when her the action will end
    pretty painful.
  3. Лунка, образовавшаяся после удаления tooth, заполнится сгустком
    blood. It will not allow dirt to penetrate the open wound and will help the gum.
    heal faster. Do not touch the hole or rinse your mouth,
    to get rid of a blood clot. The gums should tighten
  4. Eating is not recommended for two hours. Sometimes
    стоматологи советуют сразу после удаления tooth полакомиться
    холодным мороженым, но лучше вообще ничего не есть.
  5. Within two days, hot foods should be excluded from the menu.
    fermented milk products.
  6. Until the gums heal, you can only brush your teeth soft.
  7. Следующие 2 дня ребенку не рекомендуется купаться и
    experiencing physical exertion.

How to wrest a baby tooth from a child at home
conditions if it is almost dropped

If a у малыша совсем недавно начал шататься зуб, удалять его еще
early. Such a slight reel is absolutely normal and should not
to alarm

5 methods to help pull out a baby tooth
to kid. You will learn how to pull a baby’s tooth out so
for it to be painless, fun and

If a ребенка беспокоят неприятные ощущения из-за tooth, стоит
сходить к to the dentist. Inflammation, cyst, redness of the gums – this is
тоже поводы немедленно нанести визит to the doctor.

In other cases, you should just wait: when the time comes,
the tooth will fall out by itself.

Be patient and try to keep baby teeth until
as long as the indigenous ones don’t start cutting, then you won’t have to
refer to the orthodontist.

If a зубу уже пора выпадать, он уже буквально «повис на
thread “, in the absence of contraindications, you can remove it in
home conditions. If a вы уверены в своих силах, а малыш не
afraid, stick to this algorithm:

  1. Give the child an apple or carrot. Perhaps the tooth will fall out by itself
    while he nibbles. Не давайте чадо сухарями и твердым печеньем.
    Such пища может поранить десну. If a зуб остался на месте,
    start to delete it.
  2. Make sure that the tooth can be removed on its own. If a он не
    поддается, лучше обратиться за помощью к to the dentist. Shake tooth
    fingers to see if he is fully prepared for independent
  3. Rinse your baby’s mouth with chlorhexidine solution.
    Disinfect your hands and nylon with the same remedy.
  4. If a ваше чадо очень боится боли, обработайте его десну
    fruit anesthetic gel or spray. Such funds can
    found in the pharmacy.
  5. Повяжите капроновую нитку вокруг tooth. Distract anything
    baby – and abruptly jerking the thread on himself, pull out a tooth. Can’t pull
    sideways or too hard. The child will be hurt, and there is a risk
    damage the gums.
  6. To restore you need to do the same as after removal.
    tooth в стоматологическом кабинете. Into the resulting well
    cotton swab for 20 minutes. Do not feed the baby for two hours
    and the next 2 days, give him a soft meal at room temperature and
    monitor physical activity.

TORN TOOTH! How to pull out a baby tooth

What to do with the tooth dropped out?

There are 3 options:

  1. Let the crumb leave a tooth under the pillow. At night, he will come
    tooth fairy and exchange it for a coin or some kind of gift that
    you promised your child.
  2. You can give a tooth to the mouse. Then in place of the fallen dairy
    grow strong and healthy molar.
  3. If a положить зуб на подоконник, за ним прилетит зубной филин.
    Invite a child to write a note with a desire, because this owl is not
    simple and magical.

The first tooth dropped is an exciting process, but
keep calm. It depends only on you how everything goes for
baby Удаление tooth может стать для малыша как кошмаром, так и
interesting adventure involving fabulous

The most unusual ways to pull out a baby tooth :)

Удаление молочного tooth ниткой в домашних условиях

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