How to rehabilitate a spoiled child (likeunderstand that the child is spoiled: the signs and causes)

All parents once start worrying about not being spoiled
ли они ненароком своего baby Determine it is easy – you need
just watch his behavior and reactions to circumstances.
Yet each of us wants to be the perfect parent for his
children, to raise him a cultured, educated person,
adapted to life in modern society. Unfortunately, such
idyllic picture is possible only in the movies. In life, even the most
sensitive parents can not take into account the development of all events. Each of
we are deeply individual, so it only remains to point children
the path to how to behave and respond to specific
life situations.

Today I would like to discuss with you the vital for many
родителей проблему – как перевоспитать избалованного baby,
выяснить признаки и the reasons избалованности, а также в этой
article i will give you useful tips that will help control
this question.

The content of the article

  • 1 Signs of a spoiled child
    • 1.1 rolls tantrums
    • 1.2 Constant irritation
    • 1.3 Not имеет базовых навыков и в целом несамостоятельный
    • 1.4 Manipulates
    • 1.5 Too often attracts the attention of others
    • 1.6 Greedy
    • 1.7 Permanently dissatisfied
    • 1.8 Snaps
    • 1.9 Not слушается
    • 1.10 Not хочет помогать
    • 1.11 Notспособность играть самостоятельно
    • 1.12 Irresponsible
    • 1.13 Notпонимание слова «нельзя»
    • 1.14 “Barter Relations”
    • 1.15 You feel ashamed of your child.
    • 1.16 5 hysterical pampered children shot on camera
  • 2 Why a child becomes spoiled – basic
    the reasons
  • 3 What future awaits a person who is spoiled in
  • 4 How to rehabilitate a spoiled child
  • 5 Spoiled baby. What to do? GuberniaTV

избалованный ребенок

To study this topic I pushed the case, which
occurred after the return of my eldest daughter from the sea, where she
spent a month with her grandparents. All anything, here
only she came home a completely different person. Daughter became
always dissatisfied, she is naughty, demands something, and
scandals and tantrums that put me on the alert. The first
time I wrote off the changes in her behavior to normal fatigue
after a long journey. After all, a few days in the car can tire
even an adult, and we are talking about a child. Only days went by, but
nothing has changed.

On my own I could not find answers to your questions,
so I decided to read articles and books. As a result, I still
определила для себя четкие признаки избалованного baby Now i
share them with you.

Signs of a spoiled child

On walks parents often observe such pictures: children
manipulate their moms and dads, roll loud tantrums,
emotionally demanding to buy a toy in the store, all this with shouts,
tears, and some kids even fall to the floor and pound on it
fists. Maybe it will sound selfish, but I have such scenes
always amused. I was starting to be proud of my children because
they don’t allow themselves that. On the contrary, they are very polite and
calm in public places. If my children want something, and I
I will note the impending “thunderstorm”, I will quickly calm them down.

but именно с этой проблемой мне пришлось столкнуться в первые
days after a daughter’s vacation. Such scenes took place with us, and my daughter
also began to snap. I understood: the child is spoiled, so his
urgent need to re-educate.

Signs of spoiled children are different, you need to consider that they
зависят от возраста baby What is acceptable for 3 year olds,
unacceptable for first graders. Therefore, noticing one or more of
signs of being pampered (which are below), try to adequately
evaluate the behavior of your child. If you can, attract friends
friends, so they expressed their views from the outside. it
will help to make a more complete picture and assess how
The problem is running.

So, by what signs can we understand that the child

Rolls tantrums

All parents are faced with children’s tantrums. Everyone has it
baby свой характер, но совсем маленький малыш только таким
the way can express emotions and show what he feels.
If a же проблема становится глобальной, ребенок устраивает
concerts in stores, on public transport, on a visit, because of
little things without knowing the measure, and he is already more than 4 years old, it can be safely
call child hysteria.

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Constant irritation

Even new toys or sweets are not able to change for a long time.
the mood of the child. He wants more, more and more. AND
preferably what he just saw from someone else. Yeah
This is all a sure sign of incipient envy.

Not имеет базовых навыков и в целом несамостоятельный

At every age a child must have certain skills and
be able to perform certain actions. So, naturally, at 4 years old
with a spoon without the help of adults, wear a T-shirt and pants on their own.
If the first grader has no idea where remove your
toys, how to fold clothes, and adults are constantly forced
reminding him to brush his teeth, this is already unacceptable.
Try at each stage of development of the offspring to invest in it new
knowledge and form self-service habits,
development of self-discipline. Most often it is the weak development in these
areas distinguishes the spoiled child from the educated.

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it еще один верный признак того, что ребенок разбалован. is he
may resort to the most sophisticated ways to achieve
desired. In the course is a lie, trying to put parents in an awkward
position, demonstrative behavior – the baby deliberately begins
cry, scream, hysteria loud. Matured children resort to
outright blackmail.

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Too often attracts the attention of others

You yourself can, in principle, indulge in your own moods
child But surrounding people do not have to endure it. AND
довод «is he же ребёнок!» не работает. it не «он ребёнок», а «вы его


itт признак, как и все остальные, зависит от возраста. For
child of 3-4 years greed is normal quality, not yet formed
understanding of oneself and others. If a clear problem emerges,
when it’s a pity for a kid to treat loved ones with even one little candy,
although he has a bag of them, it’s time to think about the reasons for this
behavior. It is likely that the whole thing is spoiled.

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Constantly dissatisfied

The fact that the child shows discontent in everything has become
one of the main problems after the holidays. it проявлялось практически
in all. Not так приготовили кашу, не тот поставили стул, не ту
bought a toy, they did not give the toothpaste. Claims and whims
there was simply no end. No matter what I offer my daughter, she’s not
suited. My patience was already running out, and ultimately I
I realized that this behavior is very far from ideal.
Notвозможность прийти к компромиссу – огромная проблема, из-за
which spoils the relationship and there is a feeling of hopelessness. Not
overlook this feature.


If the baby has become rude and snapping, it means that you
ceased to be his authority. is he начал думать, что достоин
more, and parental opinion is not so important. Stop any
opportunities to be rude to you and in general to any person. Notвоспитанные дети
demonstrate disrespect for elders and communicate with them on an equal footing, and
these are not at all childish requests.

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Not слушается

itт признак избалованности самый неоднозначный из всех
possible. Children are naturally disobedient – this is due to their
age and development. is heи просто еще не всегда могут понять
true state of affairs. Yes, and it is impossible to train a baby,
as an animal, so that it fulfills every desire of an adult. So that
it’s natural for children to disobey adults, but there should be
measure. «Not лезь к плите, она горячая, поэтому будет больно» и «идем
home, tomorrow you will play with the children in the sandbox “- this is absolutely
Different things. In the second case, if the child does not obey, it is quite
perhaps he is just trying to prolong the fun. In the first situation
disobedience to parents does not bode well.

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Not хочет помогать

From a certain age, a child should already have his own
responsibilities in the family. It is important, given the possibilities of the child, to teach him
help loved ones, be responsive. If the child is nothing at all
wants to do, does not remove toys, does not make the bed,
refuses to wash the plate behind him, it is necessary to explain to him
правила behavior. Laziness, indifference to everything around are true
signs of pampered. Notдаром говорят, что труд

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Notспособность играть самостоятельно

Maybe two kinds. The first is when the child is just lazy.
invent something for himself and he needs to be “entertained”.
The second is when he just needs constant attention and approval.
Both options are a sign that he is spoiled.


Not только взрослый человек, но и более-менее старший ребенок
be responsible for their own actions. He should
to have a clear understanding that if he is throwing out toys now, then
then he and them clean up. If he smears a white jersey, he will go
soiled, so it can be called a slob. The main thing –
talk with the child, explain everything to the smallest detail, show
causation so that he consciously commits acts and
understood what they could lead to.

Notпонимание слова «нельзя»

Perhaps the surest sign of pampered. Moreover, on
each “can not” these children react with hysteria, shouts and other
not too pleasant emotional manifestations.

�”Barter Relations”

ANDзбалованные дети ничего не станут делать просто так — только
in exchange for something needed by them personally. Help around the house? Only in exchange
on the toy. Not устраивать истерику в магазине — только если ему
buy what he wants.

You feel ashamed of your child.

If you are often ashamed of your child, if he
behavior puts you in an awkward position and upsets if you
noticed at least one sign of pampered, you need to seriously
think about its causes.

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Почему ребенок становится избалованным — основные the reasons

  • Most often the only child in the world becomes spoiled
    family. If there are brothers or sisters, it disciplines and pacifies
    fervor. The attention of mom, dad, grandparents is divided among all
    children – with the exception of those rare families that have
  • If the couple did not manage to give birth to the baby for a long time, but finally
    it happened, he becomes welcome. He is paid a lot
    attention, his overly wary, although he may not be the first or
    the only child in the family;
  • The roots of pampered can lie in the difference in education.
    Mom and Dad should have the same views on this.
    Still worth discussing with the grandparents the rules of communication with
    kid to avoid disagreements;
  • Lack of control and rules in education. There is a system
    parenting in which the child is given the freedom of action
    and choice. On the other hand, permissiveness, especially in the younger
    age, giving the kid to himself, leaving him alone
    with his problems and experiences, does not bode well. Mom and
    dad should be involved in the life of his child and direct him to
    the right way until he matures. Should be allowed to study on
    their mistakes, but no more. The child must understand that there is a word
  • Notдостаток внимания. Sometimes parents for certain reasons
    not giving their child of love and care. One interferes with work
    employment, others simply have no desire to engage with the baby,
    since there are more interesting activities. To compensate
    lack of attention, parents allow their child more than
    need, give him a lot of gifts. At the same time the baby is assigned to a nanny,
    which educates him by his principles,
    а разбалованность baby ее мало заботит.

Какое будущее ждет человека, которого избаловали в childhood

Psychologists are convinced that spoiled children, growing up, cannot
fully adapt to the outside world existing in society
нормам и правилам behavior. If the child grows under the wing
parents who protect him, defend his interests, then
the adult life of all this will be gone. The world is cruel and no one
will indulge his whims, desires and requirements. Human
it will be very easy to insult and offend, and he himself will take
everything said to him is too close to my heart. The world will be for him
incomprehensible, cruel and hostile.

Parenting given by parents will not be able to fence this person
from reality, and this will affect his emotional state.
Как выяснилось, разбалованные дети, вырастая, обладают
low stress tolerance, more often faced with psychological
problems, depressions, self-digestion, complexes.
they afford to themselves without taking into account current opportunities – this
concerns and money, and health, and other areas of life.

but результаты других исследований показывают, что некоторые
from spoiled children in adulthood became quite
successful. And their success did not depend on financial well-being.
parents or other relatives. is heи всего добивались
on their own. All this is due to unshakable confidence in
yourself, parental support, lack of fear
uncertainty. These qualities have kids who are
under the auspices of their adoring parents. but к этим
research can be treated and rather skeptical. Can
raise a self-confident person with love and support but
simultaneously give him knowledge of real life, and not indulge in
about and without.

Как перевоспитать избалованного baby

Как перевоспитать избалованного baby

Finally, we can answer the main question of this article.
It is important to follow all recommendations and act in a comprehensive manner, and
Try to do everything smoothly and gradually. Treat
этому делу серьезно, не бросайте попытки перевоспитать baby на
halfway, be hard of character. Be balanced and
справедливы, спокойны и терпеливы, не кричите на baby If a
малыш уже сильно разбалован и привык к своему состоянию,
it will take much longer than with children
�”Spoiled” quite recently under the influence of certain
circumstances (for example, like mine).

  • ANDзлагайте свои мысли и просьбы четко и ясно, понятным ребенку
    language. it должны быть именно просьбы, ни в коем случае не
    orders. Argue your decision, even if it does not like it. AT
    Your speech must feel firmness and inflexibility. Give
    baby understand that your decision is final and no longer subject
  • Discipline a child. Make an approximate schedule of the day,
    writing time for climbing, eating, practicing, walking,
    entertainment and hang up. Follow the regimen daily and talk about it.
    with baby. Explain to him what benefits he will receive if he becomes
    Follow the daily routine. If he will object, manifest
  • Be consistent in your actions and deeds. If given
    a promise to a child, be sure to fulfill it if you punished him either
    something is forbidden – stay on your own until resolved
  • Придумайте определенные обязанности по дому для малыша –
    sprinkle food dog, fill the bed, wipe the dust. but
    consider age and development;
  • If pampering manifested itself in a public place (for example,
    in the store, the child threw a tantrum, demanding some kind of toy),
    hold back and do not shout at the baby, do not spank on the pope. Simply
    take him to a quiet place and calmly explain why you don’t buy
    what he asks for. If the tantrum does not end, try
    keep calm, do not respond to provocation, leave. Not
    you need to indulge a child, otherwise he will quickly figure out that parents
    can be manipulated. Stay unmoved. House spend
    strict and serious conversation, threatening that next time
    Take the child with you to the store;
  • Consider what exactly led to undesirable behavior.
    A child gets spoiled for various reasons, they can be
    very individual. First find out what triggered
    problem in your case, and then start re-education.

In conclusion, I would like to note that children are the best
what happens in the lives of parents. Not всегда все идет гладко, порой
we miss the moment when the baby becomes unmanageable. But all
Depends on us adults. At any time you can correct the situation
taking her control. but не забывайте, что ребенок – это
individuality with its own character, which does not break
worth it.

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Spoiled baby. What to do? GuberniaTV

Parental love is unconditional, and sometimes she knows no
boundaries. Often, the consequence of such love is spoiled
baby Today we will talk about what to do if the situation is already
complicated how to behave parents and what actions
to undertake.

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