How to refuse a child in the purchase – 9tips

A variety of children’s products and toys in stores
Often results in major problems for parents. Many babies
take to the habit of throwing tantrums if the mother or father is not
agree to buy the vending thing. To spontaneous shopping,
ravaging the wallet and rooting nascent selfishness, was
less, you should carefully read this article.

kak otkazat` rebenku v pokupke

1. Distracting maneuver

Идеальный способ для того чтобы предотвратить
the acquisition of another, sometimes completely unnecessary toys – distract
child (to divert the attention of the baby to a cheaper or useful
your opinion toy or food). Such actions are especially effective.
to reduce costs, because the baby does not know the price of things and easy
may be distracted by less expensive items.

In the case when the purchase is not provided at all, you can
try to “talk” the child and remind him of the same or
like a toy house, agreeing with him to play on
return from the store. Many children literally cling to
chocolates, chips and other far from useful “snacks”. Here
поможет описание того, какая вкусная еда ждет ребенка дома:
perhaps he is already hungry and will agree to go quietly

2. Promise to buy another day

If you can’t completely refuse to your son or daughter, you can
promise to buy a toy later. This will stop it.
requirements at the outset, do not go on about it, while not
allow tears and frustrations. Most often it happens that a child
quickly forgets about his own request, and then it is possible with success
keep funds in your wallet. Almost certainly the baby is already on the other
he will not remember a day about the thing that he did not need at all. None
however, it’s worth keeping the promises: so will the authority of adults
saved, and disappointment, memorable for a long time, will not comprehend

3. The ability to say “no”


Not every parent knows how to stand firm in his opinion,
когда речь идет о покупке очередной безделушки для baby
But you must be able to refuse, because in the future the indulgence of children in
all can end up in serious trouble, for example,
going wild egoism.
Soft, non-specific failure only
provoke a little sly, he will quickly feel weak
parents who can not resist his demands.
Uncertainty – fertile ground for new requests, each time
all more assertive.

So that the child does not beg for a toy in the store right up to her
purchases, it is necessary to stop such attempts immediately and firmly. Shout,
Of course, it’s not worth it, as well as saying “no” in a tone penetrated by guilt and
fawning over It is better to look the child in the eyes and calmly, but clearly
say no, making it clear that the further altercation

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4. Explanations still needed

As a rule, the mere word “no” is not enough, but excuses
�“No, because I said so” or “just not, and that’s it”
will help.

It is worth saying that a simple refusal without the right to discuss
not entirely honest with the child. He can perceive it.
like inattention, excuse, lack of love for him that
adversely affect relationships. Do not show your
force, belittling the kid and not giving any explanation. Kids too
you can understand a lot, and a reasonable interpretation will be
by the way.

To tell why the purchase is impossible, it is necessary taking into account
the child’s age, after all foggy reasoning about the crisis in his country
just not understandable.
If the required toy is very expensive,
You can talk about its price and compare the cost with the amount in
wallet Also, the child must understand that buying such a toy
may result in the inability to acquire more important things – food,

When a child wants to buy sweetness, other goodies that
it can be harmed, you can talk about the negative consequences of such
products. So, from candy can get sick teeth, from chips – belly
etc. Thus, the baby can understand the refusal without any problems.


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5. Yes and no “in one bottle”

How to repel the persistence of a child, but do not quarrel with him and
seems to agree? Можно применять технику «да,
. For example, when asked to buy a toy, they say “well,
but you already have several such toys, but where to put the old ones for
них не будет места» etc. Sometimes you have to use not
one argument, but then the child will get tired of arguing, and he will back down.

6. Zero reaction to tantrums


Sometimes it happens that none of the described techniques
helped, and the child made a real tantrum right in the store.
Usually this is his “control argument”, especially if he once
already helped get what you want. If you succumb to tears and persuasion
единожды, далее последуют аналогичные действия baby The best
the solution in this situation is to quickly take the baby out of the store (or
even carry on hands), and already alone to strictly explain to him that
such deeds never lead to the purchase of toys. Should also
make it clear that parents will not talk to the baby while crying
do not stop.

To console, to beg the child to stop the tantrum, urgently
бежать в магазин за игрушкой не нужно
! When children
they understand that they will not receive the required things, the first reaction may
be even more crying. But parental ignoring of childish
screaming forces a capricious child to stop hysterics. In future
the baby will surely remember that this behavior will not help “knock out”
of the parents the thing he needs, and will not cry.

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7. Consistency in everything

It is a mistake today to forbid
actions and deeds. A reasonable ban on certain things should
act constantly. Relaxing, you can give your child hope for
changeable mood of parents and a chance to get hold

Бывает, что покупка зависит от поступков baby If a
he, in agreement with his parents, corrected any situation
the decision is quite possible to change – as reasonable

Example: a child asks to buy a puppy, but does not help around the house, and
parents fear that he will not care for him. After
of the conversation and the explanations received, the baby begins to lead
more responsible, begins to help around the house, it becomes more
independent, for which he gets a puppy. Well-deserved gift
will serve as an excellent educational reception that in the future
allow the baby to become more prudent and responsible.

8. Single decision of all family members

The ban must come not only from one family member. If a
someone from the family buys the baby what the other has refused,
educational effect will be completely absent. All similar
decisions need to be discussed with other households, taking a unified position
about this question. When there are dissent, it is required to explain
them that such behavior will undermine the authority of the parent in the eyes
child, and this is unacceptable.

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9. Acceptance of child rejection

Despite the difficulties, you can not force the kid to agree with
failure by the use of force, screams. But will have to try to
ways of persuasion, because the adoption of failure – an important step
взросления baby This will allow in older age already
independently assess how rational his desire is, not
whether it hurts the family and the budget, whether to mention it.

To be able to say “no” is important, but to refuse all
Requests for the child is not worth it. Adults also often make mistakes, therefore
categorical judgments are not always true. No need to once again
make the baby cry, it is better to show love and respect for him,
but – avoiding spoiling.

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