How to reduce pain during menstruation. Folkremedies and drugs

Update: December 2018 When the stomach hurts during menstruation,
sometimes a woman or young girl becomes perfect
disabled. Every 10 women suffer from unbearable pain
with menstruation, often leading to fainting and even convulsions.
It is believed that menstruation is a natural process in the body.
women who should not be accompanied by very strong
spasmodic pains in the lower abdomen, especially not vomiting,
nausea, headache, diarrhea or constipation. Gynecologists strongly
It is recommended to find out with intensive painful menstruation.
the cause of its occurrence since it may not be easy
feature of your body, and be symptoms of serious
diseases or disorders of the functioning of the nervous, sexual,
endocrine system, be a symptom of connective tissue dysplasia
or an abnormal development of the genitals, etc. In this article we
tell you how to reduce the pain of the monthly girlfriend or
a woman that should be taken to relieve pain during
menstruation and determine the true cause of such an abnormal
body conditions.

How to alleviate the pain during menstruation of young girls?

In gynecology, painful periods are divided into
primary when the girl is from the very beginning of the formation of menstruation
never had painless menstruation and secondary when strong
menstruation pain occurs in women after 30 years on the background
various infectious and inflammatory diseases of female genital
organs, hormonal disruptions, after surgery and

According to many women and doctors, primary algomenorrhea
(pain during menstruation) can independently pass after birth
the woman of the child, then the uterus will become less painful to contract
during menstruation. But, if this does not happen, moreover, if
a young woman can not get pregnant and she has a whole
a complex of symptoms as before menstruation – premenstrual
syndrome, and during menstruation, be sure to pass
comprehensive examination not only at the gynecologist, but also at such
specialists like a gastroenterologist, phthisiologist, gynecologist, neurologist,
endocrinologist, osteopath, psychotherapist.

Since the main causes of painful periods in girls
there may be common systemic diseases like dysplasia
connective tissue, manifested in the development of curvature
spine, gastrointestinal dysfunction, frequent dislocations, varicose
varicose veins of the legs and pelvic organs. Also cause primary
algomenorrhea can be genital tuberculosis leading to
abnormalities of the development of the genital organs, mammary gland underdevelopment,
uterus and uterine appendages, which is the cause of persistent infertility.
Various diseases of the nervous system, mental disorders,
emotional instability in girls may be due to the fact
same genital tuberculosis or to be an independent violation,
having hereditary or congenital roots.

Given the above, you should first exclude these pathologies,
and then based on the establishment or exclusion of these diagnoses
decide on pain relief methods for menstruation.

Non-Drug Pain Relief for Menstruation

To reduce pain during menstruation in girls with primary
algomenorea may be enough use
non-drug methods of dealing with painful periods, such

  • Stress management

It’s very easy to say, but hard enough to learn.
relax, calm down, not get upset, deal with
stresses. In our difficult time, the abundance of negative information,
the bitterness of the people around them, financial problems, failures in
personal relationships are subject to the modern woman to permanent
emotional turmoil. Thought – material, if able
cope with yourself and tune in to a certain positive wave,
you can deal with any problem, you should only constantly
work on yourself, control your thoughts, don’t pay attention
on trivia, properly prioritize. This helps
Yoga classes, meditation.

  • Smoking and alcohol

It does not sound trite, but the rejection of these habits can
reduce pain during menstruation. Female body is not
able to cope with nicotine and alcohol attack, since
male. Smoking is very detrimental to all female
body, provoking early aging, painful periods,
bringing menopause closer, provoking the emergence of various diseases and
increasing the risk of cancer. Nowadays
cancer tension when cancer strikes even young
women of childbearing age, if you add more and nicotine
daily poisoning and alcohol intoxication, it loads
the immune system that gradually ceases to destroy cancerous
cells and allows them to grow.

  • Bodyflex yoga classes

When pain during menstruation should be limited to physical
activity and sex during the second phase of the menstrual cycle,
however, in the first phase it is very useful to do yoga or
Bodyflex Why? These two types of exercise have
positive effects on the female genital organs since
when doing yoga, and with Bodyflex there is a powerful massage
internal organs, and pelvic organs as well. These
exercises promote resorption of adhesions, stimulate ovulation, and
generally have a beneficial effect on respiratory and
musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems

  • Diet

Proper nutrition has a positive effect not only on
relief of pain during menstruation, but also on general health. Behind
a few days before your period you should eat as much fruit
and vegetables, do not overeat, especially should be limited
the use of fatty and sweet food, flour and refined
products, exclude fast food, sausages, meat and dairy
products. It should be consumed more fluid, up to 2 – 2.5 liters in
a day, better if it is not tea and coffee, but mineral water,
freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices – carrot, beetroot,
apple, orange, pineapple, and also hot herbal teas are helpful
with chamomile, mint.

  • Avoid hypothermia

Any hypothermia, thin pantyhose in the cold, poor quality
autumn and winter shoes that make feet wet and cold
rainy season, provoke inflammatory processes in the small
pelvis, causing salpingitis, adnexitis (see inflammation of the appendages –
symptoms and treatment), disrupting the menstrual cycle and leading to
painful menstruation and even infertility.

  • If you experience severe pain, you can press your legs to your chest and
    put a heating pad on your stomach

How to relieve pain during menstruation? Attach a bottle of warm water.
or a hot-water bottle to a stomach and lie down having pressed legs to a breast, it
promotes blood flow and reduces painful cramps,
keep the heating pad should be no more than 15-20 minutes, otherwise it may
increase bleeding.

  • Fresh air

Sometimes being in a stuffy room aggravates the condition
increases pain during menstruation, if you go out into the fresh air, take a walk
в парке, или просто хорошо проветрить помещение  — это может
relieve the condition, reduce headache, and pain below

  • It is very important to preserve the first pregnancy during the primary

The first medical abortion (consequences) in a woman with
painful menstruation may trigger further development
infertility and aggravate soreness during the flow of menstruation.
After pregnancy, in most cases, pain decreases with

  • Physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture

A fairly effective method of physiotherapy treatment.
is electrophoresis on the solar plexus zone with novocaine,
the doctor may prescribe 6-8 sessions with the expectation that by the beginning
menstruation complete treatment. It is also possible to conduct various
вариантов рефлексотерапии, акупунктуры  — общий, точечный
massage, cupping therapy, bloodletting with the help of hirudotherapy
also have a beneficial effect on the entire body and on
genital organs including, however, such treatments are better
trust the professionals. If there is no possibility of treatment
Massage before menstruation, during menstruation, you can independently
do a passive massage with Kuznetsov applicator, attach
his lower back and lie on his back, soak for 10-15 minutes.

  • Keep track of methods and menstruation calendar

Girls and women with painful periods should be kept
calendar of the nature and symptoms of menstruation. It should
specify the duration of menstruation, the duration of the menstrual period
cycle, bleeding intensity, scanty monthly or abundant
menstruation (uterine bleeding), as well as the nature, localization
pain, other symptoms accompanying menses. Women
aspiring to become pregnant, also in the calendar can be considered
basal temperature that helps in determining ovulation. AT
monthly diary is to fix the options of therapy carried out
for pain relief, it will help further to determine
effectiveness of a particular means or method of pain relief, and
также поможет вспомнить и описать свои симптомы при посещении

  • Compliance with sleep, work, rest

A full 8-10 hour sleep, adherence to the day and nutrition,
the habit of going to bed at exactly the same time, not to allow
overwork is simple advice, but very effective. Compliance
Regime in everything – soothes the nervous system, makes life
размеренной и спокойной, помогает справляться со stresses.

Как уменьшить боль при месячных

Medications to reduce pain during

  • Sedatives

If the monthly girls are accompanied by significant
neuropsychiatric signs such as a change in perception
smells, taste disturbance, unmotivated weakness, hysteria,
irritability, depressive mood, anorexia,
then you should use sedatives – tincture or
valerian tablets, Relanium, Trioxazin and other sedatives
medications prescribed by a doctor.

  • Анальгетики, спазмолитики, НПATС

If all the listed non-drug means do not give
relief to reduce pain during menstruation spasmolytics are shown,
такие как Спазган, Но-шпа  и нестероидные
anti-inflammatory drugs – Ketanov, Ibuprofen, Butadion,
Nise The safest among these agents is No-shpa or
Domestic analogue of Drotaverine hydrochloride, Papaverine, they
allowed for use even during pregnancy, can be applied immediately
2 tablets up to 3 times per day. НПATС, конечно, обладают более
pronounced analgesic effect, however, they have a number of adverse
effects, negatively affecting all systems and organs,
especially on the digestive tract, central nervous system.

  • Hormonal oral contraceptives

At the recommendation of the gynecologist during primary algomenorrhea, to
get rid of pain during menstruation, hormonal
Contraceptive drugs such as Ovidon, Antiovin, Triziston,
Diane-35, Yarin (see the list of all oral contraceptives), and
use of drugs from natural progestins,
for example, Duphaston.

  • ATитамины и минералы

It is advisable to get all the vitamins with food, fruit
and vegetables, but if you take a biochemical blood test and set
lack of specific vitamins or minerals can
fill the deficiency with the help of vitamin complexes or individual
vitamins in injections. Most often women are deficient
кальция — можно принимать Кальций Д3, витамины группы AT, витамин Е,
магне AT6.

Лечение вторичной algomenorrhea

When a woman who already has children begins to have pain when
menses, сопровождающиеся дополнительными комплексами симптомов
– nausea, headache, depression, fainting, tachycardia,
pain in the joints, itching of the skin – this is due to the development of various
diseases of the endocrine, nervous, vegetative-vascular systems, or
caused by various pathologies and diseases of the female genital

Most often, secondary algomenorrhea appears in endometriosis,
polyps in the uterus, adhesions in infectious and inflammatory
genital diseases – salpingitis, oophoritis,
salpingoophoritis, as well as for cancer of the uterus, ovarian cancer, varicose veins
varicose veins in the abdomen and lower limbs, with pelvic
neuritis, with cicatricial cervical stenosis from frequent medical
abortions, intrauterine devices, diagnostic
scraping and other surgical operations.

Therefore, to relieve pain during menstruation with secondary
algomenorrhea следует лечение направлять на устранение причины,
treatment of the disease that caused such a violation. Sometimes wrong
installed intrauterine contraceptives promote development
pain during menstruation, in which case they should be removed. With
adhesive processes, endometriosis or genital tumor lesions
organs are recommended appropriate therapy or surgical
operations, after which a rehabilitation course is appointed,
physiotherapy and spa treatment.

How to get rid of pain during menstruation? With вторичной альгоменорее,
as well as with the primary one you can try to ease the pain with
monthly non-drug methods. With отсутствии эффекта от
they show medication methods, symptomatic therapy,
основанная на уменьшении болей при menses посредством
спазмолитических и НПATП, успокоительных препаратов для ослабления
psycho-emotional symptoms.

Folk средства – как избавиться от боли при месячных

Folk средства по уменьшению болей при menses основаны
on the application of various fees of medicinal herbs. However, it should
Remember that any medicinal plant or herb collection is
the same medicine as tablets with possible
contraindications and allergic reactions. If a woman has
tendency to allergic manifestations then be very careful
use herbs to test the body’s response to each
means. Infusions of herbs are recommended to take warm and drink.

  • Root elecampane- 1 teaspoon pour a glass of boiling water,
    Insist 1 hour, take 1 tablespoon of 3 p / day.
  • Horsetail – for the preparation of infusion, you need 1 tbsp. a spoon
    pour 300 ml of boiling water, insist for one hour, use every hour
    on 50 mg., to increase a reception interval in process of a pain subsiding.
  • Сбор –  лапчатка гусиная, золототысячник, хвощ полевой,
    трава спорыша, в соотношении 5:3:1:5, одну столовую a spoon смеси
    pour a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour, take 1 sip
    в течение всего первого дня monthly
  • Celery root odorous – 2 tbsp. spoons should be poured over a glass
    clean cold water, insist 2 hours, strain, take a third
    cups 3 p / day.
  • Forest strawberry leaves – 1 tbsp. spoon pours 1 cup
    cold water, infused for 6-8 hours a day should be drunk
    half a cup.
  • Collection – valerian root, peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers in
    the ratio of 1: 1: 2, boiling water pour 1 tbsp. a spoon смеси, настаивать
    half an hour, take 3 p / day 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Листья малины –  3 ч.ложки листьев залить 1 стаканом
    boiling water, insist 15 minutes, take in sips for
    of the day

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