How to reduce hot flashes during menopause will helplocal anesthesia

Update: February 2019

When a woman approaches 40-50 years old, the body
there is a natural extinction of reproductive ability,
hormonal changes change, the first signs of menopause appear.
Among all the symptoms of premenopause, the most frequent (70% of women)
are vascular paroxysms, these are the so-called hot flashes,
which cause the greatest discomfort in women. Tides are
when blood pressure suddenly rises suddenly,
bouts of fever, increased sweating and palpitations (see
menopause in women – symptoms, treatment). In severe cases, such
symptoms may plague, pursue a woman several times in
day, which significantly affects the quality of life. How to get rid of
tides during menopause?  There are both hormonal and
non-hormonal drugs for menopause, which can reduce these
manifestations. However, hormone replacement therapy has
a lot of contraindications and side effects, the most serious of
which – the risk of developing oncology and the risk of
cardiovascular disease. For this reason, highly relevant
search for new effective methods of treatment, new drugs for
menopause in women.

Chicago Northwestern University Specialists Offer
the intensity and frequency of hot flashes during menopause is reduced by
anesthetic injections in the neck, more precisely in the place of stellate
ganglion Such a blockade of the stellate ganglion can help reduce
severity of menopause symptoms by 50% in case it has a bright
pronounced, moderate or severe.


Как уменьшить приливы при климаксе US scientists
tested a new technique on women who had
intense flushing for both surgically induced menopause and
with its natural occurrence. 40 women aged 35-65 years
вводили гидрохлорид бупивакаина — местный анестетик в область
звездчатого ganglion

Such injections can be made only by an experienced
a trained specialist, since violating the rules for
procedures can cause convulsions, pneumothorax, voice paralysis
ligaments, loss of consciousness. The star ganglion region is nervous
the node located between the carotid artery and the thyroid gland he
formed at the confluence of the first thoracic and lower cervical
sympathetic ganglia.

Half of the tested women received placebo infections on the same day.
область, другой производилась блокада звездчатого ganglion
Experimental group volunteers indicated that during
half a year they have decreased the frequency and intensity of tides by 50%,
moreover, they stated that the mood was noticeably improved,
memory and decreased symptoms of depression, which in the period of premenopase
always present. Therefore, to reduce hot flashes during menopause
You can use the new modern methods of local blockade.

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