How to reduce cholesterol without drugs

Update: November 2018

Everyone knows that cholesterol contributes to the formation of
vascular walls of cholesterol plaques that are dangerous because
as a result of their cracking, favorable conditions are created for
thrombosis. That is, in the place where de has settled a lot
cholesterol, plaque is formed, which gradually narrows the lumen
vessel, and when cracking contributes to the formation in this place
thrombus A formed thrombus may burst, leading to such
Vascular disasters like:

  • myocardial infarction
  • stroke
  • pulmonary embolism
  • sudden coronary death.

Research experts indicate that in countries where
population has an average elevated cholesterol level
the incidence of various cardiovascular diseases. However, not all
so unequivocally and categorically “blaming” for this alone
elevated cholesterol is impossible. In an effort to reduce it
blood levels do not forget that it forms cellular
membranes, vessel walls, and “patches” defects of the vascular wall, and
90% of it accumulates in the tissues. And if his level is low, any
vascular defect can lead to the same hemorrhagic
strokeу или тому же инфаркту (см. норма плохого и хорошего
blood cholesterol).

For normal functioning of the body, for growth and
maintaining fat in the tone of muscle mass
low density cells (bad cholesterol), with a deficiency of which
weakness, swelling, muscle pain (myalgia), muscular
dystrophy. Low cholesterol increases the risk of developing
anemia, diseases of the nervous system, liver, and even suicide and
early mortality.

Thus, the time when cholesterol reduced everything and everyone,
has passed After the scandalous revelations of the English medical
magazine cholesterol lowering statins and
their fellow researchers, even cardiologists with caution
relate to a cardinal drop in cholesterol in the blood and body
(see statins are dangerous to health).

Therefore, dietary cholesterol reduction measures should
prescribed by a doctor according to strict indications. Overdo it in this
areas as bad as not to control.

Watch for cholesterol levels is necessary, especially for people with excess
weight, with heart disease, hypertension, men and women after
40 years. Maintain normal lipid levels by
diet and active lifestyle. And if the level is already increased, as
lower cholesterol without drugs? What foods reduce cholesterol
in blood?

Ways to reduce cholesterol in the blood without drugs

Use in the daily diet of products that reduce
cholesterol is certainly the main among all possible
options to combat high levels of lipids. Now we talk about
other equally important ways to reduce cholesterol without

Not many people know that a low level of good, “useful”
cholesterol also plays a crucial role in the development of atherosclerosis,
vascular occlusion because this type of cholesterol fights against
the formation of the notorious plaques. Therefore, a decrease in its level
complex with high “bad” cholesterol – is the most
dangerous combination that increases the risk of atherosclerosis and CVD.

Raise the level of “good” cholesterol and reduce the “bad” can
using physical activity

Famous cardiologists around the world claim that physical
exercises reduce the accumulation of cholesterol blocks in the arteries:

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  • Exercise is able to clean the blood of excess
    fat intake with food. If lipids fail long
    linger in the vessels, they have no chance to settle on their walls.
    Moreover, it is running that contributes to the rapid decrease in the level of arteries
    food obtained fat. Experts estimate that runners are 70%
    faster and better able to get rid of fat in the vessels
    than individuals who are just engaged in physical exercise.
  • Even if you just keep the body, muscle mass in tone with
    with the help of manual labor in the open air in the country, with the help
    gymnastics, bodyflex, dancing and just long walks in
    park area – it gives a positive mood, a feeling of joy,
    happiness, and increases emotional and muscle tone. what
    It has only a positive effect on the state of the vessels.
  • For older people or already suffering from different
    vascular and heart diseases, daily 40 minute moderate
    прогулка сокращает на 50% риск смерти от strokeа или инфаркта.
    However, in elderly people, when walking, the pulse should not
    from the usual more than 15 beats per minute (see also
    pain in the heart area). In everything follows abide by measure and excessive
    loads can worsen the condition and reduce the production of useful

If body fat in a woman or man is concentrated in
waist and body resembles an apple, not a pear – this is a factor
risk for the development of diabetes, angina pectoris, hypertension and
atherosclerosisа. The maximum allowable waist size for a man is 94 cm, in
women 84 cm, also the ratio of hip circumference to waist is important,
women, it should be no more than 0.8, for men, 0.95. The excess of these numbers
is the reason to start fighting overweight.

Alcohol in moderate doses, good green tea, juice therapy and
to give up smoking

  • About the dangers of smoking will not talk much

This is an obvious reason for the deterioration in quality, duration
life in both women and men. Everybody knows that this pernicious
the habit affects the whole body, there is no such organ that would not
exposed to the harmful effects of smoking – this is the head
brain, and kidneys, liver and bladder, blood vessels and
sex glands. Кроме усиления риска развития atherosclerosisа,
Smoking actively helps to grow cancer cells in the body. To that
modern cigarettes contain a minimum of tobacco and a maximum of other
harmful substances, carcinogens (see video of what made
modern cigarettes).

It is necessary to know! There is enough tobacco smoke
the amount of tobacco tar that is made up of substances causing
cancer in humans and animals. Enough to smear the ear several times
rabbit so tar, and the animal after some time
a cancer grows.

  • Alcohol

With alcohol, the situation is slightly different, naturally, that excessive
its use destroys the entire body, and the pancreas, and
liver, and cardiovascular system. what касается периодического
use 50 gr. strong quality alcohol or glass
red dry wine – to grow good cholesterol and reduce
harmful is a controversial opinion. There are as supporters of such
method of reducing cholesterol (with the main condition is –
no more than 50 grams. strong and 200 gr. weak alcoholic drink)
so are his opponents.

For example, the Association of Cardiologists in the USA does not recommend
no one use wine and strong alcohol as a drink –
product that reduces cholesterol in the blood. Categorically excluded
This method of combating cholesterol for people with hypertension, sugar
diabetes or other diseases in which use
alcohol is not acceptable.

  • Green tea

Eliminating coffee and replacing it with a low-quality green
tea can reduce cholesterol by 15% (but not
packaged, see harm tea bag). Flavonoids that
contained in green tea contribute to the strengthening of capillaries, and
daily moderate consumption of quality tea also reduces
the amount of harmful lipids and increases the level of good cholesterol
in blood.

  • Juice therapy

Это один из методов снижения холестерина без drugs. By chance
nutritionists have discovered an amazing property of juice therapy to reduce
cholesterol. Having developed a course to combat cellulite, they found
способность такого лечения уменьшать количество жиров in blood. Over 5
days of taking vegetable and fruit juices can reduce cholesterol without
medication, naturally the juice should be freshly squeezed (see harm
store juices):

  • 1 day: celery juice 70 gr. + carrot juice 130 g
  • 2 day: beet juice 70 gr. + carrot juice – 100 g. +
    cucumber juice 70g. Beet juice can not be consumed immediately after
    Spin, it should be defended in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours,
    so that harmful substances disappear from it.
  • 3 day: apple juice 70 gr. + celery juice 70 gr. + carrot
    juice 130 gr.
  • 4 day: cabbage juice 50 gr. + carrot juice 130 gr.
  • 5 day: orange juice 130 gr.

Некоторые народные fundsа в борьбе с холестерином

There are countless different folk recipes,
cleansing walls of arteries that positively affect the general condition
human health, but not all traditional medicine methods are suitable
to everyone, since many people may have an increased
individual sensitivity, possible allergic reactions to
certain medicinal herbs or products. Therefore follows
observe measure and caution with any treatment, even folk,
proven ways:

  • You will need: dill seeds 0.5 glass, valerian root 1
    Art. spoon, 1 cup of honey. Ground root, dill and honey should
    mix well. Then add to the mixture 1 liter of boiling water, give
    stand for a day. The resulting infusion to keep in
    холодильнике и употреблять по 1 Art. spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes
    before meals.
  • You will need: olive oil 2 cups, garlic cloves 10
    PC. This is a fairly simple way to create garlic oil,
    which can be used for any dish, like salad dressing
    and other products. You should just peel the garlic, squeeze it out.
    through a garlic press (garlic press) and insist in olive
    oil during the week – excellent garlic oil, reducing
    cholesterol without drugs, on your desk.
  • You will need: 350 g of garlic, 200 gr. alcohol. Of this
    enough to make garlic tincture, such an amount
    chop garlic in a meat grinder and pour a glass of alcohol or
    vodka, let stand in a dark place for 10 days. Consume this
    odorous product should be gradually, starting with 2 drops, bringing to
    15-20 drops during the week, 3 times a day before meals, better diluting
    tincture with milk. Then also finish taking from 20 drops to 2 in
    over the next week. This method should not be repeated often
    enough once every 3 years.

What foods reduce cholesterol в крови

  •  Avocado

Among fruits it is the richest fruit for the presence of phytosterols, in
100 grams of this product contains 76 mg. beta sitosterol. Thats
eat if you eat 7 tablespoons or half an avocado a day in
for 21 days – it lowers the level of triglycerides, the total
cholesterol by 8% and increases the amount of good cholesterol HDL
by 15%.

The following herbal products are also rich.
phytosterols – plant sterols that control,
снижают холестерин in blood. The use of these products, for example,
60 grams of almond increases daily healthy cholesterol by 6%,
and reduces harmful by 7%.

Product name The amount of phytosterol per 100 grams

How to reduce cholesterol without drugs

Wheat germ 400 mg
Brown rice bran 400 mg
Sesame seeds 400 mg
Sunflower seeds 300 mg
Pistachios 300 mg
Pumpkin seeds 265 mg
Pine nuts 200 mg
Flax-seed 200 mg
Almond 200 mg
Olive oil 150 mg
Avocado 76 mg
  • Olive oil

One tablespoon contains 22 mg of phytosterols, which
положительно влияет на соотношение холестеринов in blood. Also
olive oil can be used as a substitute for saturated
fat, while reducing the amount of bad cholesterol by 18%.
The ability to reduce inflammation and relax the endothelium on
the walls of the arteries has unrefined olive oil (see
olive oil – the benefits and harm), and if possible, better
use it.

  • Wild salmon and sardines – fish oil

Это рекордсмены по содержанию Омега 3  – весьма полезных
fatty acids, besides sardines and wild salmon, unlike
other marine fish contain the least amount of mercury. AT
red salmon – sockeye many astaxanthin, it is the most powerful
An antioxidant, but unfortunately sockeye is almost impossible
breeding on fish farms. American Association of
study of CVD is highly recommended for lowering cholesterol
regular consumption of fish oil – a natural statin,
since it contains omega-3, it regulates the production of

It should be borne in mind that eating any fried fish reduces
all its useful properties are destroyed, since all useful properties are destroyed.
substances. It means it is better to use it in boiled or baked
generally speaking about cooking in the microwave
we will be, everyone knows about the dangers of any food affected

  • Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, lingonberry, black chokeberry
    rowan, pomegranate, red grapes

They contain polyphenols, which also stimulate the production of
полезного холестерина в крови ЛПATП. When consumed 150 grams
any of these berries in the form of mashed potatoes, juice – nectar for 2 months is good
cholesterol can increase by 5%. The champion among these berries is juice
cranberries, a month after daily consumption of small
the amount of juice per day the level of healthy cholesterol increases
10%, it also contains a lot of antioxidants, which also
help cleanse the body and prevent development
malignant neoplasms. Drinking juice can
combine: blueberry + grape, pomegranate + cranberry.

ATсе фрукты фиолетового цвета, синего, красного содержат
полифенолы, стимулирующие выработку полезного cholesterol.

  • Oatmeal and whole grains

Это здоровый путь к понижению уровня cholesterol. If you overcome
in itself the old habit, for example, breakfast sandwiches, but smoothly
go to the morning oatmeal, and eat foods,
containing whole grains (rye, wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet),
abundance of fiber will have a positive impact not only on the level
cholesterol, but also on the state of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole
organism as a whole.

  • Flax seeds

Also можно назвать сильным природным статином, поскольку семя
flax contains omega-3 fatty acids that help normalize
уровня cholesterol.

  • Polycarboyl

The source of this substance is sugarcane. Him
produce as dietary supplements in capsules, it prevents the formation of
blood clots, lowering LDL levels, regulating blood pressure, also
promotes weight loss with obesity.

  • Beans and Soy Products

They reduce cholesterol in the blood due to the abundant content in
them soluble fiber, in addition, the protein content of these
products can replace red meat, harmful to the heart and blood vessels.
You can eat foods from fermented soybeans – Tempe, miso,

  • Garlic

This is a powerful natural statin, garlic slows production
low density lipoproteins, but to feel the effect, its
should be used for a long time at least month or
even 3 months. The disadvantage of this product is that not all
can use hot spices (for gastritis, ulcers, etc.
gastrointestinal tract diseases garlic is contraindicated).

  • Red fermented rice

AT азиатской кухне ранее экстракт красного ферментированного риса
used as a flavoring and coloring agent. Then it turned out that
monacolin K (a fermentation byproduct) reduces
triglycerides, but now selling this natural statin in
some countries is prohibited.

  • White cabbage

For Russians, it is the most affordable and simple product that
always there in the house. Among other vegetables that can reduce
cholesterol and eliminate it from the body, it leads. Moreover, her
use is useful in any form – and fermented, and stewed, and
fresh – it should be in the diet of a person seeking to reduce
cholesterol, at least 100 grams daily.

  • Commiphora muculus and yellow root canadian (curcumin)

Kommifor mukul is an Arabian myrtle or guggul plant
contains a sufficient amount of healing resin that reduces
cholesterol. Sell ​​kommiforu capsules or tablets. Curcumin
(желтокорень канадский) также эффективно снижает cholesterol.

  • Greens in any form

Artichoke, spinach, lettuce, parsley, dill, onion – leafy vegetables,
greens, rich in lutein, dietary fiber,
carotenoids that lower low density cholesterol and
reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

  • Replace plain white bread, bread and cookies with oatmeal
    biscuits, bran bread, wholemeal, whole crackers
  • Grape seed oil and rice bran also improve
    правильное соотношение плохого и хорошего cholesterol.
  • Sea buckthorn, apricots, dried apricots, prunes, carrots, onions and garlic –
    it’s also very affordable for every Russian
  • Red grapes, red wine, peanuts – contain resveratrol,
    which also contributes to improving the performance of good and
    снижению плохого cholesterol.

Menu with cholesterol lowering foods


  • Oatmeal, or boiled brown rice, or any cereal
    porridge with olive oil, omelette of egg whites
  • Barley coffee, chicory with milk, green tea, can be with
  • Wholegrain bran bread, oatmeal cookies

Ланч: Яблоко, любые фрукты, ягоды, отвар
rose hips, whole grain crackers


  • ATегетарианский овощной суп – морковь, горошек, картошка, лук,
    green beans, corn
  • Baked or boiled fish with any vegetable salad
  • Carrot, pomegranate, cranberry juice – any fruit or
    fresh vegetable juice
  • Whole Grain Wheat Bread

Полдник: фрукты 2 шт, или салат из моркови с
olive oil


  • Mashed potatoes with lean beef boiled
  • Low-fat cottage cheese
  • Green tea, можно с медом или молоком
  • Lenten cookies like “Maria”

Перед сном: Кефир или простокваша.

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