How to recover from the flu

Update: January 2019

Influenza and its consequences

Today everyone knows that directly depends on immunity
well-being and human health. It is he who is natural
barrier and protector against all sorts of viruses and disease-causing
bacteria. A common disease like the flu,
a person with a strong immune system can generally proceed as
mild ailment. However, lately not every one of us
can boast of good health and stamina.

Every year during the cold season, favorable to his
spread, influenza is in the nature of epidemics. Per year
Up to several outbreaks of this contagious disease are recorded.
Moreover, weakened people, small children, the elderly
tolerates it very hard, sometimes with serious complications,
such as:

  • Acute purulent sinusitis
  • Acute neuritis of the auditory nerve
  • Diseases of the pulmonary system – pneumonia, tracheitis, bronchitis
  • Acute otitis media

The most common complication of the flu is pneumonia.
After suffering a virus with a complication (joining purulent
infections) there is a weakening of the immune system.

The flu virus is very “not indifferent” to the human nervous system,
which can cause nervous disorders of varying severity.
That is why after a virus has passed, a person feels very
weak, because the fight against the influenza virus is significantly annoying,
depresses the nervous and immune system. Signs of asthenia (exhaustion
nervous system) after flu:How to recover from the flu

  • constant sleepiness
  • fast fatiguability
  • weakness and fatigue
  • anxiety, nervousness, capriciousness, irascibility
  • loss of appetite

If a person has had severe flu with serious complications,
the question arises – how to recover from the flu quickly?
Here are a few tips on how to get back to the former vigorous state and
continue to lead a normal life and receive from life

How to quickly recover from the flu

Psychological calm

The main factor in the rapid recovery and raising immunity –
lack of stress, psychological comfort, positive
mood. This is perhaps the most difficult “task” for the modern
a city dweller, especially a metropolis resident. To calm
nervous system is desirable not to overwork and:

  • If possible, surround yourself with only positive people, often
    to be with family and friends
  • Avoid contact with those who are not pleasant to you.
  • Take more breaks at work
  • Try to calm down to stressful situations
  • Meditate

In practice, these tips are quite difficult to apply, here
A few simple options to help achieve psychological


Try to get enough sleep, go to bed no later than 10 hours
evenings Sound, healthy sleep restores the body well (see
somnolog tips how to quickly fall asleep). If the house has a cleaner and
humidifier, by all means use them to create a clean
humid air during sleep.


Foot massage

This is an excellent procedure to relax and improve.
mood and well-being, improve immunity. Can attend
massage rooms or do massage yourself – buy
special foot massagers, you can use the applicator
Kuznetsova (periodically become bare feet on the applicator on
1-2 minutes within 10 minutes). On the feet of a person are
biological points of all organs and systems, many nerve
endings. If you do this massage for 10 days, the effect is
sure to feel it.


You can use affirmations, auto-training, psychological
set up For example, define yourself not long phrases about
how wonderful your health, mood, etc.

  • My immune system recovers quickly after the flu.
  • I am a calm, balanced woman with strong immune
  • Today and always I am in a great mood, I have everything
    it turns out great
  • There are always people around me who love me and whom
    I love
  • I have good health and my body recovers quickly
    after the flu

Believe me, if you repeat affirmations at least 2 times a day, this
will definitely have a positive effect on your well-being and help
быстро восстановиться after the flu, успокоит нервную систему и
will give confidence. Inspire yourself that nothing in the world
important, neither problems at work, nor family troubles are worth it
so that you get upset, worried, thereby reducing your

Water treatment

Water is able to relax, calm, bring the body into
order If possible, visit the pool. No – take
bath with sea salt, a douche, if there are no contraindications,
then visit the bath.

Physical activity

Не сразу after the flu, а спустя 1-2 недели старайтесь вести
more active lifestyle, go for more walks,
start or continue your activities in sports clubs, very
good yoga, dancing, bodyflex. The surest way
Enhance immunity – is physical labor in the fresh air.

Nutrition and Vitamins

Naturally nutrition plays a crucial role in restoring
health after any disease, a lot of information about it,
what should be proper nutrition, what should be foods and
vitamins. But multivitamin complexes are better treated with
caution as to any drug (see vitamins in
tablets – harm or benefit). Of course, an abundance of fresh fruit
vegetables, greens and high-quality protein foods significantly improve
health status. Freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, boiled
meat and fish, dairy products, green tea quality (see
harm tea bags) – must be present in your diet.
Replace flour products with loaves, pastries with whole grains, bread
with bran.

Drink plenty of water

Not just liquids, but pure water. To recover
after the flu, необходимо вывести из организма токсины, которые
stand out when intoxicated with a virus, drink in a full glass
clean water 30 minutes before each meal (see safe
methods of cleaning the body of toxins).

Herbal, fruit teas

If you are not allergic to herbal medicine fees, you can
take a variety of vitamin fees, decoctions, infusions. Special
rich in vitamin C – wild rose, raspberry. To enhance immunity
you can use ginseng, lemongrass, echinacea, eleutherococcus.
It should be very cautious about any immunomodulators (see
drugs to improve immunity).

Immunity restoration prescription

A good remedy for improving immunity is done fairly
simply. You will need ginger, lemon and honey. Ginger, which
sold in our retail chains is definitely worth (pre
cleaned) soak in cold water for 1 hour to ensure that
by which it was processed went into the water. About the healing properties of these 3
products known to all. Peeled lemon and ginger finely chopped,
then whisk in a blender until smooth, add honey over
to taste. This tool can be added to green tea or just
use as you like.

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