How to recover from coronavirus infection

People around the world are in a panic from a new pathogen from the family mutated genon coronaviruses. This new strain of infection, named by scientists as SARS-COV-2 , thereafter appeared an exchange chains of RNA genes in animals, soon transmitted to humans from the bat. The disease has similar symptomatic symptoms to flu, but different manifestation of critical mortality in the adult generation. The spread of coronavirus NCOV-2019

Is there a cure for coronavirus and how do symptoms appear SARS-COV-2

At the moment, many countries are actively sponsoring the development of vaccines from COVID-19. Novosibirsk laboratory “Vector” promised full development of a vaccine against the virus by the fall of this year, but for now It remains to hope for their immunity, which can overcome any disease. In particular, many middle-aged people the disease is mild, and deaths can observed in the elderly who have chronic diseases. Children and babies can suffer the disease in latent form – that is, they may spread the pathogen, with signs COVID-19 may not appear.

How to recover from coronavirus

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-2019, first call a doctor to the house and shield contact from other people. Do not panic. Middle the recovery period is two weeks. It’s worth relying only on your immunity, so eat foods that contain omega-3 acid fats as much as possible. Eat fruits and vegetables that help strengthen the body’s immune system. Follow personal hygiene, change bedding as often as possible and limit other people’s contact with your personal belongings. Take symptomatic tablets as agreed with your doctors. The disease supposedly recedes within 12-15 days.

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