How to recover a child afterantibiotics


What drugs will help restore the health of the child after

In the human body lives many beneficial microorganisms.
They participate in metabolic processes, promote cleavage and
assimilation of food, inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and
fungi. Вред от antibiotics заключается в том, что вместе со
harmful microorganisms that caused the disease,
destroyed and really needed. Of course, the medicine works,
and comes recovery. But the body will certainly let you know that with
he’s not okay.

The most common and most noticeable reaction is
intestinal dysbiosis. It is his normal work that is necessary.
restore. After all, there is concentrated most of the useful
microorganisms that help the process of digestion. Even
adults are sensitive to changes in the microflora, what can we say about
children. They have discomfort in the stomach, flatulence and
swelling. Food can not be digested completely, the remaining parts
rotting. Then they are or are promptly withdrawn, because of what the child
suffers from diarrhea, or thickens, and constipation occurs.

As soon as the doctor prescribes antibiotics for the child,
Immediately buy reducing drugs in the pharmacy:

  • Vitamins for children (by age);
  • Lecithin;
  • Bifidumbacterin;
  • Lactobacterin;
  • Nutritional supplements, for example, Vervital;
  • Bifiform


  1. Treatment of dysbiosis in a child is best done under
    medical supervision.
    Having studied the results of tests on the state
    intestinal microflora baby, it will determine the degree of dysbiosis.
    After that, bacteriophages will be prescribed, drugs that
    suppress pathogenic flora. Only after they receive a doctor
    will recommend the intake of beneficial bacteria. Given the degree
    child dysbacteriosis, pediatrician will determine the duration of the course
    treatment and dosage of drugs.
  2. To restore healthy microflora to the intestines
    occupy beneficial microorganisms.
    The most common
    drug for the treatment of dysbiosis is Bifidumbacterin (he
    Available in both powder and liquid form). Lactobacterin
    take only after already populated in the intestines
    bifidobacteria. Often used also Bifiform, Normabakt,
    Floradofilus. Although all these products are sold without a prescription,
    self-medication may not have the desired effect if it is not
    be comprehensive.
  3. Восстановление ребёнка после приёма antibiotics
    implies the observance of a sparing diet.
    If to exclude
    from the diet of yeast, fatty, fried, reduce the consumption of carbohydrates,
    then the intestines will recover faster. It is also recommended to refuse
    food that contains preservatives, various dyes and other
    harmful additives. Do not give your child fast food, chips, carbonated
    beverages, chewing gum, juices of questionable quality.
  4. Try to enrich the diet with light and healthy food,
    rich in fiber.
    Any cereals are welcome, except
    semolina, boiled or stewed lean meat – veal, beef,
    turkey chicken Fish and liver are also needed, but they are better.
    steam or simmer. Vegetables and fruits give the child in
    large quantities. Be sure to turn on the cottage cheese menu, its better
    offer in the morning. Before bedtime let the child drink a portion
    kefir or other dairy products. Welcome
    natural juices and fruit drinks – apple, cranberry. They will help
    maintain your own microflora in the norm. Whenever possible
    reduce sugar intake. Instead, you can use
  5. Since the child becomes weak with dysbacteriosis, he
    It is necessary to replenish the supply of vitamins.
    Within one and a half
    months the patient needs to take vitamins C and D, as well as vitamins
    groups B – B1, B2, B6, observing the prophylactic dose. Doubled
    The dosage should be given the child vitamins A and E, calcium and
  6. The weakened body of the child needs
    restorative therapy.
    This will help lecithin. is he
    enhances the production of red blood cells, and also stimulates the liver,
    helping her remove harmful substances from the body. Taking lecithin
    also important because it facilitates the absorption of certain vitamins
    and trace elements – A, E, K and D.

In the case of breastfed babies, all
simple: milk contains a bifidus factor that will help again
occupy beneficial bacteria. That is, babies just need
breastfeed! If the baby has already eaten food before the illness, with him
it is worth to wait until full restoration of normal operation
intestine. Even если вашему ребенку год или два, нет ничего
страшного в том, что он еще «повисит» на груди — материнское
milk will provide it with the necessary substances. If small
fidget will require “adult” food, let’s her small
volumes, avoid fried or fatty foods, so as not to disturb
delicate balance in the digestive tract.

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После приема antibiotics иммунитет обычно ослаблен. To his
strengthened, should create a favorable environment at home:
temperature and humidity should be comfortable, ventilated and
spend wet cleaning is needed regularly. We must try to take care
child from stress, because harmonious environment contributes
recovery. In addition to vitamin complexes, sometimes there is a sense.
drink means to raise the protective properties of the body: for example,
tincture of echinacea or propolis. But, like any drugs,
appoint them to the doctor.

Such manifestations of dysbiosis, like constipation or diarrhea, will pass
after taking probiotics, when the intestines are repopulated
bacteria. But the condition of the child must be monitored. To prevent
dehydration with diarrhea, you must constantly give the baby to drink.
It is good if it will be “Regidron”, but any other
liquid. The main thing is to have a lot of it.

Восстановление здоровой микрофлоры после antibiotics у детей –
the process is lengthy, requiring a competent approach. Therefore it is better
just treat the child with the pediatrician. Special
it is important to follow the instructions of the doctor when it comes to small
children. For their growing organism, healthy microflora is
natural protection against constantly attacking viruses.


  • antibiotics affect the gastrointestinal microflora;
  • после курса antibiotics ребенку необходимо
    balanced diet;
  • children can be given probiotics, they will speed up recovery

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