How to raise responsibility in a child

Каждый любящий родитель осознает  важность воспитания 
in your child’s sense of responsibility. It is clear that babies,
accustomed to the fact that they are completely dependent on mom and dad can not
understand what it means to be responsible and self-reliant. But on
as a child grows up such a skill is simply necessary, because it
is the foundation of normal adult life in society.


How to instill in the child independence and responsibility for their
actions, words, own life, we will analyze below.

The essence of responsibility

From the very beginning, the child should explain the concept itself.
responsibility.  Be sure to become an example for the baby,
for any words without concrete actions have no

Even very young children can be taught to be responsible.
Identify for yourself the types of this quality.

  1. Health and lifestyle. A responsibility
    extends to the awareness of what is good and what is bad for
    your own health, what to do, so as not to cause the body
    harm and not get sick. Even the youngest members of society are able to understand
    that, removing the cap in the cold, you can catch a cold, jumping from a height,
    bang, etc.  Let your child know that sport is correct.
    attitudes and eating habits also affect his
    health. Do not forget to eat right and demonstrate
    positive image.
  2. Respect and respect for people and
    The baby must understand when it interferes with others and
    makes someone hurt, unpleasant. Explain it to the child.
    social status and how it should behave in relation to
    senior. Remember that even a kid has his own “I”, therefore
    do not infringe upon his rights and do not suppress desires. Everything should be in
  3. The value of things. It is important to vaccinate the child
    respect for things, objects of life, both to their own, so
    and strangers. The kid eventually will understand that any thing does not go
    just so that behind each toy is the work of mom and dad.
  4. Words and deeds. The most difficult category
    responsibility in terms of child development. But the same reach,
    As the others. Keep promises, don’t blame
    other, to be able to defend the opinion – all this you need to help understand
    to your child


Involve the child in household chores. Let him be involved by
least force in cleaning, washing, fixing. Not only is the baby
will feel its importance and associate itself with
adults, so it will bring him great pleasure. Not
the secret is that housework attracts a child more than toys and
cartoons. The main thing is the parental approach. Household chores will allow
your child to be proud of yourself, empathize, understand
criteria of well-being and of course cultivate
a responsibility.

It is clear that your daily business with this approach will take
much more time, because the baby will not cope with the work for the same
time, as you, and the quality of performance can expect better.
Your task is to praise the baby, patiently show how and what
need to do, do not worry for spilled water or a broken plate.
Everything will come with experience.  It is very important that the child sees and
father’s role in household affairs, participated in his work. Not сложно
give the child a screwdriver and allow to twist the screw, but how much
emotions and useful skills it will give the baby.

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Develop in the child life skills, independent household
actions. Even a two-year-old crumb can take the plate off the table, or
collect scattered toys. Not нагружайте ребенка непосильными
deeds, or in such a quantity that will take all his free
time. This will cause in the baby rejection and unwillingness to be
a responsibility.


Highlight areas for the child where he will be responsible for cleanliness.
and order. Let, for example, keeps order in the children’s corner,
monitor the presence of napkins in the kitchen, feeds home

There is a choice

Sense of responsibility is inextricably linked to the choice
and understanding what you need, what you need for comfort.
Free up space for your child to make their own decisions. Let yourself
chooses what to wear, what to play, whether to eat lunch or not

Of course, you need to gently guide your baby to
правильному выбору, соответствующему погоде, месту, времени и etc.
Not давите, будьте корректны. �”What kind of T-shirt do you want to wear, this
just green or this beautiful one with a funny bunny? “, – one
phrases with correct accents are enough for the child to give
preference for what you consider acceptable, but at the same time feeling
freedom of choice. This applies if the child is still young,
a more conscious age, the child will understand any falsity.

Preschooler already has the right to decide for himself what will be in his
the room that he takes with him for a walk and kindergarten, what a gift
give a friend a birthday.


Not мешайте и всячески поощряйте самостоятельность baby

Dignity and confidence

Psychologists around the world claim that responsibility is very
depends on from self-esteem. After all, if a person is confident in himself, his
abilities and capabilities, believes that she will be able to cope with
difficult situation, and sees the results of his own actions, he
subconsciously growing in their own eyes and trying to do more
bigger and better, take more responsibility and not
fear failure and blame. This is the same for both adults and

Of course, this does not mean that you endlessly have to praise
child, but also on the misses learn to respond wisely. Thank
baby, and only then tell me that it would be even better if
he would have been more attentive, would not have done something, etc.

Censure and Compliance

Any child is very sensitive to the parent
evaluation. He tries to live up to expectations. If you constantly
tell the baby: “Lossless, forgot the gloves again”, “bummer,
you don’t do anything “,” You can’t do anything, I’m better myself, “you
thereby programming it for the development of negative qualities.

Calmly say about the child’s failure, develop a plan for joint
действий по искоренению плохой привычки,  забывчивости.
For example, think up a funny ritual of checking whether you took everything in front of
out of the house, or in the form of a game as a superhero go
look for a loss. Help the child overcome himself.

Not указывайте

Believe me, if almost army decrees what to do, replace with
a sentence or question, the child will see in another light even those
actions that do not like to perform. Compare: “There is fast and
sleep! ”,“ Take away the toys, I said! ”and“ Let’s eat fast and
will go to bed under an interesting fairy tale “,” Dear, you could not
remove the toys, otherwise we can step in and break them. ” Child
feels that his opinion is important for adults, and to strive for his
behavior to show that he is ready to communicate on equal terms.


Let your child realize the consequences of his actions. Let be
he will come to the conclusion that it’s good and not worth doing. Explain
what is trust, and what will happen if a person loses it. Child
must understand that word responsibility is also necessary.
Tell your child that he has the power to change something, and
inaction in many cases can lead to problems.

Not опускайте руки

Not берите ответственность на себя, если ваш ребенок провинился.
Even the innocuous phrases of the pope “This cat ran and broke the plate, and
not Misha, “can lead to the fact that the child will understand how
shift responsibility and avoid reprimand and punishment.

Even if your baby stubbornly does not want to become independent,
do not give up and wait patiently for the results. Not сдавайтесь.

To raise a responsible person is not easy, but
you, as loving parents, need to understand the importance of such


Notice and praise your child’s achievements, even small ones
his victories could cost the kid a lot of effort. Donated
the appliqué left by the nibble you personally is a signal
to you that the baby loves you and is ready to sacrifice something and
share. Consult with the child, correct his actions and
help in every way, make his life not boring, not composed
from one tasks and affairs.

The results of your diligence and patience will not keep you waiting long.
Emotional support, pride in achievement,
sincere interest in the child and his success – this is what is
most important for personal growth and harmonious development of your

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