How to raise an honest child

Fostering honesty in childhood is
challenging but extremely important task. Parents often do not understand
how to react to a lie, and disciplinary methods do not always decide
the problem. If you want your child to trust you, he is responsible for
their actions, built a fair relationship, help him
realize what sincerity is and draw a clear line between
true and deception. We offer some simple tips that
help you raise honest children.

пиннокио честность в детях

  • Show an example of honesty. Main rule
    family education – to be a model of behavior for your child.
    Any reasoning about an honest lifestyle, morals and right
    deeds are broken about your personal example that children see
    everyday. Every time you say in transport that
    a child less than seven years old so as not to pay for a ticket, you justify
    Lying. Remember how often you asked him to answer the telephone
    звонок: «Мамы сейчас нет дома»? The little ones still don’t understand
    that adults use the so-called white lie (a lie for good),
    therefore, it is highly undesirable to deceive in their presence. If
    you still had to lie, and your child was there, then
    Be sure to explain to him the reason for your action. Do not be afraid
    admit that you made a mistake, and you yourself are very unpleasant.
  • Reward honesty. Sincerity is always
    the best policy, find a way to show your child
    thanks, even if it is a simple “thank you”. If he
    честно признал свою вину, выкажите радость: «Я очень горжусь
    тобой, потому что ты рассказал the truth!»
    И тут встает сложный
    question: what to do with wrongdoing? If the baby is punished in another
    since he will try to invent a more sophisticated story, so as not to
    get caught. And if you leave a lie without consequences, then next time
    he can lie because he didn’t have anything for it. Best
    exit – give a chance to correct, as well as show negative
    the results lie and explain how important it is to be honest. You can
    say that you value the child’s truthfulness, and get upset when
    он обманывает: «Если ты не расскажешь, что произошло на самом
    In fact, I will be very upset. “

Children love praise, which is why it is important to explain to them that
good deeds need to be done because it’s right, and not because
opportunities to get a reward. Give up material incentives.
for honesty – this may violate the moral orientation of the child.
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encourage children? Should I use money as a reward?
How not to praise the child.

  • Explain that lying is not profitable. Discuss with
    a child, how important it is to be honest and that people can lose trust
    and even be disappointed in the man who constantly lies to them. AT
    As an example, read literary works where
    fascinatingly, without moralizing, it tells about the harm of the deceitful
    behaviors: the parable “The Boy and the Wolves”, the fairy tale Collodi
    Pinocchio “, Rodari” Gelsomino in the Land of Liars “, the story
    Dragoon “The Secret becomes clear” and others. Let the children also
    watching cartoons and listening to audio fairy tales, which always
    wins the truth.

Invite the children to imagine a society in which all
lied to each other. Would he like to live there? Why not?

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  • Trust the children. For a child is very important
    feel that close people believe him. As a rule, he aspire
    by all means justify this trust. If дети сталкиваются с
    in vain accusations of lying, they will soon completely stop talking
    the truth. Why be honest if nobody believes, and any word of yours

Neither should a negative model be laid in children.
behavior, constantly recalling their previous mistakes. If you
будете ежедневно повторять ребенку перед детским садом: «Пусть
Only the tutor today will complain to you “,” Just try
сегодня кого-нибудь ударить»
, то подобными фразами вы сами
provoke him to these actions. Explain that you are in no doubt
его силах: «ATеди себя хорошо – ты с этим справишься. You are in my house
Ребенок обязательно вам поверит, и нужды во вранье
just won’t.


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What words are better not to tell children

  • Do not give an extra reason for deception. ATзрослым
    situations should be avoided where it is easier for the child to lie than
    сказать the truth. If the child dabbled and broke something, then not
    нужно спрашивать очевидные вещи: «Это ты разбил кружку?»
    Surely he will lie. Лучше спросить по-другому: «Я знаю, что
    You broke a mug. Расскажи, как это произошло?»
    questions exclude any ambiguity and likelihood of fraud.
    ATажно спрашивать ребенка доброжелательным тоном, чтобы не
    provoke him to lie because of the fear of punishment.
  • Do not humiliate children by interrogation. Don’t arrange
    children interrogation. They may regard them as questioning the veracity and
    disrespect for self. Sometimes it can walk to
    перепалки: «Я этого не делал!» – «Делал. Confess! “-” This
    не я!»
    Однако это вовсе не означает, что любому детскому слову
    need to be trusted unconditionally, but any of your suspicions should be
    voiced in the most respectful manner. And if you doubt
    честности малыша, то лучше сказать: «Я очень хочу думать, что
    your words are true I will be upset if you find out that I am
    you’re lying. ”

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Become an example of honest behavior in the eyes of your child.
Find the truthful answers given the age of the baby, because any
adult lying forces a child to behave in the same way. Create
atmosphere of security and openness, and then the kid will not have you

Children about honesty:

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