How to raise a child generous?

Healthy egoism is a necessary trait of character, and its
the presence of an adult is not forbidden at all. But where
the verge of rational self-love and selfishness that goes beyond the norm?
Parents with small children will have to try, because their
The most important task is to educate the child not greedy, generous towards
to others. How to achieve the desired results will be discussed in


Children, surrounded by the care and love of grandparents, parents,
often grow in an atmosphere of permissiveness. Of course, relatives want
give the baby only the best, but often the result is excessive
greed, reluctance to share. Child cares only for him
well-being, he absolutely does not consider the needs and requirements

Perhaps over the years the situation will change, the grown-up child will understand
that some actions are not too good. But often children’s greed
with age it progresses, translates into other, even more serious
Problems. There are certain tips on how to develop in a child.
generosity that will help prevent unpleasant consequences
wrong education.

The behavior of parents is the best example for a child.

For a start, it is worth thinking about how we ourselves behave in the family, in
relationships with others and with each other, is there
the interaction of “notes” of greed? Often the egoism of parents is simple
rolls over, and sometimes the rights of the child itself are infringed.
It is impossible to allow manifestations of greed in the eyes of a child, because he
always takes an example from the behavior of parents! Analyze whether
a place of greed in your family relationships. For example, do not show
whether you are selfish in relation to the husband or the child itself. More often
show generosity on the child’s lap: share food, do
small gifts, give help. Show your fuck that
to do good is pleasant and exciting. Then he, looking at
happy mom and dad who never have anything for each other
regret, reconsider their attitude to their own greed.

In order not to know future problems with the child’s behavior, you need to
early years to teach him to do good, and the most effective way is to
his example. Seeing how good deeds give adults a sense
happiness, the baby probably wants to experience the same feelings and will not
be greedy. On the contrary, the lack of generosity on the part of adults –
right way for children to grow stingy, cruel to
the world around them.

Children are our mirror, and the problems in their character are
most come from parents.

Swearing and recriminations – a sure way to aggravate the problem

Manifestations of greed occur in each of us, especially in
children If such a phenomenon was noted by parents, it is not necessary immediately
пытаться пристыдить или, еще хуже, резко отругать малыша, это
can even more annoy the baby and make him withdraw into himself
or regularly go against parents. Better pretend
that you don’t pay attention to his greed, just don’t react to
her А вот когда ребенок наконец-то проявят долгожданное
a sense of generosity and cordiality, then bravely praise him and
It works almost 100% of the time, because the child
remember the reaction of parents to certain actions and will
strive to repeat them.


Violence is not an appropriate method of education.


Often, when a child on the playground is not categorically
wants to give her toy to another baby, mom chooses forcibly
игрушку у своего ребенка и отдает чужому. Such actions
never make a child generous! But in his head can
postpone the fact of “betrayal” by the closest
man, because it seems to him that mom loves another child more.
Not a single positive conclusion from this situation baby
will make, then how to treat the mother differently quite
will be able.

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The game – a great option for the development of generosity

Избавиться от жадности и быть щедрее может
помочь любимое времяпровождение детей – игра. Parents under
force to simulate situations that will then be transferred to
real life. Например, давая ребенку какие-либо вкусности,
Give them in doubles: two candies, two apples, etc. So
it will be easier for him to share what he received with his sister, friend or someone
yet, since there will be no feeling of “last piece”. Play in
games where heroes share, read books about generosity and kindness
use the so-called “exchange idea”: it will be easier for the child to give
comrade his toy, if in return he gets some time
opportunity to play a stranger.

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Generosity makes life more interesting

It is worth making the child understand that manifestations of generosity can be
a very exciting experience. For example, getting ready for a birthday
to one of the familiar kids, go choose a gift.
Make the selection process for your son or daughter exciting:
go around all the stores, choose the best one in his or her opinion
gift, pack it with a beautiful ribbon and give it with sincere
a smile on his face.

Often greed as a character trait occurs in children who
and in truth something is missing in life. Gifts, toys in reasonable
quantities are needed by any child, and this does not mean
the need to pamper him. Also, do not forget about emotional
proximity, because attention deficit also entails negative
effects. The perfect way to give your child the best upbringing –
allow him to grow up in a happy family and loving, friendly
the atmosphere!

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Video: greedy child

You are struggling to teach the child not to be greedy, but
he flatly refuses to share toys on the playground, and
to any request to share answers tantrums?
Психолог Викторя Люборевич-Торхова определила пять фраз,
which will help the child not to be greedy:

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