How to quickly reassure a newborn baby,when he cries, hysteria, capricious

A newborn baby of the first days and months of life is peculiar
cry, act up and hysteria. The kid thus expresses
parents their concern. Even experienced parents who already have
two or more children often do not understand why a child cries and
do not know how to calm him down. What to do in this situation? how
calm the child? Let’s figure it out together.

Adults express their emotions with words and facial expressions, but
newborn about any changes in their condition have
use crying or crying: after all, he still does not know how to talk.
The one who is always near the baby (usually it’s mom or
nanny), must learn to distinguish by the nature of the published child
�“Beeps”, what exactly is bothering him at this moment and how
help him deal with the problem. how и какая причина «звучит»,
can be recognized if you show a little attention and sensitivity to

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  • 1 What to do first?
    • 1.1 Causes of anxiety in infants
      • 1.1.1 Доктор Комаровский рассказывает о причинах детского
    • 1.2 how успокоить малыша
    • 1.3 Видео-совет педиатра: how быстро успокоить
      newborn baby
    • 1.4 how успокоить newborn baby ребенка при коликах
    • 1.5 how успокаивать младенца во время болезни
  • 2 Видео: how за 5 секунд успокоить плачущего ребенка!
  • 3 Video 2: With translation

how успокоить newborn baby ребенка

What to do first?

how только кроха начинает хныкать, мама должна знать что

  1. Take it easy. Experienced mothers of large families
    it is not difficult to do, but if a woman has a firstborn,
    you need to learn to quickly take yourself in hand without giving in
    emotions. Saying is easier than doing: after all, some children can
    crying constantly, which is very exhausting for the child himself, and
    surrounding adults. If there is a husband next to you
    or another family member, give them a baby for a couple of minutes (this
    you just have enough time to calm down), exit
    rooms and take a deep breath. Now your task is to help
    the newborn to return to its former comfortable state.
  2. Определите причину crying. Displeasure crumbs
    can cause anything: from wanting to eat to pain in
    tummy Исключать причины crying необходимо поэтапно, одну за
    another, until you find something that hurt the child.
  3. Remove the cause of concern. Skill
    recognize the wishes and condition of the baby by his crying and behavior
    leads to the fact that mom learns to quickly soothe her baby and
    deal with the problem of his discomfort.

The main thing is to always respond to any manifestation of anxiety with
hand crumbs: he never cries for no reason. Scream helps
give the baby a signal to mom about any discomfort: hunger, heat,
wet diapers, pain, etc. And you, as the closest person to him,
just have to understand your child, no matter how difficult it may seem
first time.

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грудной ребенок плачет

Causes of anxiety in infants

The most common annoying factors for
newborn baby ребёнка являются:

  • hunger,
  • accumulated air (gaziki) in the stomach,
  • wet diapers or a leaking overflowing diaper,
  • cold (overcooling) or heat (overheating),
  • folds on clothes or diapers,
  • colic in the stomach,
  • overexcitement or overwork,
  • fear of something or anyone
  • cutting teeth
  • pain due to vaccine or illness.

So, there are more than reasons

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newborn baby ребенка

Доктор Комаровский рассказывает о причинах детского

how успокоить малыша

By screening out one by one the cause of the discomfort of the crumbs, you can find
exactly what disturbs him and prevents him from being calm and happy in
this moment. And already knowing mother can solve a problem precisely.

1. If a child gets hungry

In Soviet times, our mothers and grandmothers breastfed their children.
for hours. Modern pediatricians and psychologists strongly recommend
мамам кормить newborn baby по первому его требованию. Often
baby’s whimpers indicate hunger. You just need to give it
chest (and in the case of artificial nutrition – a bottle with a mixture).
All babies constantly require maternal warmth and
attention, so the nipple for them – not only food, but also
a peculiar way of realizing that the closest and dearest
the man is near. Even if hunger and not so strong.

2. If after feeding the newborn swallowed with
milk of air

After feeding, it is best to hold the baby for a while.
�”Stub”, pressed to his whole body, put the chin of the child
on mom’s shoulder and lightly knock him on the back. If he is not on time
belched, and the air remained inside, it can interfere with the crumbs, causing
the discomfort. how только воздух (газы) выйдут, беспокойство грудничка
will pass.

как держать ребенка столбиком

So that the child burped after eating, that the little cars came out,
малыша нужно подержать столбиком

3. If the baby is unpleasant because of the sensation

Even the highest quality and expensive diaper needs to be changed every
4 hours, and in in the case of a defecation act – immediately after it. WITH
diapers will have to do this many times more often. Therefore, as soon as
grunting child can be heard, it is worth checking whether it is wet or not
whether the diaper poked and is not full.

4. If the temperature is uncomfortable. It is stuffy for a child or

Когда новорожденному душно или coldly, он обязательно реагирует
crying at this displeased. Overheating and hypothermia are very harmful.
for the baby because of the immature heat exchange system. In the first month since
physiological point of view, the infant is not able to hold
heat. Therefore, in time, pay attention, isn’t there a lot?
clothes in a stuffy room or is it frozen in your room?
cool. Be sure to give up synthetics in children’s things. Not
forget to air the baby’s room more often, but don’t let

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комнате newborn baby ребенка

5. Buttons on clothes or folds on diapers can
give the baby an unpleasant feeling

All baby diapers and clothes should be soft, from natural
materials, without pellets and bends. In children under the age of 1 month
in the lower clothing (little men, vestments, sliders) should not be
accessories (buttons, hooks or zippers). For such babies even seams
on things make out. If it is clothing or crumpled
the diaper caused the child’s discomfort, you just need to change clothes
or swaddle him, then shake to calm him down.
Notкоторым детям хорошо помогает плотное пеленание (с ручками): оно
ассоциируется у малыша с теснотой в мамином tummy

6. If the crumb is overexcited and can not
fall asleep

Notредко бывает так, что полученные новорожденным эмоции (в
communication with other relatives or guests at home) prevent him
sleep well Such overexcitement will also lead to whims.
Help to tune in for a peaceful sleep simple actions before

  • evening walk in the fresh air,
  • bathing,
  • light massage
  • motion sickness in a crib or stroller,
  • chest or dummy,
  • slow and quiet pleasant melody, lullaby or even
    monotonous sound
  • mobile over the crib or stroller with cute little animals and
    calm music
  • шипение, покачивание… и т.д… способов, как успокоить перед
    bedtime baby

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для newborn baby

The same methods can be applied in case of overwork of the infant,
if he slept little during the day. All repeated children’s moods for the night
effectively eliminated thanks to an established daily routine.

7. If the baby is scared by staying in the room

When a mother leaves the nursery after putting the baby in bed, the child can
wake up. And as soon as he doesn’t discover his own little man
next, begins to show anxiety. To whine did not have time
go to the scream, you need as quickly as possible to return to the room to
baby and shake it. If this did not help, take the baby on

And a couple of useful tips. Children from birth and
up to 3 months, they quickly calm down from receptions that remind them of
intrauterine life: sucking, wiggling, hissing, laying
on the side in the fetal position and swaddling. And since three months, babies
already able to switch attention from one subject to another and
for a long time looking at it. Color paper, balloons,
rattles, bright pictures in the book will help him to distract, and soon
he will forget why he was plotting this entire concert.

Видео-совет педиатра: how быстро успокоить
newborn baby

Experienced pediatrician of the clinic “Healthy Generation”, candidate
Medical Sciences – Natalia Konstantinovna Bishevskaya will share
unique soothing technique. Use these few
seemingly simple actions and you can create comfortable
conditions similar to intrauterine in which your baby is fast
stop crying and fall asleep, almost like in magic!

how успокоить newborn baby ребенка при коликах

Intense tear-breaking crying with childlike pressure
legs and a hard swollen belly often indicates
colic. They are usually observed daily in the evenings and become
a real tragedy for moms who are powerless before long
scream crumbs. WITHуществует несколько проверенных способов уменьшения
abdominal pain in a child due to the immaturity of his digestive tract:

  • Put the baby on your back and close your fingers together.
    tummy massage. It is important to control the force of pressure, massage
    carefully, strictly clockwise, avoiding the liver zone and
  • Приложите к животику newborn baby heat. Fit warmed to
    the battery (or iron) is a clean diaper or blanket.
  • Put the baby in the sling, exposing the belly of himself and him, walk like that
    around the room, softly humming a lullaby. Helps and hiss in the ear:
    this sound reminds children of the bloodstream and the breathing of the mother when
    the child was still developing in her womb.
  • Not всегда консервативные методы способны справиться с коликами.
    And when all the tools have been tried, and the child is still tormented
    excessive gas formation, it is worth asking for help from an experienced
    pediatrician: he will prescribe the appropriate safe drugs. For example,
    Riabal and Espumizan in the form of syrup or tea on fennel based.

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колики у малыша массаж животика

Moms breastfeeding must necessarily
control your diet: the crumb can react to
certain foods (such as peas, cabbage, or peaches), and
then they will temporarily have to be deleted. WITHлучается, что и
this or that mixture is not suitable for the artists of the arts, and then also
need to replace.

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symptoms and how to save the baby from pain

how успокаивать младенца во время болезни

If none of the attempts to calm the baby has become successful, you need to
pay attention to the presence of additional features that
will indicate the beginning of the disease:

  • fever,
  • inflammation and redness of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and eyes,
  • rash on face or body.

1. Прорезывание зубов: В период прорезывания
teeth, gum pain can be reduced by giving the baby a chilled
teether toy or special children’s dental products
pain and itching (for example, Calgel or Dentinox N). They are issued in
in the form of gels, which are applied in small quantities to inflamed
gums of the child.

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2. Отит: Надрывный непрерывный плач может быть
as a result of otitis media, if breast milk residues or mixtures have fallen into
auditory passages and caused inflammation in the ear. Pain with such
the diagnosis is so strong that babies even refuse to breast,
because sucking is painful for them too. Check if everything is OK
ear, you can by pressing a finger on the cartilage protrusion at the base of the ear.
If the baby pulls back and screams, immediate attention is needed.
Consultation of a pediatrician or pediatric otolaryngologist. Before taking
Doctors relieve pain syrup Nurofen (need to take it according to
dosage specified in the instructions).

3. Вакцинация: После вакцинации место введения
The injection can also hurt, become hot or swollen. Such
cases, doctors recommend moms on the day of vaccination and the next
after the day, give Nurofen and the antihistamine to the child (for example,

Remember! get involved in drugs without visible
reasons for not: they are prescribed exclusively by the doctor in certain doses
according to the baby’s condition, age and condition.

It happens that the despair of moms because of the daily children’s
hysterics or screams turns into real depression and samoedism. Not
you need to look for the cause in yourself, just calm down (because your nerves and
anxiety is transmitted and crumbs) and understand: sooner or later you
definitely learn to quickly understand your beloved

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