How to quickly cure herpes on the lips

According to various statistics, 80 to 95 percent of people
worldwide are carriers of the herpes virus, which can
a person’s life doesn’t manifest itself in any way. In the case of
herpes on the lips, many associate it with stress,
hypothermia, cold.

Very often, herpes on the lips appears after sunburn or when
the long stay of a person in an air-conditioned room. Yes this
provokes the appearance of herpes, which is always in
body and “waiting” in its hour. «Простуда на губах»  всегда
appears suddenly and at the wrong time, delivering aesthetic,
psychological and physical discomfort, especially for
representatives of the weaker sex. Dormant treacherous virus wakes up
while reducing immunity.

If manifestations of herpes are episodic, proceed
easy, then there are quite a few ways how to quickly cure
herpes on the lips. These are symptomatic drugs with
подсушивающим,  дезинфицирующим, эпителизирующим эффектом.

But in 15% of the population, herpes relapses are so frequent, sometimes
every six months or even monthly, it requires already serious
long-term complex therapy under the supervision of a physician.

In addition to antiviral drugs prescribed by a doctor for
regimen, you must use immunomodulators. Still
medicine does not know how to rid the body of viruses
forever and ever. Therefore, a person can only struggle with his

Drugs for herpes on the lips

When herpes appears, its symptoms are so obvious that
the appearance of a small tubercle immediately makes itself felt: pain, burning,
itching, redness. A woman wants to immediately run to the pharmacy to
quickly remove herpes on the lip, and again become beautiful and wide
to smile. The pharmaceutical industry offers many
various remedies for herpes, among them:How to quickly cure herpes on the lips

Antiviral drugs

Oral antiviral medicines for herpes are prescribed.
только врачом в  случаях, когда высыпания на губах
significant, affect a large area around, as well as
genital or herpes zoster. For the treatment of herpetic
rashes are traditionally considered effective medicinal
preparations with the active ingredient Acyclovir (cream 50-80 rubles), and
also Zovirax (price 200 rub.). Valtrex has established itself well
(the price is 1100 for 10 pieces, 3300 for 42 pieces), it is much more expensive, but
more effective than acyclovir. Before applying antiviral cream,
The wound should be treated with an antiseptic without alcohol. List
antiviral drugs for herpes:

  • Acyclovir preparations. DNA polymerase inhibitors. In the form of
    Acyclovir triphosphate inhibit the synthesis of the DNA of the virus. Acyclovir
    zovirax, virolex.
  • Valaciclovir preparations. Valciclovir, Valtrex. Ether
    acyclovir, transformed after absorption into acyclovir.
  • Penciclovir preparations. In the form of triphosphate penciclovir also
    blocks the synthesis of viral deoxyribonucleic acid.
  • Famciclovir preparations. Prodrug that turns into
    penciclovir in liver cells.
  • Мази – Acyclovir Зовиракс, Флореналь, Бонафтон
  • Tromantadine (Viru Merz Serol) – an effective drug (price
    320-330 rubles, made in Germany), it is produced in the form of a gel
    for external use, used in inflammation of skin
    covers caused by herpes. Gel for 3-4 days stops
    inflammation, itching, burning in the hearth and for a long time prevents the appearance

Other means

  • Allomedin

This is a fairly new drug with antiviral effects (price
350 rub -500 rub) – synthetic peptide Alloferon-3, which
should be used in the initial stage of herpetic

  • Alpizarin

Active ingredient tetrahydroxyglucopyranosylxanten,
has antiviral activity, is effective for herpes,
chicken pox, aphthous stomatitis.

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  • Dexpanthenol

Panthenol spray (price 140-150 rubles) or Depantenol cream (price
170-190 руб) —  чтобы ускорить заживление герпеса эти средства
used as auxiliary because they have an effect
rapid scarring and epithelialization of skin lesions. By this they
help to quickly cure herpes on the lip.

  • Gerperax

Gerperax мазь (цена 60-70 руб), намазывать 4-6 раз в день.

  • Miramestine and Chlorhexidine

Miramistin (price 130-260 rubles) antiseptic drug,
lubricate the wound as often as possible. Хлоргекидин (цена 10-12 руб)
also antiseptic, acting on herpes.

  • Golden Star

Golden Star бальзам (цена 50 руб). It is quite famous
time-tested “asterisk”, it has a warming and
anti-inflammatory effect, when applied it feels
burning sensation that passes quickly. Smear 3 times a day and herpes
It takes 1-2 days.

  • Dr. Mom

Dr. Mom детская мазь (цена 80 руб), это не мазь против
herpes, however, it helps well at the first sign of beginning
inflammation. the main thing time to start lubricating the wound, then for
day she can help. И золотая звездочка, и Dr. Mom могут
cause allergic reactions, so before use you should
try these remedies on the skin of the hand if itching and sharp
redness did not appear, so they can be used as an ointment
against herpes.

Do not try to treat herpes with alcohol, iodine, solution
brilliant green. These funds give a drying effect, but
the virus from this cautery will not disappear, and you can get a burn.

How to treat herpes on the lips of folk remedies:

If there is no time to run to the pharmacy, and there is no suitable medicine at home
from herpes what to do? How to quickly cure herpes on the lips?
Folk remedies !!!  The use of folk remedies in
treating certain diseases is convenient because most
called “drugs” is always at home, which is called “at hand”.
However, their use is rather of an auxiliary nature.
since the antiviral effect is more
medications. Popular folk treatment methods

  • Plain salt and baking soda can speed up
    заживление ранки и остановит разрастание inflammation. Just need
    several times a day apply grains of salt and soda to
    очагу inflammation.
  • Toothpaste – an interesting remedy for herpes on the lips, she
    well dries and disinfects the affected area. Only by her
    should lubricate the wound at the beginning of the disease, before the appearance
  • Fir oil – the sooner you begin to lubricate this oil wound,
    the higher the effect of its use. Apply fir oil
    preferably every 2-3 hours.
  • Tea tree oil, almond oil, sea buckthorn oil –
    also accelerate recovery.
  • Propolis, Propolis spray is a good remedy for herpes on
    lips if you have your own apiary or you are confident in the quality
    purchased honey and propolis, in addition, it is used when
    no allergies to bee products.
  • Aloe juice, Kalanchoe juice, lemon juice, aspen leaves juice – you can
    use the juice that you have. Just lubricate the blisters.
    juice squeezed from the leaves of plants or lemon.
  • Garlic – effectively rub the wound cut garlic clove,
    and lubricate with fresh garlic juice. In order to avoid unpleasant
    smell, it is better to do before bedtime. Recommend after that
    также  смазывать очаг медом.
  • Ointment against herpes from honey, ash and garlic – this folk
    The recipe is not easy to make. Burn a sheet of paper, collect the ashes,
    mix a half tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of such ash,
    Grate 2 slices of garlic and mix everything. Received
    grease the wound with ointment 2-3 times a day.
  • Aloe – you can use not only the juice, but the plant itself.
    To do this, cut off a piece of the process, peel and
    attach on the affected area, secure it with bactericidal
    plaster for 20 minutes. This remedy promotes healing in 3
    of the day

Herpes as well as other diseases do not like positive,
cheerful people! The more a person experiences, gets angry and
gets upset because of any disease, the more he has
depression, the stronger the manifestation of the disease, the more often
aggravation. Herpetic manifestations are no exception.

In the fight against this disease, many women help self-hypnosis,
Sytin mood, affirmations, autotrenning. Inspire yourself: “My
herpes has passed and there will never be a relapse again “, and also that” I
beautiful, healthy, happy and I will always be like that “, etc. Can
it sounds funny, but it really helps a lot,
the wound heals faster and frequent exacerbations stop

How is herpes on the lips transmitted?

It is believed that if almost the entire population is already
infected with the herpes virus, then re-infection is no longer possible
fear. And if there is a person with herpes around you
rashes, you can not worry.

However, if a family member is sick and he has abundant herpetic
rashes precautions do not interfere. Herpes on the lips
contagious! Опоясывающий герпес contagious! If the person is in
frequent and close contact with the patient, may drink afterwards from
one cup or touch the contaminated surface.

In contact with the infected mucous of the patient, he creates
favorable additional conditions for the reproduction of bacteria,
may help herpes virus to become active. Any illness is easier
warn than to think later about how to quickly cure herpes on
lips Always follow the rules of personal hygiene, be
careful not to simplify herpes life.

Профилактика herpes

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Strengthening the immunity of physical labor in the fresh air
  • Balanced, fortified food
  • Avoid hypothermia
  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid contact with patients.
  • If family members have poured herpes – use
    individual kitchen and bathroom accessories.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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