How to quarantine while coronavirus

Due to quarantine due to coronavirus, many people are forced to stay indoors. For some, such precautions against COVID-19 infections can be a nuisance. For People who are used to the hectic pace of life, home routine get bored pretty quickly. To spend time to good use, we collected the most exciting activities for hanging out quarantine.

How to properly quarantine with benefitCoronavirus forces quarantine to sit at home

In domestic isolation are citizens of many countries. Russia is also not an exception – in a recent address by the head of state to the people was it is noted that the following week: from March 30 to April 5 announced non-working and these days of rest will be fully paid. Day off a week can be spent usefully devoting oneself to learning new умений.

Чем заняться на карантине дома?

These classes are suitable for both girls and boys:

  • Sports – Workouts during coronavirus epidemics will help stretch muscles and compensate for the lack of physical activity. When quarantine is important follow the exercise schedule. Walking around the house is unlikely will replace a full run on the street, but try to load the body with proper sports, such as push-ups, squatting, bar, twisting, lifting dumbbells in various poses, stretching, etc. These types of exercises will help keep your toned the body. Do not sit for a long time at the computer – it can negatively affect the spine. Try fitness and yoga in at home, and if you don’t know, you can at any time Watch training videos on the Internet. It promotes active blood circulation in the body and raising mood;
  • Cooking – Learn prepare tasty and healthy food in isolation. After active sports during quarantine, the body will need proper food that contains vitamins. If your goal is to losing weight, eat carbohydrate foods. These are beans, chickpeas, asparagus, rice, baked potatoes, mushrooms, corn, rice, etc. The main thing is to cook them in not in oil, but in the oven, so that the calorie content does not exceed the daily the norm. If you want to gain muscle mass, we recommend add foods full of fiber, omega-3 acids, and Protein: tuna, mackerel, meat and meat products, turkey, dairy smoothies and cereals. When cooking healthy food properly, you with easily gain the right weight and muscle mass;
  • Hand Made – Make Products do it yourself. There are a lot of types of manual labor, one of them is embroidery. Learning this matter is very easy if you carefully will follow the training videos. This is a very interesting hobby, which will help you dispel boredom and captivate you for a long time. Thanks this, you will learn how to create very funny and beautiful objects for your family, pets, and also, you can give these products to your friends and relatives – they will be happy with such a gift, especially if it is a matter of manual labor. Handmade includes and making applications from paper and beads;
  • Education – get involved learning foreign languages, remember the lost in learning, repeat the training course to consolidate the material that come in handy at work. It will help you work better, make it easier some processes and speed up the pace of labor. Superiors will appreciate your efforts if you improve your work skills, and maybe even upgrade you. It’s never too late to receive new knowledge, especially if you have free time for a period quarantine. Always wanted to work on yourself, but tired after didn’t give a reason for a productive day? Then it’s time learn something new and expand the boundaries of your knowledge;
  • Programming – Period coronavirus quarantine is the best chance to study the basics of this profession. Creation of sites, programs, applications for Android, iOS, Windows are the most valuable skills in today’s time. Download video tutorials for beginners programmers, find thematic books and try to create something simple. Always start small, reinforcing knowledge advancing in the training course. Choose the language you need programming, gradually learning its basics. If you like it this lesson and you learn it, then be sure that you will career growth and good profit at work.

All of these activities will help you to usefully conduct free time and gain new knowledge regarding your activity and personal growth.

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